Review: CARGO TexasLash Mascara

It was probably about five years ago that I first discovered CARGO TexasLash Mascara, and I’m happy to rediscover it. This mighty mascara with the big brush coats the lashes with elastic polymer tubes, so that you get insanely fat lashes in a few swipes of the wand.

CARGO TexasLash Mascara

For high-impact lashes, it doesn’t take much work for me with TexasLash—so you’ll want to make sure not to overdo it! That is, unless you REALLY want drama, which you can totally achieve with this big-brush wonder. TexasLash contains Vitamin E and jojoba oil, so it’s nourishing and you can get that volume without drying your lashes out.

Since this forms tubes around the lashes, it’s actually smudge-proof, and I haven’t had any problems with flaking. But it does dry fast, so work quickly! Since it’s not waterproof, it will remove with a decent eye makeup remover. (Lately I’m back on the cleansing oil wagon, myself.)

CARGO TexasLash Mascara Brush

Before & After…

prior to mascara (photo taken previously)

with CARGO TexasLash Mascara

Bottom Line…

I’m able to achieve some pretty great volume with TexasLash, just make sure you don’t over-do it, or you might end up with some clumps on the tips as the mascara starts to dry. Otherwise, you’ll be in good shape. Overall, I do love this for some drama!

Price & Availability…


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  • Celine Anne

    Woah! What wonderful volume that is. The brush for me seems a tad too big though for my liking. Glad it worked out for you. For some reason, I find that the bigger brushes end up being a more dry formula.

  • Amber

    I agree! The bigger brushes usually are drier!

  • Olivia Frescura

    Lookin good!