Currently Loving: MAC Fashion Sets “Embrace Me” Collection

MAC Fashion Sets Collection Embrace Me

Earlier this month, MAC released the Fashion Sets Collection, and what a gorgeous collection it is! In its entirety, Fashion Sets features four distinctive shades with coordinating pieces for each bold hue; Embrace Me (bold fuchsia), Heroine (bright violet), Ablaze (bright orange), and Silly (soft blue-pink). Each shade features a Lipstick, Lipglass, Nail Lacquer, Lip Pencil, and Eyeshadow.

I was instantly crazy about Embrace Me. This bright flash of fuchsia literally made me feel like dancing! Like I needed somewhere to go after I put it on. And let’s just say—at my age—I don’t feel like “going out” much anymore! While I don’t happen to have the lip pencil that matches, I do have the rest of the Embrace Me pieces, and I am in love.

Let it be known—no, I definitely don’t recommend wearing the eyeshadow at the same time you’re wearing the lip colors (well, at least for me), but the layering potential with the Lipstick and Lipglass is pure SASS. If Embrace Me isn’t your kinda shade, do pop into a MAC location to check out the rest of the collection in-person before it’s totally gone. There are some true color winners to be had.

MAC Embrace Me Lipstick

MAC ‘Embrace Me’ Lipstick (matte) — bright fuchsia cream

MAC Embrace Me Lipstick swatch

MAC ‘Embrace Me’ Lipstick (matte)

MAC Embrace Me Lipglass swatch

MAC ‘Embrace Me’ Lipglass — bright fuchsia with slight iridescence

MAC Embrace Me Lipglass swatch

MAC ‘Embrace Me’ Lipglass

MAC Embrace Me Lipglass Lipstick swatches

Swatches — Embrace Me Lipglass / Embrace Me Lipstick

MAC Embrace Me nail lacquer

MAC ‘Embrace Me’ Nail Lacquer

MAC Embrace Me Nail Lacquer swatches

MAC ‘Embrace Me’ Nail Lacquer

MAC Embrace Me eyeshadow

MAC ‘Embrace Me’ Eyeshadow (satin) — bright pink satin

MAC Embrace Me eyeshadow swatch

MAC ‘Embrace Me’ Eyeshadow

Price & Availability…

Through May 23rd;, all MAC Cosmetics locations,

Eyeshadow $15, Nail Lacquer $16, Lipstick $15, Lipglass $15, Lip Pencil $15

  • Joanna

    I am in awe with this set. Thanks for the amazing swatches!

  • Amber

    You got it!

  • Erin Wilkins

    I love this set so much. I have the lipstick and the nail lacquer. I love the lipstick. I haven’t used the lacquer yet but your photo has gotten me excited about it all over again because your nails look amazing!

  • Amber

    Aww thank you, Erin! Hope you try it again!

  • Kristen / Glambunctious

    Ummmmm I absolutely LOVE this lip color on you! The lipstick and gloss (glass, I should say!) are totally rockin’ awesome.

  • Humayra

    I want this so how can I get it (MAC ‘Embrace Me’ Lipstick (matte) — bright fuchsia cream) so how can I get it ?

  • Amber

    You’ll have to check with MAC or MAC retailers.