China Glaze Glitz—Bitz ’N Pieces Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

Launching in February from China Glaze, you’ll find a new, limited-edition collection of six unique glitter nail lacquers, the Glitz—Bitz ‘N Pieces Collection. This is a new generation of three-dimensional glitters, in which a combination of black glitter particles (micro-glitter, small round, hexagonal, and bar glitter) meet with a single highlight color of glitters in each shade. Let’s take a closer look…

In the bottle, looks can be deceiving, as they look pretty much like any other glitter with a transparent base. But once you apply them, the effect is pretty cool—almost like a paint-splat manicure, but with 3D glitter, instead. Most of the time (and with glitters that have larger particles or bar glitter), you have to not only coax the glitter out of the bottle, but then onto your nails too—practically getting into a fight with the brush as you try to lay the polish down on the nail. I’m happy to report that with Glitz—Bitz ’N Pieces, I didn’t have that issue. The glitter came out decently in one coat, but did look best with two. 

Glitz ‘N Pieces, Razzle Me, Dazzle, Me and Bling It On

Graffiti Glitter, Mosaic Madness, Scattered & Tattered


In each of the swatches, I’ve applied two coats of each color over a basic white polish for emphasis, but I’m curious to know what combinations you can come up with!

Bling It On is a royal purple glitter mix with black bitz ‘n pieces.

Scattered & Tattered is a metallic red glitter mix with black bitz ‘n pieces.

Graffiti Glitter is an emerald green glitter mix with black bitz ‘n pieces.

Razzle Me, Dazzle Me is a champagne/blush glitter mix with black bitz ‘n pieces.

Mosaic Madness is a royal blue glitter mix with black bitz ‘n pieces.

Glitz ‘N Pieces is a bright silver glitter mix with black bitz ‘n pieces.

Bottom Line…

Unlike many of the glitters I’ve tried, these are great because I don’t feel like I have to struggle with the glitter to get the particles to lay down on the surface of my nails. They’re also unique in the sense that I really don’t have anything else like them—the combination of particle shapes, sizes, and colors together in a single polish are totally new to me. Glitz—Bitz ‘N Pieces from China Glaze passes!

Price & Availability…

February 2013—About $8 each; Sally Beauty Supply, professional salons

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  • Beauty on a College Budget

    I think I will pick up a few of these. I do love me some sally’s items! I know I don’t have anything like this in my collection!

  • Gotham Polish

    Glad to hear the formula was great! This is a really interesting mix of glitter from a non-indie brand 😉

  • PolishedThalie

    While I normally love glitter polish, I find the bar glitter in these boring and unoriginal. I will give credit to CG for mimicing the Indie polish craze.

  • beautyofwoman

    loved the glitter polish, it looks fantastic, must use for girls

  • The Lacquered Lady

    Interesting texture. I will probably pass because I have so many glitter polishes and I like to wear them solo, but if I was into layering, these would be great.

  • Amanda L

    These look pretty cool, not sure if I’m going to love them but we’ll see when they come out!

  • Cat

    I don’t like the bar glitter.