Dermalogica BioActive Peel Review

dermalogica bioactive peel 1Several weeks ago, I popped into Dermalogica on Montana (Santa Monica, CA) to check out their latest skincare service, the BioActive Peel. I truly believe that aside from sunscreen, regular exfoliation is one of the most beneficial steps in a skincare regimen.

BioActive is Dermalogica’s first ever chemical peel, and it addresses uneven texture, acneic inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines with minimal redness—unlike most traditional chemical peels. This bi-phasic peel uses salicylic acid, lactic acid and TCA for results you can see and feel immediately following the service.

I’m all about instant gratification, and the BioActive Peel gives me just that. This is a professional strength product, so you’ll have to get this done at one of Dermalogica’s concepts spaces or a Dermalogica certified spa.

There are four steps:

  • Prep Solution — My esthetician started out with this, and it uses 20% salicylic acid (BHA) to relieve congested pores.
  • Enzyme Active — This step utilizes pumpkin and papaya enzymes (AHA’s) to loosen the “glue” that bonds dead skin cells to new skin cells, which make the skin look dull and trap excess oil. Sayonara, ugly skin cells!
  • Acid Additive — BioActive Peel is very active, and it made my skin tingle a little bit, due to having 20% lactic acid and 15% TCA. It encourages additional cellular renewal that helps to even skin tone, and addresses hydration.
  • De•celerator — This uses sodium bicarbonate, cucumber, green tea, oat, and soapwart leaf extract to neutralize the acid enzymes. It slightly foams, and calms the skin down.

The process overall was very simple, and a few days after the service, my skin started to peel gradually over the course of about 5 days. It didn’t hurt, but I did experience a little tightness. While I could see immediate results in the clarity and overall texture of my skin, I saw the final results at the end of the week.

dermalogica bioactive peel 2

Dermalogica encourages aftercare products to protect the skin and boost the peel’s results. I stuck to this regimen, and I really liked the products.

Aftercare products:

  • Multivitamin Thermofoliant — I used this shortly after I started peeling to help accelerate the healing process, and reveal even more fresh skin cells. It’s loaded with antioxidants, and contains salicylic acid and retinol.
  • Barrier Repair — This is one of my favorite Dermalogica products. It’s a waterless moisturizer that I layer over Intensive Moisture Balance to boost hydration and shield the skin from environmental aggressors.
  • Super Sensitive Sheild SPF 30 — Part of their UltraCalming lineup, this is an absolute must-have. If you could only purchase one product, I would recommend this one because it further helps calm inflammation while protecting the skin from UV rays. The consistency is a milky liquid, and it is SO light on the skin that I can’t feel it. Bonus points for not making me oily too!

I definitely would get another BioActive Peel in the future, because I saw results as promised. BioActive Peel costs $150 at the Dermalogica Soho (NYC) location, $125 at the Santa Monica (CA) location. Prices will vary at other Dermalogica licensed spas.

A gratis service was performed so that I may share my results with you. These opinions are mine alone, and do not reflect those of Dermalogica.
  • Jannatul Rahamoni

    Love their service<3

  • Amber

    Dermalogica is so great, isn’t it?

  • Barbara

    I had the procedure today at Indulge Salon & Spa in Monroe Washington. It was a very relaxing experience. Barbara the Dermalogica tech was very professional and the peel made my face tingle a little. It never burned as I thought it would. My face was smoother and my complexion was brighter after the procedure. I cant wait to see the results in about 4 or 5 days when I start to peel… Goodbye fine lines.

  • Amber

    I’m SO happy to hear this! Thank you for stopping by and sharing. :)

  • Barbara Butler DiBernardo

    I had this procedure today at Beauty by Bee Salon in Canyon Lake, California. My face tingled a bit but I didn’t even need the fan they offered to me, I really wasn’t bad at all. My face feels a little tight like I was told it would, they don’t expect me to peel based on my skin’s reactions during the procedure but we will see what it does. My one brown spot on my cheek already looks lighter, can’t wait to see what a few more days bring. I am definitely adding this to my facial regimen, my spa only charges an extra $25 on top of the normal facial price, so it’s nothing to add this and I think definitely worth the money and time spent!

  • Amber

    Oh wow! That’s a GREAT price for the add on. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • khalil

    I done a really bad peel, I used 35% tca and it left dark hyper pigmentation, I been using hydroquinone it lightened it a little,but it don’t seem like it’s going away I been using it for two months,I was wondering if this peel is strong enough to remove this hyper pigmentation.

  • Amber

    Hi Khalil,

    Thanks for your question! Something like that would best be answered by a skincare professional like an esthetician or medical professional. Everyone’s hyperpigmentation takes different things to help lighten it. I just urge research, caution, and ask your professional a lot of questions! You may wish to speak to a dermatologist about a prescription level product as well.

    Wish I could be of more help, but I can only speak of my experience with things.

  • khalil

    Okay thanks