Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara Review, Photos

The Rocket is a new mascara from Maybelline in stores this month. Let’s see what those mascara geniuses have been working on behind closed doors.

The Rocket by Volum’ Express

With The Rocket, comes the promise from Maybelline that you can achieve up to 8 times more clump-free volume, and that the volume will be even from root to tip. It has what they’re calling the “rocket brush”, which features a hard core, and plenty of evenly spaced micro-bristles. The brush is rubber, and is a little stiffer, as is the wand. Sometimes the wands give a little bend or wiggle, The Rocket stays pretty firm.  

The Rocket by Volum’ Express

Now, I’m no Maybelline mascara architect…but I’m thinking that stiffness is part of the magic behind The Rocket, because it really does allow my lashes to be evenly coated with its intense black gel-based pigments. Since it’s gel-based, the formula is pretty moist and gives plenty of time to apply evenly before it dries.

The Rocket by Volum’ Express in Very Black

This was designed to be a thickening and volumizing mascara, and I think it does the job in about two or three coats. In my case, it definitely lengthens, and gives believable, clump-free volume. I love the fluttery, wispy effect—it’s almost like I’m wearing individual lash inserts on the outer corners. After two consecutive days of wearing the washable formula, I didn’t have issues with clumping, smudging, or flaking. After about eight hours, the curl started to droop—but I’ve come to expect that. Making it all day is impressive enough for me.



The Rocket is available in both a waterproof and washable formula (I wore the washable); in Very Black, and Brownish Black.

Bottom Line…

Well played, Maybelline! I didn’t think I’d find something I liked more than The Falsies in the Maybelline department, but after much thought, I like The Rocket more. I like the fluttery look and length this delivers.


Price & Availability…

About $7.49; CVS/pharmacy, drugstores and mass retailers nationwide

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  • Caylin

    i have a lot of eyelashes, but not very thick. very long naturally. I wear glasses so i like my eyes to stand out but i dont like my mascara to look like ive packed it on, i dont like my eyelashes looking fake. sooooo its between rocket volume or one by one.. help?? Thanks! (:

  • Amber

    That’s a tough call, because I like them both!