What’s New: Make Up For Ever Aqua Summer Collection

make up for ever aqua summer collection

Every swimsuit season, I’m reminded just how awesome Make Up For Ever’s lineup of Aqua products are. They don’t budge! (Which is probably why they’re heralded every year during Miami Swim Week.) For summer, Make Up For Ever expands on their line of long-lasting hues with these colorful, bold, water and smudge-proof products for eyes and lips.

make up for ever aqua summer

Make Up For Ever Aqua Summer 2013

Check out these new waterproof colors, perfect for pairing up with warm weather looks!

Aqua Rouge — These highly pigmented liquid lip colors can be worn alone or with the gloss top coat (I recommend), and offer kiss-proof and smudge-proof color that really lasts. New shades: #16 Fuchsia, #19 Pomegranate Pink, #20 Baby Pink, #17 Bright Coral, #18 Coral.

Aqua Lip — Aqua Lip is a fantastic smudge-proof lip liner that uses silicone emollients to allow the pencil to glide across the skin and set for a creamy, matte color. Try wearing Aqua Lip as a lip color all over, and set with your favorite lip gloss for all day color. New shades: #19C Pomegranate Pink, #20 Baby Pink.

Aqua Cream — This is crease-free, long lasting cream eyeshadow that really goes the distance. A special filmogen polymer sets the pigments, and keeps moisture out. New shades: #52 Pearly Green Lagoon, #53 Pearly Pastel Green, #54 Pearly Mauve.

Aqua Eyes — A combo of silicone emollients and microcristallin waxes sets this incredible formula on the eyelid, and improves adhesion to the skin. This is going to be my favorite eyeliner of summer! New shades: #25L Matte Brown, #52L Pearly Green Lagoon.


mufe swatches
Top: Aqua Cream #54, Aqua Eyes #52L
Bottom: Aqua Lip #20C, Aqua Rouge 19

Price & Availability…

sephora.com, Aqua Rouge—$24, Aqua Lip—$19, Aqua Cream—$23, Aqua Eyes—$19

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  • Celine Anne

    I was very interested in the baby pink lipstick, but when I went to Sephora that shade wasn’t shown in their new Summer line. They did have a bight bright fuchsia though. I asked the lady if that was all they had for the shades in the lipstick for the Summer collection, and she said yes. I was confused.

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com/ Amber

    Were they out of stock, or was that all they were carrying? Hmm… I think these might be online exclusives.

  • Celine Anne

    Must have been all they were carrying, cause I went and asked if that was all they had for the Summer collection and she said yes,