What’s New: Perlier Italian Lemon Sorbet Crackling Ice Body Water

Perlier Italian Lemon Sorbet Crackling Ice Body Water

Get ready to chill out!

It’s officially summer, and warmer days are here. Around this time last year, it was over 100 degrees for a week straight, and as luck would have it—our air conditioner went out. We suffered all week while we waited for a new unit to arrive, and then be installed on our roof. I thought I would just die during the hottest points of the day, and don’t even get me started about how hard it was to sleep at night! At one point, I was even taking ice cubes, wrapping them in a towel, and draping it around my neck and shoulders.

lemonsYou know would have made me a little less grumpy about all of that heat? If I had a refreshing body product like this new one, from Perlier—their Italian Lemon Sorbet Crackling Ice Body Water. It wouldn’t have cured my ails, but it definitely would have gave me a little comfort during the hot points of the day!

So what is this can of lemony goodness? It’s a really unique concept—a spray-able, cooling body water that smells like lemon sorbet. I’m nuts for anything lemon, but lemon sorbet? Even better. You spray it out in a continuous motion or a straight line, and it slightly foams, almost looking like a granita. There’s a sudden strong cooling effect that feels super refreshing and crisp. As you spread it across your skin, the cooling continues. But get this—it starts crackling!

Check out this demo:

For extra cooling, you can also keep it in the fridge. It’s not exactly a lotion or moisturizer, but it really is a spray-able cooling body water that leaves behind a little moisture (without any stickiness), and a light lemon sorbet fragrance. So bring it on, summer—I’m prepared!

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Perlier Italian Lemon Sorbet Crackling Ice Body Water

Bottom Line…

Pretty cool product, literally! It’s not something I’d use everyday, but on those 90 degree+ days, you can bet I’ll be pulling this out of my fridge door, to spray it on my arms, chest, and neck for a quick cool down.

Price & Availability…

Available exclusively on HSN for $24.50. Visit http://bit.ly/17G1rtG and use promo code IFABBO5 to save $5 off a single Perlier item. (I don’t make any commission on this, just want to pass along the great deal!)