Nutrisystem: Week 3 Update

Hooray for looser pants…

I didn’t think it would be possible this soon, but I can honestly say that my pants are already starting to fit more loosely! I feel like during week 3 on Nutrisystem, I really hit my stride. In my head, I’ve developed a good sense of when it’s time to eat, and when it’s time for a snack. My mealtimes have become much more consistent, and I’ve never gone hungry in between those times. Cravings for junk are almost gone! I have to say, I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting a cheese steak from the sandwich shop across the street—but I know that giving in could put me on the wrong track. I’ve never been more determined. I know that some day, I’ll be able to enjoy things like that in moderation, but now is just not the right time.

Sticking to the plan has really paid off, and it’s definitely rewarding to start seeing the results so soon. Looser pants are the first sign that I’m doing the right things. Exercise is still key to my success, and I admit that I didn’t get as much in last week as I should have. This week, my focus will be on getting enough!

As a result of sticking to the plan (minus a little less exercise than I should have gotten), I weighed in this week at another 2.5 pounds less than the previous week. This brings my total weight loss after three weeks on Nutrisystem to 10 POUNDS! I’m already 10% closer to my goal, and I couldn’t be happier.

See last week’s Nutrisystem update here.

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    This is the only time when I can say I am happy for your loss!!! Congrats.. Continued success!!

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