Review & Swatches: Urban Decay NAKED Skin Beauty Balm

The latest in Urban Decay’s NAKED family is already causing quite a stir—and it won’t even be available until tomorrow. Ready to meet the new NAKED Skin Beauty Balm? I thought so! Let’s go…

Urban Decay NAKED Skin Beauty Balm

Branching out in the NAKED complexion department (and there’s more, just wait!), the NAKED Skin Beauty Balm is a BB cream in theory, but with a unique Urban Decay twist. While most BB creams hailing from Asia focus on coverage and correction, most U.S.-based BB’s have been considered more like tinted moisturizers.

Urban Decay’s NAKED Skin Beauty Balm is a complexion perfector in an optical illusion sense; with light-diffusing spheres that minimize the look of fine lines and pores, while smoothing the skin down to a velvety finish. NAKED Skin Beauty Balm also focuses on skincare properties—with anti-aging ingredients that promise to hydrate, firm, and smooth skin over time. Pair all of that with an oil-free formula and an SPF 20, and that’s Urban Decay’s version of a BB cream. 

Urban Decay NAKED Skin Beauty Balm

Right out of the tube, the product has a peach tint, and a little bit of a minty scent. (The fragrance dissipates, so don’t worry, but I wanted to note it.) At first, I was worried that it would make my skin orange, but once blended in, it’s nearly translucent. If anything, it warmed my skin up a little bit, but it doesn’t really add coverage or color. What amazed me immediately was how smooth it made my skin look and feel. I’m someone with enlarged pores, and I’m always looking for minimizers to help diffuse the look of them. NAKED Skin Beauty Balm fits the bill in that department, I’m happy to report! It not only smooths my skin visibly, but also to the touch.

Since this doesn’t really have coverage, it’s nearly universal and probably a good fit for most skin tones—which was probably the smartest thing Urban Decay could do. (If you need coverage, try their NAKED Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup, it’s FANTASTIC.) It’s oil-free, so oil-phobes can commit to it, and it helps keep my skin matte for a few hours (2-3) before I start getting breakthrough oil. I not only like wearing this alone, but it’s also a great foundation primer—pairing this with liquid foundation is an excellent plan. I can also skip my morning moisturizer if I wanted to, but I’m probably not going to give that up any time soon!


Urban Decay NAKED Skin Beauty Balm

After — totally translucent and smooth

Bottom Line…

This may not be the BB cream for traditional BB cream enthusiasts—but in terms of optical blurring and smoothing, this product does an excellent job of minimizing the look of my pores and fine lines due to its light-diffusing spheres. It also makes a great makeup primer! Urban Decay calls this their “retoucher in a tube”, and I completely agree in a texture-sense. But remember—it doesn’t offer coverage!

Price & Availability…

$34; Available on on 1/3, and available at retailers Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s stores on 2/1.

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  • Macy

    Hm! Probably not for me! I love the packaging though!

  • Olivia Villa Young

    as someone who loves their traditional BB creams, this one and all the western BB creams seem to be misconstruing the name “BB cream”. It also made me super oily and shiny :(

  • thepolishaholic

    A bit disappointed with the coverage, I think I’ll stick with my Asian BB Creams. I just can’t imagine paying $34 for what is basically a tinted moisturizer

  • Amber

    So glad to hear how it’s performing for you!

  • Amber

    Totally understand what you mean! I guess I’ve been a little more lenient on the U.S. ones.

  • waymire

    From your description the effects sound very similar to those of the L’oreal skin beautifier BB.. except the L’oreal is matte.. very good on oily skin.. and does not go shiny or greasy all day. I have used it alone, with powder foundation, and as primer under both liquid or cream products.

  • Amber

    Yeah, I think there will be many people who skip it because of its twist on the BB theory.

  • Amber

    Good to know! Thanks for letting me know :)

  • Ishah

    I think western companies would do so much better with these products if they stopped mislabeling them as BB creams and just called them what they really are: tinted moisturisers or primers. This sounds intriguing, so I might try it… but I know I’ll probably go back to my Missha Bb Cream.

  • Amber

    Oh yeah, this is totally no match for Missha! It is interesting to see how trends are translated in different countries, isn’t it?

  • Ishah

    I love my Missha Perfect Cover! But I am definitely willing to try this as a primer, since I also love Urban Decay’s products :) Thanks for the in depth review and swatches!

  • Amber

    You’re welcome :)

  • Jenny

    Hmm.. I too am disappointed with the coverage. I guess I will be passing on this, although I am still very intrigued by the Naked foundation!