L’Oréal Paris Miss Candy Collection (Limited Edition) Review, Photos, Swatches

loreal paris miss candy collection

I want candy!

Brand new from L’Oréal Paris, meet the Miss Candy Collection. You may already be seeing this limited edition collection in stores now, but it’s not slated for an official release until May. Enjoy these pops of colors for your eyes and nails!

Infallible Eyeshadows…

The core collection of Infallible Eyeshadows (in which some of them I’ve reviewed here) are very popular due to their rich pigment payoff, ease of use, and length of wear. While I didn’t have the time to put the wear time of these limited edition shades to the test, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were long wearing. (If there’s anyone who has tested these specific shades, please let us know in the comments!) I will still say I find they’re best applied with a finger or a sponge applicator. They can also be applied with a wet synthetic brush, resulting in a “foil” method for some of the more iridescent shades.

Just like my previous warnings, fight the urge to dig into the product—you really only need to lightly swipe across the top. Make sure not to throw away the little pressing tool piece that you’ll find inside when you open it. You’re supposed to use it to pack the shadow back down after use.

The new shades:

  • Dive Right In — iridescent aqua
  • Strawberry Blonde — iridescent cotton candy pink
  • With a Twist — iridescent violet
  • Cherie Merie — shimmering medium orange


loreal paris 24 hour infallible miss candy collection eye shadow


Miss Candy Collection Infallible Eyeshadows 

miss candy infallible 24 hour eyeshadows

Miss Candy Collection Infallible Eyeshadows

loreal miss candy collection infallible eyeshadows

Miss Candy Collection Infallible Eyeshadows

loreal paris miss candy collection infallible 24 hr eyeshadow swatches

Swatches — Dive Right In, Strawberry Blonde, With a Twist, Cherie Merie

L’Oréal Paris Miss Candy Collection Colour Riche Nail Color…

The Miss Candy Collection is home to eight Colour Riche nail colors. All of the shades are jellies—so that means you’re going to see visible nail line with most of them. If you’re not a fan of jelly polishes, these might not be for you. However, they do fit perfectly with the “candy” theme. They kind of remind me of transparent hard candies and gummy bears when they’re on my nails.

The one thing I noticed with these, is that they do take three coats before the coverage is even. At that point, they do level nicely, and cover decently. In the swatches, I used three coats for each shade, and believe it or not, I didn’t use any top coat. That’s just how glossy these are on their own! Of course, while wearing—I’m always going to suggest a base coat and a top coat so you’ll get the longest wear possible out of your mani.

loreal colour riche nail color jolly lolly swatches

Jolly Lolly — lollipop red jelly

loreal colour riche mango mamma swatches

Mango Mamma — orange hard candy jelly

loreal colour riche nail color bananarama love swatches

Bananarama Love — banana yellow jelly

loreal colour riche nail color creme de mint swatches

Crème de Mint — jade green jelly

loreal colour riche nail color miss pixie swatches

Miss Pixie — cobalt jelly

loreal colour riche nail color bubble trouble swatches

Bubble Trouble — bubblegum pink jelly

loreal colour riche nail color lilac coolers swatches

Lilac Coolers — soft lilac jelly

loreal color riche nail color berry nice swatches

Berry Nice — grape jelly

Colour Riche Nail Lingerie…

Color Riche Nail Lingerie is a collection of easy to use nail decals, and you can wear them solo if you want to—but they’re really not polish. I prefer to wear them over a base shade to pop the color. One helpful hint with these, is that you MUST wait a few hours until your base polish is dry, or the decals may slightly buckle around the edges. You just line up the round corner of the decal to your your cuticle, gently smooth them out with the heat from your fingers, and file off the excess with a nail file. Easy, right?

You’ll want to keep your hands out of cleaning products while these are on, because they’ll lift the adhesive. When it’s time to remove, I gently lift them after moistening them with acetone for a few seconds. With the Nail Lingerie in the Miss Candy Collection, you’ll get more of the star-burst swirl pattern on longer nails, versus shorter nails due to the shape/size of the pattern on the decal.

loreal miss candy collection nail lingerie berry princess gellie

Miss Candy Collection Colour Riche Nail Lingerie

loreal miss candy collection nail lingerie

Princess Sparkles (pink),  Gellie Drops (shimmering creme), Berry Bubbly (blue)

loreal miss candy collection nail lingerie swatches

 Gellie Drops over Mango Mamma / Berry Bubbly over Crème de Mint / Princess Sprinkles over Berry Nice

Bottom Line…

I LOVE these jellies! I know they won’t be for everyone—but they’re the perfect offering for a “candy” themed collection, because the shades look like hard candies on the nails. What fun colors for summer, too!

Price & Availability…

Colour Riche Nail Color—$5.99 each, Colour Riche Nail Lingerie—$9.95 each, Infallible Eyeshadow—$7.95; drugstores and mass retailers (officially May 1st, but may be out now)