Holiday Gifting: Affordable Luxury

holiday gifting affordable luxury

Spending a lot of money and the holidays kind of go together like chocolate and peanut butter—it may sound deliciously indulgent, but it’s not necessarily good for you (or your wallet, in this case). Check out these luxe (yet still pretty affordable) gifting ideas that seem like they could cost more than they really do.

ponds iluminage skin rejuvenatingpillowcase with copper oxide

Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase

Sleep on a well-known essential mineral that’s known to play an important role in skin cell regeneration, every night! This breakthrough innovation releases copper ions to the skin’s surface when in contact with the copper oxide fibers woven into the Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase. Clinically proven (in an independent double-blind placebo controlled study) to help reduce fine lines in as little as four weeks, enjoy getting your beauty sleep on this luxuriously smooth, eco-friendly copper fiber thread that’s soft and silky to the touch. It sort of feels like sleeping on silk, which is great at saving a hairstyle for a second day of wear, and reducing hair breakage! This intelligent textile that took over 10 years of research to develop is worth a look.,—$60

erickson beamon for beautycom

Erickson Beamon for Gems for GEMS Hair Accessories

Add a touch of glamour with these unique hair jewels designed by Karen Erickson, founder of Erickson Beamon. This is a gift with purpose! Aside from lending holiday glitz to your favorite hairstyles, 100% of proceeds from these unique, limited edition, specially designed pieces benefit GEMS; Girls Education & Mentoring Services., $60-$130 per design

joy mangano beauty case 2

Joy Mangano Biggest & Best Better Beauty Case Set

Organize and store your favorite items neatly and compactly with the Joy Mangano Beauty Case Set! Great for jewelry, beauty products or hobby storage, you’ll get three sizes of roll up cases that each have four compartments. Each individual compartment detaches from the case to make its own bag, so it’s perfect for travel! These offer fast and easy access to all of your favorite and most frequently used must-haves at your fingertips. These innovative cases are leak resistant, open flat for easy selection of items, and have earned the Good Housekeeping seal., $59.95

lisa hoffman tuscan fig fragrance necklace

Lisa Hoffman Fine Fragrance Jewelry Necklace

Available in all of Lisa Hoffman Beauty’s signature scents, these beautiful necklaces offer a unique way to wear fragrance every day. Enclosed in an intricate decorative compartment, delicately scented fragrance beads lend a soft scent to your upper body. Each jewelry piece arrives with a set of fragrance bead refills, so you’ll get plenty of wear time. (Additional refills are available for purchase.) Also available in earrings and bracelets, these are gorgeous conversation pieces that smell as stunning as they look! Choose from Tuscan Fig, French Clary Sage, Japanese Agarwood, Kerala Ashok, Madagascar Orchid and Tunisian Neroli., $65

jouer body butter

Jouer Body Butter

This body butter only smells expensive! Experience rich gardenia, honeysuckle, and jasmine fragrance oils in an incredibly luxe base of shea and cupuacu butters. Enriched with olive fruit, jojoba seed, and sweet almond oils, Jouer’s signature fragrance body butter offers intense skin hydration for a pampering experience. In love with this intoxicating scent? Also try the Jouer Bath & Body Oil or Perfume Oil., $32