Beauty Quickies: Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm

sole goddess balm

When I wear cute shoes, two things happen: my feet hurt and I get blisters. (Sound familiar?) I’ve tried just about every insert I can find to help stop the friction that makes the ball of my foot hurt, and the blisters that inevitably form on my heels—no dice! The good news is, I did find a balm that helps out in that department, and it’s called Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm.

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Sole Goddess

Inspired by the sports sticks that marathon runners have been using for years to prevent friction, Sole Goddess is a balm in a stick form that you apply before you put your killer heels on. With soothing ingredients like coconut oil (smells SO good!), aloe vera, allantoin and beeswax, this really made a difference recently when I was tortured in heels all day at an event. I escaped the day without a single blister, and a lot less burning on the ball of my foot since it helped with chafing.

I’ll be keeping this baby handy for my next bout with cranky feet and uncomfy heels!

What’s your game plan for avoiding blisters?sole goddess foot balm

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  • Jannatul Rahamoni

    never tried a balm stick for foot before !! Interesting 😀

  • Amber

    It really worked!