My Favorites: MAC Archie’s Girls Collection “Betty”

I am so sorry, and I realize this is a little after-the-fact, but my MAC Archie’s Girls samples arrived after most of the products were sold out on the MAC site. This collection is so comprehensive, that it really took me some extra time to go through and pick my favorites for both the Betty and Veronica portions. Just because some of it is sold out online, doesn’t mean you won’t find it at a counter! So I feel this info is still relevant and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the pieces I really loved.

I’ve decided to break Archie’s Girls up into two posts; this one—my “Betty” favorites, and in an upcoming post, my “Veronica” favorites. (UPDATE: Veronica is featured here.) These “favorites” aren’t super-comprehensive reviews, but please consider them more as “highlights”. I hope you see some pieces you like, and that you’re able to make them your own!

MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder & Betty Bright Lipstick

What spoke to me most about the Betty products, was the sheer femininity and everyday wear-ability of the pieces. Nothing here is too over-the-top, and they all sing spring to me. I’m so ready for fresh, pretty, girlie color! I know a lot of you in the Midwest and on the East coast are over the cold already too, and want to break out your sandals and short sleeves. I feel like Betty gives us that glimmer of hope that it’s coming soon!

MAC Kiss & Don’t Tell Lipglass

If you can, PLEASE try the lip colors! Especially Kiss & Don’t Tell Lipglass (bright coral), and Betty Bright Lipstick (light vibrant peach satin). Unless you object to peaches and corals, of course. I find both suitable for day or night; office, or play!

The Lipglass gives nice coverage without settling into lip lines too much, and the Lipstick gives perfect medium coverage without making the lips look chalky or dry. I have several freckles on my lips, and both of these lip shades gave excellent coverage over them, and I didn’t even have to try hard to build the color up.

MAC Archie’s Girls Lipstick & Lipglass

MAC Archie’s Girls Betty Bright Lipstick

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick (satin)

MAC Archie’s Girls Kiss & Don’t Tell Lipglass

MAC Kiss & Don’t Tell Lipglass

MAC Archie’s Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder Flatter Me

MAC Archie’s Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder Flatter Me

MAC Archie’s Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder Flatter Me (individual shades, then blended)

The Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter Me (Shell Pearl Beauty Powder with coral hearts–Foolish Me Powder Blush) is a nice-to-have item. While it would be hard to use the two shades in the compact individually due to the design element, Flatter Me is so GORGEOUS to warm up and brighten the complexion at the same time. I’ve been wearing it as a blush since I’m so fair, but I can see it working as a highlight powder as well, for all of you lucky ladies with medium-to-dark skin tones. I’m a fan of its silky texture, and easy blend-ability.

MAC Archie’s Girls Eyeshadow X4 Caramel Sundae

Cheryl Chic, Dreammaker

Caramel Sundae, Showstopper

Shades top-to-bottom: Showstopper, Caramel Sundae, Dreammaker, Cheryl Chic

Cheryl Chic, Dreammaker, Caramel Sundae, Showstopper

MAC Caramel Sundae Eye Shadow X4 look with ‘Lord It Up’ Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner and Opulash Mascara in Optimum Black

For me, the Eye Shadow X4 in Caramel Sundae was just a complete no-brainer. I found all of the shades easy to work with, but maybe just a tad of stiffness with the matte brown shade—Showstopper. The shades complement each other very well and have a sweetness to them, just like Betty!

  • Caramel Sundae — mid-tone warm tan (satin)
  • Cheryl Chic — light coral pink (frost)
  • Dreammaker — pale yellow (frost)
  • Showstopper — cool-toned brown (matte)

MAC Pep Pep Pep Nail Lacquer

MAC Pep Pep Pep Nail Lacquer

I chose Pep Pep Pep as my favorite nail lacquer from the Betty collection because it’s such a pretty and versatile pale peach. This one will require three full coats for opacity, as I had some patchiness after two coats. I feel like this is one that both warm and cool skin tones can pull off. (And what a pretty pedicure color this will make for spring brides!)

Spy anything you like from my personal “Betty” favorites from the Archie’s Girl’s Collection?

Price & Availability…

February 7, 3013 — April 4, 2013 at all MAC locations and; Lipstick—$16.50, Lipglass—$16.50, Nail Lacquer—$17.50, Pearlmatte Face Powder—$30, Eyeshadow X4—$44.

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.

    the colors are just lovely on you! can’t wait to see your veronica picks!

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    The colour look beautiful! I really need to try this now! I was afraid this would be an over hyped product but now I want to try them!

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