First Impressions Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamoured Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer

marc jacobs enamoured hi shine nail lacquer

A funny thing happened at the mall yesterday. I went there solely to get my rings cleaned, and wouldn’t you know there was a wait. During that wait, I figured I’d take a look inside Sephora—the operative word being “look”. 10 minutes later, I strolled out, bag in hand, with four Marc Jacobs Beauty nail polishes. Just like that. That place will get you EVERY TIME.

marc jacobs enamoured nail polish 1

Flourescent Beige, Ultraviolet, Nirvana

This was my first time seeing the Marc Jacobs Beauty line in-person, and it’s super drool-worthy in my opinion. The longer I stood there, the more temptation I had to buy more. Ultimately, I picked four fall-friendly polish shades to check out. I’m a little over-eager to share these with you, so I’m afraid I haven’t been able to test wear time on these yet. The verdict is still out on that, but I can give you the skinny on everything else. 

As part of the Sephora-exclusive Marc Jacobs color collection, there are 24 shades of polish, dubbed Enamoured Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer. The shades are advertised as being 3-free, and that they give the shine of 30 coats of lacquer. My friends, I can tell you these are pretty shiny without top coat; but where 30 coats-worth of shine comes from, I have no idea! I applied two coats with all of my swatches, and I’d say that the polish dries more quickly than average. I found consistency in the flow of the formula and it self-leveled nicely, with the exception of one shade—Ultraviolet. It was patchy and disappointing, which made me sad because it was the one I hearted most.

I’d say the brush is medium width and slightly flattened, but it’s not entirely flat and wide like an OPI-style brush. There are a few fun hues in the bunch, but when I look at the Marc Jacobs Beauty line as a whole, it gives off a chic and polished vibe, versus being super-trendy in my humble opinion. It will be interesting to see how the line continues to evolve seasonally. I absolutely LOVE Sally, and Fluorescent Beige. Now if I could just get my mind off the Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Eyehadow Palette in Lolita!

marc jacobs enamoured nail polish 2

Ultraviolet, Nirvana, Sally

marc jacobs enamoured nail polish 3

Fluorescent Beige — note the pebble shape of the bottle

marc jacobs enamoured nail polish 4

cap removes for easier application


(All swatches are with two coats of color, and one coat of Seche Vite Top Coat—my top coat of choice.)

marc jacobs enamoured fluorescent beige swatches

Fluorescent Beige — iridescent light mauve pink

marc jacobs enamoured ultraviolet swatches

Ultraviolet — violet-purple creme

marc jacobs enamoured nirvana swatches

Nirvana — army green creme

marc jacobs enamoured sally swatches

Sally — iridescent blackened green

Bottom Line…

Since this is a first impressions review, I can say I’ll probably buy a few more shades because they were so gorgeous—I have my eye on a few others. That all depends on how these wear, however. These are, at the very least, worth a look during your next trip to the mall. On the flip side—I wish the coverage on Ultraviolet was better, it was truly disappointing.

Price & Availability…

$18 each,

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  • Martyna

    I love Sally! Would you say the color is at all similar to OPI Shatter the Scales? I’ve been looking for a non-crackling version of that color!

  • Amber

    I think Shatter The Scales looks a little more dark emerald, and Sally is a true blackened green-teal. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Martyna

    Thanks! I ended up buying Sally today, and I swatched Petra on another finger and keep admiring it too. :)

  • Amber

    Great choices!