OPI San Francisco Collection Fall/Winter 2013 Review, Swatches, Photos

opi collection 1

Being a California girl, and having many friends residing in the San Francisco area, I was really excited to see what the San Francisco Collection from OPI would bring us for Fall. San Francisco is steeped rich in history, and it’s the financial and cultural epicenter of Northern California. From the city’s famous cable cars, the Golden Gate bridge, its famous Chinatown district, and the breathtaking view from the San Francisco Bay—if you’ve never been to this fair city—you don’t know what you’re missing! There’s so much more to San Francisco than meets the eye, and I just love it there.

If you’ve never been to Boudins at the wharf to enjoy a fresh loaf of sourdough, or to Ghirardelli Square—get thee there on your next trip! I highly recommend. While you’re at it, stroll Pier 39. You’ll love it.

op 2OPI San Francisco Collection

OPI tries to capture the essence of this captivating, one-of-a-kind city, and for that—you’ll have to decide for yourself if they’ve done a great job or not. I see certain shades that are reflective of the spirit of this incredible city, while maybe some others, not so much. But I still have a lot of appreciation for the tribute, and I do like several of the shades for fall!

For the most part, I didn’t struggle with application issues, but I did notice a few things.

Worth noting…

  • In the Cable Car-Pool Lane may seem a little sheer on the second coat, with minor balding in an area or two which was more noticeable since it’s such a dark berry. It wasn’t anything that wasn’t fixable, but worth noting.
  • Peace & Love & OPI seems very sheer and a tad streaky on the first coat which may seem worrisome, and the second coat levels it out. If you’re prone to applying very thin coats, be prepared for a third. There are also a little brush strokes here.
  • Muir Muir on the Wall — formula felt very similar to Peace & Love & OPI
  • A-Piers to Be Tan — this formula felt a little thicker to me than the rest of the creams, so go easy on the coats so you don’t get it too thick. You can always add more!
  • Haven’t the Foggiest — great coverage, even on the first coat! It was surprising. Dried very fast.
  • Keeping Suzy at Bay — My favorite shade and formula of the bunch. What a perfect consistency for me!
  • Most of these are two coaters, and aside from my mentions, no real problematic issues for me.


As always, all swatches are shown with two coats of color, and one coat of Seche Vite top coat. (The Liquid Sand shades do not have top coat.)

opi dining al frisco swatches

Dining al Frisco — shimmering sky blue

opi keeping suzi at bay swatches

Keeping Suzi at Bay — bright navy cream

opi i knead sourdough swatches

I Knead Sour-Dough — toasty warm brown shimmer

opi haven't the foggiest swatches

Haven’t the Foggiest — misty grey shimmer

opi peace love opi swatches

Peace & Love & OPI — shimmering duo-chrome blue/green and purple

opi muir muir on the wall swatches

Muir Muir on the Wall — shimmering plum duo-chrome with slight green/brown

opi incognito in sausalito swatches

Incognito in Sausalito — creamy blue-black

opi first date at the golden gate swatches

First Date at Golden Gate — creamy ruby red

opi embarca dare ya swatches

Embarca-Dare Ya! — magenta shimmer

opi in the cable carpool lane swatches

In the Cable Car-Pool Lane — creamy rich burgundy

opi lost on lombard swatches

Lost on Lombardi — creamy garnet

opi apiers to be a tan swatches

A-Piers to Be Tan — creamy tan chocolate

OPI Alcatraz rocks swatches

Alcatraz Rocks (Liquid Sand) — textured matte blue-grey with multi-faceted glitter

OPI wharf wharf wharf swatches

Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! (Liquid Sand) — textured matte royal blue

opi its all san andreass fault swatches

It’s All San Andreas’s Fault (Liquid Sand) — textured matte earthy taupe

Will you be picking up any shades from the San Francisco Collection?

Price & Availability…

San Francisco nail lacquer shades each feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for the ultimate in application. Liquid Sand nail lacquers should always be worn without top coat. San Francisco by OPI will be available August 7, 2013, at professional salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, jcp Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, ULTA and ulta.com for $9.00 each.

  • Grace Serpa-Stolzoff

    Thank You for sharing those with me I will try them!

  • Grace Serpa-Stolzoff

    Thank You But …how do you put the polish on so perfectly. Not a single spot of polish other than were it’s suppose to go.
    I need to learn how to do that. What is your secret?????

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com/ Amber

    Here ya go! This illustration shows my technique perfectly :) http://stylefrizz.com/201206/quick-how-to-apply-nail-polish-like-a-professional/

  • Grace Serpa-Stolzoff

    I am going to do this tomorrow…Thank You So Much!!!!

  • Grae-Marie

    Yes I got this collection also cannot wait to use it for fall and winter!