ZOYA Stunning Summer Collection 2013 Review, Swatches, Photos

zoya stunning collection

Now THIS is a summer collection! These new bright hues from ZOYA are going to be great mani/pedi shades for the warmer weather. A few of the shades almost strike me as neons, especially if you layer a white polish underneath them beforehand.

ZOYA stunning summer collection

ZOYA Stunning Collection for Summer 2013

It’s unbelievable to me how ZOYA can keep their polish quality so consistent. You guys, I honestly can’t remember the last time I was disappointed in the flow or coverage of a ZOYA shade. I swear—I’m not on their payroll! But I’ve hardly ever had an unfavorable thing to say about their polishes. The coverage, flow, and consistency here with the Stunning Collection for summer is no exception. Yes, I recommend the entire collection!

This collection is comprised of cremes—but you’ll notice a little bit of a satiny shimmer in the bottles, this shimmer doesn’t really translate for me on my nails; with the exception of Thandie (orange), and Micky (pink-coral). My fave shade here? You should know I picked the bright pink, Yana! I’m not predictable or anything, right?

Here’s the shade breakdown, with two coats for each swatch. 


zoya yana swatches

Yana — full coverage geranium bright pink creme

zoya thandie swatches

Thandie — full coverage bright citrus creme

zoya darcy swatches

Darcy — full coverage bright sunny yellow creme

zoya josie swatches

Josie — full coverage grassy green creme

zoya rocky swatches

Rocky — full coverage sky blue creme

zoya micky swatches

Micky — full coverage pink-coral creme

What’s your fave shade? Will you be picking up any of these summer polish hues from ZOYA?

Price & Availability…

$8 each—zoya.com

  • Harris Cabrera

    These are all right up my alley! I keep meaning to branch out into Zoya, now I’ll really have to get going.

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com/ Amber

    ZOYA is an excellent brand to branch into! I’d be surprised if you’re disappointed! Keep an eye on their website. They have frequent BOGO sales and etc.!