mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain Review, Photos, Swatches

mark gloss gorgeous collection

Like the look of a lip stain, but could go without the dryness they leave behind? Check these out—the Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stains from mark. Gloss Gorgeous is a 2-in-1 product, you’ll get the benefits of a stain with the look of a shiny gloss in one step.

mark gloss gorgeous

I’m a fan of this style of component for a lip product—it’s a brush tip on a clicker pen. It’s quick and clean, and makes applying on the go a snap. It takes about 10-15 clicks to get your gloss pen started, but only takes a click or two for an application. They’re available in eight shades, and I tried five of the fun shades:

  • Frilly — shimmering tangerine
  • Lolli — shimmering lollipop pink/red
  • Vibe — shimmering berry
  • Showy — shimmering wine
  • Spicy — shimmering spice

There’s a little bit of a sweet mint flavor/fragrance, but it doesn’t stick around long for me. These feel super silky on my lips, they’re not the slightest bit sticky! Some of the shades are more vibrant than others—for example, Lolli leaves behind a more intense stain than the others, with Frilly being the lightest. The staying power isn’t exactly bulletproof, but depending on the shade, I can get about 2-3 hours of wear, with some of the stain still left behind. Frilly and Lolli wound up being my favorites because they’re perfect summer lip colors.

gloss gorgeous brush


mark gloss gorgeous swatches

Top to bottom: Frilly, Lolli, Vibe, Showy, Spicy

Bottom Line…

If you like a subtle stain with a gloss finish, there are some gorgeous shades in the Gloss Gorgeous lineup!


Price & Availability…

$11 each, your local mark. representative or