Jordana Cosmetics 12HR Made To Last Eyeshadow Pencil Review, Photos, Swatches

jordana 12hr made to last eyeshadow pencils

Jordana Cosmetics recently released their new 12HR Made To Last Eyeshadow Pencils at Walgreens ($3.99 SRP), and I’ve had my eye on them ever since. I’m so happy that I finally have them to share with you, I think you’ll find at least one you like—if not most of them!

The Made To Last pencils are chubby eye pencils that are super-creamy and long-lasting, with four being matte, and four having a shimmer finish. They’re water-resistant, and can be used as liners, eyeshadows, or eyeshadow bases, and require a chubby sharpener. Let’s take a closer look…

jordana made to last pencils 1

Eternal White, Stay-On Black, Tenacious Brown, Continuous Almond

The Made to Last Pencils are quite soft, so try not to push too hard with them, or they may smoosh. They’re not too soft, but I think they’re right on the border, so to be on the safe side—try to use a softer touch with them. It doesn’t take much pressure to get a lot of pigment!

Right off the bat, I think everyone needs to run out and pick up Continuous Almond. It reminds me somewhat of the MAC Painterly Paint Pot, which is highly coveted as an eyeshadow base, and I think Continuous Almond works just as well for me. It really makes eyeshadow colors pop, and anchors them there for all-day wear. Eternal White provides a similar base, but if I had to choose between one or the other, I would pick almond first.

When you apply these, you’ll need to make sure to only apply these one eye at a time. They lock down and dry very quickly (in under 30 seconds), so if you try to do both eyes at the same time, you’ll get frustrated. You can blend these out with a synthetic brush, but I actually can blur the lines of demarcation out faster with my finger, and I can get a little more precise with it that way. Sometimes, your fingers are your best eyeshadow tools. I also think the warmth of your fingertips helps blend them out a little better.

In terms of wear, several of these are 12 hour contenders. The ones that creased most for me however (and coincidentally didn’t make it an entire 12 hours) would be Aqua Last, and Prolong Purple. I don’t want to give the impression that these aren’t great—because they clocked about eight hours before looking a little rough around the edges when worn solo, which still isn’t too bad.

jordana made to last pencils 2

Pink Evermore, Aqua Last, Prolong Purple, Endless Emerald


jordana made to last eternal white stay on black tenactious brown continuous almond swatches 2

Top: Eternal White, Stay-On Black
Bottom: Tenacious Brown, Continuous Almond

jordana 12hr made to last eyeshadow pencils swatches 1

Top: Pink Evermore, Aqua Last
Bottom: Prolong Purple, Endless Emerald

Bottom Line…

The mattes make excellent eyeshadow bases—especially Eternal White and Continuous Almond. Watch out for a little creasing with Aqua Last, and Prolong Purple when worn alone as an eyeshadow. All are excellent as long-wearing liners!

Star Rating 4

Price & Availability…

$3.99 each SRP—Walgreeens,