Review & Swatches: MAC The Stylish Brow Collection

I’ve always had trouble with my brows, especially since an over-eager esthetician ripped the tails of mine off one day, many moons ago. Ever since then, I’ve had the worst time correctly filling them correctly in without making them look too crazy. I recently spent some time getting better acquainted with my brows and The Stylish Brow Collection from MAC.

Let’s check out what I’ve naturally got to work with:

Not exactly terrible, right? But I can use some help in the filling in department. Let’s see if any of these products helped!

The products…

First up, the Fluidline Brow Gelcreme. This stuff is not a joke! This is a long-wearing, highly-pigmented gel that allows you to give very precise definition to your brows. I loved working with this stuff (I applied mine with a MAC 266 brush), but if you go too crazy, it can get too dark and dare I say—TOO defined. A little of this goes a long way, it’s so smooth, and it’s available in the three colors shown below. It sets quickly, too. I chose shade, Deep Dark Brunette, which was a tad red for me, but I still liked it. It’s not something I would wear every day, but for going out with a stronger brow, I’d pick the Fluidline Brow Gelcreme. It’s fantastic—great formula!

Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

front: Dirty Blonde, back left: Deep Dark Brunette, back right: Redhead

Redhead, Dirty Blonde, Deep Dark Brunette

Wearing Deep Dark Brunette Fluidline Brow Gel Creme

The Veluxe Brow Liners are brow pencils, but they are so different than other brow pencils, really! These have a powdery finish that makes them look soft and natural instead of hard and waxy. I’m super impressed with these as well, they’re matte, apply easily, and are powdery smooth. There’s also a brow spoolie on the other end so you can soften the color and groom your brow if necessary. These are available in five shades; Strawberry Blonde, Redhead, Brunette, Deep Dark Brunette (not pictured), and Deep Brunette (not pictured). I liked how soft and natural Brunette was on my brows, but I probably could have bumped it up to Deep Dark Brunette.

Veluxe Brow Liner

front-to-back: Brunette, Redhead, Strawberry Blonde

Brunette, Redhead, Strawberry Blonde

Wearing Brunette Veluxe Brow Liner

I expected to love the Brow Duos the most, but I was a little disappointed in them. It seemed like the powders were a little more stiff and patchy than normal. The Brow Duos are available in Blonde, Redhead, and Brunette, each of which are below; listed with their shade colors. Each has two shades—one matte and one satin—with the exception of Brunette, with two satins. I definitely would have had better luck with Brunette had I wet my brush before applying—but I tend to like a more natural look for everyday.

(The shades inside each duo are listed underneath the photos of the duo for reference.)

The Redhead Brow Duo

Cork, Espresso

Cork, Espresso

The Blonde Brow Duo

Soba, Omega

Soba, Omega

The Brunette Brow Duo

Coquette, Brun

Coquette, Brun

Wearing Brunette Brow Duo

Bottom Line…

I thought the powder in the Brow Duos seemed to be a little stiffer than if you purchased those shades as singles, so I’d personally pass on those unless you’re going to use them wet; but I was absolutely impressed by the quality and performance of both the Fluidline Brow Gelcreme and Veluxe Brow Liner pencils. Those get two thumbs up!

Price & Availability…

Now until February 7th. All MAC locations &; Brow Duos—$27.50 each, Fluidline Gel Browcreme—$16 each, Veluxe Brow Liner—$19.50 each.

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  • Kayla

    Great review! I’m itching for the gel browcremes… Lately I’ve been liking the MUFE Aqua Brow, have you tried those?

  • Amber

    I’ve had an artist use the MUFE Aqua Brow on me, but I haven’t tried it on my own. That stuff didn’t budge! LOL I really liked it too. But those Fluidline Brow Gelcremes are amaze!

  • Socialitedreams

    i really like the gel ones!