Beauty Quickies: CVS/pharmacy Nail Polish Corrector & Almond Oil Cuticle Pens

CVS nail care products

This summer, look for these new nailcare products at your local CVS/pharmacy; the Nail Polish Corrector Pen, and the Almond Oil Cuticle Pen. If they’re not already there, keep your eye out for them—they’re awesome!

The Nail Polish Corrector Pen rivals a more expensive one I bought somewhere else, and has four replacement tips. When I’m swatching polishes, I cannot be without a pen like this! It makes clean-ups on along my cuticles and fingers a breeze. Those small correcting pens just don’t cut it for me—I like the chubby ones like this, I just find they work better. The replacement tips will come in handy, too! It’s so frustrating when a tip has met its time long before the pen ever runs out, so waste no more.

If you’re trying to improve the health of your nails and want to make your hands and nails just look nicer, pick up the Almond Oil Cuticle Pen. Just a swipe around the cuticles with this twist-up clicker pen instantly relieves dryness, softening your cuticles and hydrating your nail beds. I like that this has a slanted tip to help push your cuticles back, but a word of caution! Try not to pull the cap off while tugging on the red tip, it may pop off. (No worries, it goes back on but can be a little inconvenient.) This is going in my purse for hydrating cuticles on-the-go. And just like other brands, CVS/pharmacy brand beauty products are eligible purchases towards ExtraBucks Rewards. Every time Beauty Club members spend $50 on qualifying beauty products they receive $5 back in ExtraBucks Rewards!

CVS almond oil cuticle pen nail polish corrector pen

CVS/pharmacy Nail Polish Corrector Pen, Almond Oil Cuticle Pen

Price & Availability…

Nail Polish Corrector Pen—$5.99, Almond Oil Cuticle Pen—$3.99 this summer at CVS

  • Johanna Burton

    It’s worth a trip to CVS just to buy these two items. I’ll have to check it out this weekend. I have 4 days off. YAY!

  • DĂ©bora Marins

    I liked this.When I will go to USA, will buy this product.

  • Amber

    It might not be in yet! I just checked at mine, no luck.

  • Ann Clothier

    love the cuticle pen. i hate taking care of my cuticles and am always looking for EASY applicators instead of messy cuticle oils. thanks!

  • Amber

    So glad it’s helpful, Ann!