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mac indulge collection

I know this review is a little behind on the collection release date, and I’m so sorry! I like to really try things out, and sometimes it takes me a little longer than others to get through certain collections, especially when they’re larger. I thank you in advance for your patience, and let’s get on with it!

Decadence is the name of the game with the MAC Indulge Collection, where “no taste is too extravagant”. With smoldering eyeshadows, Cremeblend Blushes that just flush the skin, come-hither Lipglass and Lipsticks, and gilded and bright nail colors—here we go.


mac by design feed the senses sweet succulence lipstick

By Design, Feed the Senses, Sweet Succulence

Of the five lipsticks available, I have three of them; Feed the Senses, By Design, and Sweet Succulence. The three could not be any more different! ($15 each)

Shades available:

  • Smash Hit –sheer golden sparkle (dazzle — not pictured)
  • By Design — soft shimmering beige (frost)
  • Feed the Senses — mid-tone mauve-nude (lustre)
  • Just a Bite — mid-tone blue red (satin — not pictured)
  • Sweet Succulence — deep glossy plum (lustre)

For the post part, I was really happy with these lipsticks, if I had to pick one that I would say is a must-buy, it would be Feed the Senses. It was just so beautiful on, and glided across my lips with ease, and wore for almost four hours without drying out my lips. Second on the list would be By Design. I sensed a little tugging and dryness with it, but not too problematic. I’m typically not a fan of lighter shades of frost lipsticks, but this one passes! And my last pick would be Sweet Succulence. It was very, very unforgiving on me. It seemed patchy, migrated shortly after application, and was kind of a pain to wear.


mac feed the senses sweet succulence by design swatches

top to bottom: Feed the Senses, By Design, Sweet Succulence

Of the five Lipglass shades ($15 each), I have three; Liqueur, Lust for Life, and Fashion Punch. You guys, right out of the gate, I’m going to tell you—get your hands on Lust for Life. It is the ultimate dark berry that doesn’t look too vampy, and it wears so, so beautifully! Like a typical Lipglass, these do have a little bit of a stick-factor to them that allows them to wear longer than the traditional gloss, which makes it one of my favorite lip gloss formulas. Also true to Lipglass fashion, there is the standard MAC vanilla-scent/slight flavor that quickly dissipates. Fashion Punch and Liqueur were beautiful, but probably best for neutral-to-warm skin tones. For me, it was all about Lust for Life!

Shades available:

  • Ultimate Dish — light beige with pearl (not pictured)
  • Liqueur — shimmering taupe
  • Fashion Punch — mid-tone neutral pink
  • Lust for Life — dark berry
  • Utterly Tart — deep red (not pictured)

mac liquer lust for life fashion punch lipglass

Liqueur, Lust for Life, Fashion Punch


mac liquer fashion punch lust for life lipglass swatches

top to bottom: Lust for Life, Fashion Punch, Liqueur


mac divine decadence beluga three ring yellow eyeshadows

Divine Decadence, Three Ring Yellow, Beluga

There are eight shades of eyeshadow available ($15 each), and I was happy with the three I have; Beluga, Divine Decadence, and Three Ring Yellow. Beluga was a little bit stiff, and I had some minor fallout issues with it. Personally, I have come to expect that with shades as dark and shimmery as Beluga, so I just take special precautions. Mainly, keeping powder under my eyes to dust away excess, and putting on my eyeshadow prior to complexion products. I was very surprised with how pigmented Three Ring Yellow stays, even upon blending. This is purely an accent color for me personally, I couldn’t pull off a look with it where it was front and center. Watch for a little bit of powdery-ness, but not too much. And when it comes to Divine Decadence, everything about the shade was flawless for me. I highly recommend it. Super buttery, blends beautifully, and the pigment stayed put.

Shades available:

  • Gilty Morsel — glittery light gold lustre (not pictured)
  • Sex & the Oyster — mid-tone greyed blue-green veluxe pearl (not pictured)
  • Three Ring Yellow — bright sulfur green-yellow veluxe pearl
  • Divine Decadence — soft bronze veluxe
  • Deep Cravings — dark shimmery grey veluxe pearl (not pictured)
  • Eat, Love — deep emerald satin (not pictured)
  • Beluga — dark charcoal with multi-dimensional pearl veluxe
  • Palace Pedigreed — dark plum satin (not pictured)


mac divine decadence beluga three ring yellow swatches

top to bottom: Beluga, Three Ring Yellow, Divine Decadence


mac gilt gourmet fluidline

There are three shades of Fluidline in this collection ($16 each), and I have one of them. Right up front, I have to tell you I’m disappointed with the pigment payoff and ease of application with my shade, Gilt Gourmet. It was like pulling teeth to get it to lay down with an angled liner brush (my #266), and it just wasn’t bright enough, especially if you have pale skin like I do. Also, wear time wasn’t that great. Within a few hours, it looked like I didn’t even have anything there. The only thing that would save this for me, is if I applied it over another VERY dark Fluidline for accent (like Blacktrack).

Shades available:

  • Gilt Gourmet — sparkling brushed gold
  • Deliciously Rich — shimmering dirty taupe (not pictured)
  • Blacktrack — solid flat black (not pictured)


mac gilt gourmet swatches

Gilt Gourmet


mac magnificent feast screening room nail lacquer

In this collection, there are six nail lacquer shades ($16 each), which I think is several more than usual compared to past collections! I have two of them; Magnificent Feast, and Screening Room. In the past, I’ve been troubled by the inconsistency in MAC nail polishes. I’m happy to say that the two I tried were pretty great. Magnificent Feast was perfect all the way around—pigmentation, flow of formula, and leveling. The second, Screening Room was nice, but it felt a little thinner and didn’t level as nicely. But nothing a good top coat can’t fix!

Shades available:

  • Magnificent Feast — sparkling true gold frost
  • Sinfully Sweet — sparkling champagne with gold pearl frost (not pictured)
  • DiscothĂ©que — super glitter silver pearl (not pictured)
  • Impassioned — bright warm pink creme (not pictured)
  • Rebel — mid-tone creme plum (not pictured)
  • Screening Room — bright mid-tone teal creme


mac screening room swatches

Screening Room

mac magnificient feast swatches

Magnificent Feast


mac tease your tastes cremeblend blush

Cremeblend Blush in Tease Your Tastes

One of the most surprising things for me with this collection, was how much I loved the Cremeblend Blush ($21 each) shade in Tease Your Tastes. These usually don’t work so perfectly for me; settling in my pores and can be difficult to blend. Not so with this one! I loved it, I didn’t think it leaned too warm (which is what I was afraid of), and it wore for about 5 hours before fading. If I would have set it with some translucent powder (which I usually do), I probably would have gotten longer wear out of it.

Shades available:

  • Tease Your Tastes — soft neutral pink
  • Glamour Feast — deep rose (not pictured)


mac tease tour tastes swatches

Tease Your Tastes

Also included in the Indulge Collection but not pictured: #266 Small Angle Brush ($20), #213 Fluff Brush ($24), Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara ($21).


MAC North America until October 3, 2013;,, all MAC North America locations

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