First Impressions: MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection Photos, Swatches

riri loves mac summer collection

It’s here! Well, I should say, it was here. The RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection was released exclusively online on June 18th, to crazy fanfare as usual. At this time, according to the MAC website, everything is sold out except the lipsticks. So if you want a lippie, you may just be in luck!

riri loves mac summer

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection

Sorry for the delay and that this wasn’t up prior to the 18th, but I just received this on the 19th, and I’ve needed a good two days to tinker with it. Since I haven’t had it that long, please let this serve as less of a “review”, and more of a “first impressions” post. 

A few things I noticed:

  • RiRi Woo is still the same as the first release. Very stiff and dry with immaculate staying power. (review here)
  • Heaux is not quite as stiff and dry as RiRi Woo which is a good thing, but still a little pulling.
  • RiRi Boy had a beautiful finish, and didn’t dry my lips out at all. I thought it was easy to apply.
  • Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo is my favorite! It’s a satin, but still leaves a soft sheen. That coral blush shade is out of this world, and the neutral bronzer is a great color for everyone without looking chalky in my opinion.
  • Barbados Girl Lustre Drops are gorgeous! Its rose gold sheen looks great with just a little touch blended in with my foundation for a healthy, warm glow. It can still be used other ways, but that’s my favorite.

The shades & breakdown…

MAC Rihanna RiRi Woo Lipstick

RiRi Woo — matte cool red

MAC Rihanna RiRi Boy Lipstick

RiRi Boy — matte vivid lavender

MAC Rihanna Heaux Lipstick

Heaux — matte berry

MAC Riri hearts Mac Lustre Drop Barbados girl

Lustre Drops — Barbados Girl (rose gold bronze)

riri loves mac hibiscus kiss

Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo — Hibiscus Kiss (cool coral blush & matte neutral bronzer)

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Hibiscus Kiss Blush Bronzer

Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo


riri hearts mac heaux riri woo boy swatches lipstick

Top: Heaux — matte berry
Middle: RiRi Woo — matte cool red
Bottom : RiRi Boy — matte vivid lavender

RiRi Hearts Mac Summer Lustre Drop Barbados Girl swatches

Lustre Drops — Barbados Girl (rose gold bronze)

riri hearts mac hibiscus kiss

Hibiscus Kiss — Top: matte neutral bronzer
Bottom: cool coral blush

Price & Availability…

UGH! Looks like everything except the lipsticks are currently sold out on MAC website. Fingers crossed for a second release! (I have no confirmation of that at this time, just wishful thinking.) Prices: Lipstick—$15, Powder Blush Duo—$26, Lustre Drops—$20

  • Kristen / Glambunctious

    Great swatches, Amber!! The only thing I was considering was the bronzer/blush duo (I know I would get very little use out of the bold lip colors and I already have Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel which is close enough for me) but I knew it would sell out crazy quick! I’ve heard a lot of people were trying to check out for 3 HOURS?! I mean, whoa! The last MAC craze I really got into was Archie’s Girls, where I was stalking the site all day like a bounty hunter, but I had no problem getting the items I wanted and check out was a breeze!

  • Amber

    Yes, there were DEFINITE issues with MAC’s system this time, which made a lot of people upset, and understandably so. We can only hope they’ve learned from this experience. Hibiscus Kiss is what I’m most excited about too. That coral blush is AMAZING!