Nutrisystem: Week 11 Update

In my life, I’ve been guilty of becoming complacent about things once I’ve done them for so long. Blame it on my attention span or weak will—but this has been one thing I’ve yet to become unconcerned about. Having just ended week 11 of my Nutrisystem weight loss journey, I’m as committed today as I was three months ago. I’m even more invested, and feel so much better about myself mentally and physically than I did just a few months ago. It’s like with each pound I lose, a little bit of mental clutter gets set free, too. That alone, is priceless. Add my improved health and happiness to that equation, and I’ve got a small miracle on my hands now.

Giving credit where it’s properly due, I was largely inspired to finally get serious about my weight loss by my friend Lindsay’s success. Lindsay is also documenting her own personal Nutrisystem journey on her amazing blog, Belle Belle Beauty. What I wasn’t really prepared for, was people telling ME that I was actually inspiring THEM! I recently found out that my updates inspired another fellow blogger to give Nutrisystem a shot. When Jessika from Polish Insomniac told me that she had been reading my updates and decided to join too, you could have knocked me over with a feather! It’s her story to tell of course, but from what I understand—she’s pretty happy so far. And I couldn’t be happier for her!

So, last weekend when my husband came to me and said that he was so inspired by my success, he was considering starting Nutrisystem to get rid of his last stubborn 25 pounds—I couldn’t believe it. The choice is ultimately his, but I couldn’t help but get a little excited, helping motivate someone else to do something that makes them feel happier and healthier. It’s an amazing feeling.

For this week’s weigh in, I lost an additional three pounds, bringing my total weight loss after 11 weeks to 23.5 pounds. I feel absolutely great, inside and out! See you for next week’s update!

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  • Lindsay

    Whoohoo! Thanks for the shout out!

  • Nancy Reid

    Congratulations ! That’s a wonderful accomplishment! 😉

  • Amber

    Thank you, Nancy!

  • Kristen / Glambunctious

    Yay Amber!! Congrats on your continuing success! You’re inspiring me, too, and I’m sure so many others who are reading along but may not leave a comment. You rock, girl! :)

  • Amber

    Thank you for your continued support! It means so much :) xo

  • Amber

    Of course! I have to give credit where it’s due!

  • jbrobeck

    You continue to inspire me!

  • Amber

    And you ladies keep me going, too! Thank you so much!