Dial Lotion 7-Day Countdown to Noticeable Valentine’s Day Skin: Part 2

The easy keys to looking & feeling gorgeous on Valentine’s Day!

You might remember, that last week I decided to take part in the Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion Challenge to see if it could really help get my dry skin on my arms and legs into shape to wear a dress by Valentine’s Day. Here we are, a week later!

Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion is the first lotion of its kind to moisturize and keep skin soft for up to 7 days* (after an initial two weeks of use). Available in several varieties, I tried out two of them; the new Extra Dry Skin with Shea Butter formula, and Skin Therapy with Himalayan Pink Minerals. What amazed me about both of them, was how fast they absorbed, leaving non-greasy, weightless moisture on my skin that’s clean to the touch. The exclusive formula found in Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion is infused with 7 bionutrients that address the specific needs of your skin, leaving you feeling soft and clean.

* after 2 weeks of use

On day 7, I’m happy to say—it was a success! My favorite variety was the 7-Day Moisturizing Skin Therapy Lotion with Pink Himalayan Minerals (84 key minerals to nurture the skin); but I also liked the 7-Day Moisturizing Extra-Dry Lotion since it’s so rich in shea butter. I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them. The driest areas of my arms and legs are in much better shape, looking more hydrated, and feeling softer.

In addition to having the softest skin from Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion, here are some great ideas to make you look and feel great for Valentine’s Day…whether you have a date or not!

  • Prep your lips for a gorgeous pink or red lip color by exfoliating first! Take a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and mix with a pinch of granulated sugar to make an instant lip scrub. Your lips are now flake-free, ready for a sassy date-night lipcolor, and feel as smooth as your skin!
  • Treat yourself to a manicure and/or pedicure. This quick and often inexpensive pick-me-up is a girl’s best friend. While you’re at it, pick a vibrant red or punchy pink nail polish!
  • Avoid high-priced florists for the Valentine’s holiday. Get creative by buying a few inexpensive stems at a grocery store or farmers market, then create your own pretty bouquet to gift to yourself or a friend!
  • Wear that one perfume you save only for special occasions. We all have that one fragrance that we want to wear, but say we’re saving it for a special occasion. This is it, so wear it and smell gorgeous!

I hope you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day! Stay up-to-date with the latest from Dial by liking them on Facebook at facebook.com/dial!

Price & Availability…

February 2013—drugstores & mass retailers, 12-ounce bottle is about $4.99; 21-ounce pump bottle is about $6.99


I have been compensated by Dial for my time and participation in the challenge, however all opinions remain solely my own.