Benefit Rockateur Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

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As a fan of Benefit’s blush boxes, imagine my happiness when their latest one made its way into my hot little hands a little early! Rockateur will debut in stores next month, and this rose-gold blush is absolutely gorgeous. Dressed up in a racy lace and croc printed box with raised print and stud accents, Rockateur is all dressed up with everywhere to go!

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Benefit Rockateur

Rockateur is beautifully decorative. The product itself is textured, with an initial icy-shimmer over-spray on the top and bottom of the raised “Rock” lettering. After a few swirls of my blush brush, the over-spray gives way to a beautiful satin-shimmer rose-gold shade that goes all the way through the product for just the right amount of iridescence.

Like Benefit’s other blush boxes, the top is connected to the bottom, and lifts open to reveal a small mirror and blush brush. (The top bends back and forth for opening and closing.) The blush itself has a light floral fragrance to it that I find appealing, but fragrance phobes may wish to step into a store and give it a sniff first before purchasing online just to make sure.

In terms of wear, Rockateur started to fade lightly after six hours of wear, but it was still visible after nine hours when it came time for removal. I have combination skin and my cheeks can get a little oily sometimes after a few hours, so it may last longer for you. I find that Rockateur is the perfect blush for day or night, and I’ll definitely be keeping it handy in my current makeup repertoir for plenty of wear. It’s buildable, so it’s great for a light dusting during the day, and plenty of glam at night.

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Benefit Rockateur

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Benefit Rockateur

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Benefit Rockateur

Bottom Line…

Subtle, glowing, and buildable, I love everything about Rockateur.


Price & Availability…

$28—September 2013;,

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