Behind the Scenes: jouer Spring Sirens Photo Shoot

Jouer spring sirens When one of your favorite makeup brands emails an invite to be photographed in their cosmetics with the master makeup artist and photographer, Troy Jensen—you don’t walk—you RUN. As a legit jouer girl, I let out an audible SQUEE!, and then worried about what I was going to wear. The more I thought about it, I decided to just wear simple black since it’s timeless, and I could jazz it up with a statement necklace. Seems like Troy and I were on the same page, because he took one look at me and said “rock and roll goddess”. We picked out some statement necklaces, added a ton of sexy hair that sadly wasn’t mine, and we were on our way!

When Troy says something, you just TRUST. You don’t question, you don’t worry. This is the guy who has the most incredible eye for creating some of the hottest editorial, video, and red carpet looks for A-list celebs—and he was touching my face. (Insert another *squee* here.) I guarantee you’ve seen his work everywhere, but you just don’t know it. He’s hot stuff. (Literally and figuratively!) Check out his site,, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Here’s what he selected from jouer to glam up my face…

Jouer product looks I wish I could dish all the secrets on his incredible application, but his techniques are definitely HIS techniques. Troy tells me he’s totally self-taught, and prides himself on his work (which definitely shows). I think self-taught is the best way for ANY artist, because you’re not bound by rules or by what someone else wants to teach or mold you into. (Who wants carbon copies? I don’t!) I don’t blame him for not spilling the beans in a step-by-step tutorial. If I had his talent, I’d keep it to myself too.  headshot circle When it came to photographing me, he coached me for the camera—and I don’t believe I’m very photogenic at all. I’m the one who shies away from group photos and dislike having my photos taken. He made me feel and look the most beautiful and confident I’ve ever felt in my life. I thank him for that, and want to stick a little version of him in my pocket to carry with me at all times!

And let’s talk jouer Cosmetics while we’re at it…

If you’ve been reading me for a bit, I know you’ve heard me say that I love jouer because it’s a classic, elegant line that ANY woman can wear, and you don’t need to be a makeup artist to make it look flawless on your skin. It’s very practical, the line is very edited so you’ll never be overwhelmed by color choices. Even some of the components click together so you can take them with you anywhere for touching up, and are great for conserving space for travel. Some of my fave jouer products (besides the ones Troy applied and made me fall in love with as a result): the Matte Moisture Tint, Hydrating Lipstick in shades Meg, Kate, and Whitney—and the Body Butter. That’s PURE jouer love!

Many thanks to Troy and jouer for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I adore you all!

And oh my God! How can I forget the INCREDIBLE Nikki Lee from Nine Zero One Salon for her fabulous hair skills? If you’re in the Los Angeles area, Nine Zero One Salon is a MUST.

Jouer shoot behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes!

Disclosure: The first photo has been professionally retouched, but none of the others have.