Sneak Peek Review: Urban Decay Limited Edition Nail Color in Vice & Addiction

Urban Decay Nail Polish Color Vice Addiction

It’s about time! I’m so happy about the upcoming fall releases, and I’m testing out some exciting new products from Urban Decay which I’ll be bringing to you soon. But one thing I couldn’t wait on, was the new limited edition nail colors. These will be extremely limited I’m told, so I wanted to make sure you saw them in case they were all scooped up quickly!

Way back in 1996 when Urban Decay launched, the line debuted with just 12 nail polishes and 10 lipsticks. I totally remember the nail polishes, and I purchased several of them. I remember at the time, the polish colors were sort of out there, and they were some of the first shades I ever owned that were truly “outside the box”. These days, the sky’s the limit with nail polish shades, so they’re not so shocking anymore! But back in those days, they were very, very cutting edge.

Urban Decay Vice Addiction Nail Color Polish

Addiction, Vice

Since then, Urban Decay went the way of releasing mini sets of nail polishes here and there, but the demand has been high for new full size shades. Happy to indulge us in our desires, they’re going to bring us two full size, limited edition shades every season, hand-picked by Wende herself!

First up for fall 2013, here are the two shades—Addiction, and Vice. Since the shades will be quite limited, the bottle design is a little more complex than the bottles of yesteryear. Let’s check them out!

Urban Decay Nail Polish

embossed sides

The full size bottles weigh in at .30 fl oz. per shade, and the bottle has a silver “UD” logo. On the cap, you’ll find it embossed “Urban Decay”, with an iconic skull on the top that has roses for eyes. The caps have a sleek gunmetal finish, which is quite a step up. The brush with the new bottle configuration is pretty lush—it boasts 400 strands, so the brush picks up a good amount of product. Make sure to swipe it up against the lip of the bottle as you take the brush out, that way you won’t apply too much polish on the first stroke.

In terms of quality, I think the polish formula has been upgraded as well. I seem to get more coverage on the first coat than before, and the formula wasn’t streaky for me. I found them to apply pretty evenly with almost full opacity on the first coat. I was pretty impressed! I’ve only worn them for four days—with Vice on my dominant and, and Addiction on the other. I had minimal tip wear at removal time (I have to test other polishes!), when I usually have some pretty good chipping after three days with some of the polishes in the mini bottles. I can’t say for sure that the polish formula is indeed different—but my guess based on past experience would be that there have been significant improvements made.

Fall 2013 shades:

  • Vice — rich, deep purple with red and blue micro-shimmer
  • Addiction — smoky, metallic gunmetal with multidimensional high-shine micro-sparkle

urban decay nail polish skull bottle

detailed cap; skull with rose eyes

ud nail polish brush

new 400 strand brush


urban decay addiction nail polish swatches

Addiction — smoky metallic gunmetal with high shine micro-sparkle

Urban Decay Vice nail polish swatches

Vice — rich, deep purple with red and blue micro-shimmer

Will you be checking out the new nail polish shades?

Bottom Line…

I thought these were pretty impressive, and that the formula is a step-up from the Urban Decay polishes I’ve tried in the mini bottle sets in the past. I love this packaging!


Price & Availability…

Launching on on 7/9, and other retailers soon—,,, and for a retail of $15 each.

  • marciaf

    Gorgeous! I love the look of these.

  • Amber

    Yeah! The brush is pretty plush :) I love these polishes!

  • Bri Gaudett

    I like both of the colors but my favorite is addiction. The bottles are gorgeous and so unique!


    WOW! They look amazing. I love the skulls on top of the cap, it adds character to the polishes :)

  • Amber

    I wonder how many they made since they’re limited!

  • Amber

    I know :) Such a nice fall addition! Glad you like them too!

  • Amber

    I hope you’re able to scoop up at least one!