What’s New: jouer Cosmetics Spring 2013 Collection

When I think of jouer Cosmetics, I immediately think: affordable luxury. The newest from jouer for spring really cements that sentiment in my mind, as the line continues to release products that are elegant, feminine, and perfectly pretty! You have to admit, the predominately pink and peach color story is quite attractive, isn’t it? For spring 2013, this has to be my favorite collection release so far. Let’s take a closer look…

jouer Cosmetics Spring 2013

With flattering Tinted and Pearl Lip Enhancers, new Hydrating Lipstick shades, and Creme Eyeshadow Crayons, effortless beauty is yours!

jouer Cosmetics Hydrating Lipsticks — Meg, Kate, Whitney, Olivia

My favorite pieces from the collection are the Hydrating Lipsticks. As the name implies, they are definitely hydrating and contain moisture-rich Brazilian cupuacu butter for a unique texture and feel. The color lasts about three hours on my lips, and my lips are in better shape after wearing! The tubes themselves have a very luxe feel, the weight and appearance of the casing makes them look like they should cost more than they do. They’re also paraben-free, and super creamy.

New shades:

  • Meg — creamy honey pink
  • Kate — creamy poppy pink
  • Whitney — demi matte bright pink
  • Olivia — creamy poppy peach

Meg, Kate, Whitney, Olivia

Cosmo, Bellini, Nude Pearl, Rose Petal, Shiraz

If you’re a lip gloss girl, the new Tinted and Pearl Lip Enhancers may be more your speed. All five shades I tried are universally flattering, and they’re also paraben-free. With shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E, these protect the lips from damaging free radicals, while giving a beautiful sheen and slight tint to your pucker. There’s a very subtle rose fragrance, but it quickly dissipates—so no real worries if you’re especially sensitive to flavor and fragrance. The Lip Enhancers contain a complex known for helping to decrease fine lines in the lips; Maxi Lip. While I haven’t worn them long enough to see a benefit in this area, I can definitely speak for the hydration benefits. These sit comfortably on my lips and feel super buttery, not sticky at all!

New Tinted Lip Enhancers:

  • Bellini — sheer peach
  • Cosmo — sheer poppy pink
  • Shiraz — sheer berry

New Pearl Lip Enhancers:

  • Nude Pearl — glistening gold
  • Peach Pearl (not pictured) — glistening pink champagne
  • Rose Pearl — glistening dusty pink

Nude Pearl, Rose Pearl, Bellini, Cosmo, Shiraz

Creme Eyeshadow Crayons — Avant Garde, Renaissance, Abstract, Rococo, Baroque

Great for travel and quick and easy eye looks, while still looking “together”, peep the new Creme Eyeshadow Crayons. The formula is highly pigmented for maximum color impact, and resists fading throughout the day. My favorite way to wear them is by applying them directly to my eyelid from the crayon, and then blending them in with a finger. Make sure to blend them (especially in the crease), as that will deter any creasing. There’s a built-in sharpener on the end of the pencils (convenient!), and they can also be used as eyeliners. For that, I prefer to run a flat synthetic liner brush on the top of the crayon tip to load it with color. Then, I just apply it as a liner from my brush. The shimmering navy and black shades (Abstract and Avant Garde) are perfect for that! The shimmering creme shade (Rococo) is great as a primer or as a highlight color.

New Creme Eyeshadow Crayons:

  • Abstract — shimmering black
  • Avant Garde — shimmering navy
  • Baroque — shimmering chocolate
  • Renaissance — shimmering bronzed plum
  • Rococo — shimmering creme

Rococo, Baroque, Renaissance, Abstract, Avant Garde

Tint — Honeysuckle

Acheive a perfect, natural-looking flush with this new shade of creme Tint! Great for both cheeks and lips, it’s easy to apply, and nearly impossible to mess up. For cheeks, just apply a little on the apples of your cheeks with a stippling brush or your fingertips. For lips, just use a finger. I’m crazy about a barely-there (but polished) makeup look for spring, and jouer’s tints are all perfect for getting it. The honeysuckle shade is gorgeous on top of tinted moisturizer, and gives a fresh and classic dewy look on the cheek bones.


  • Honeysuckle — sheer poppy peach


Do you spy anything from the latest jouer Cosmetics collection that you want to make your own?

Price & Availability…

Creme Eyeshadow Crayons—$24 each, Hydrating Lipsticks—$22 each, Tinted & Pearl Lip Enhancers—$16 each, Creme Tint—$20; select Nordstrom locations, nordstrom.com, beauty.com, jouercosmetics.com

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