OPI Coca-Cola Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

OPI Coca Cola Collection featured image

I have a problem. No matter what I do, I cannot give up my Diet Coke, or my Coke Zero. I try, I really do! I also can’t give up some of these new nail polish shades from the OPI Coca-Cola Collection! With nine shades dedicated to my fave soft drink company, let’s check ’em out closer…

OPI Coca Cola Collection

OPI Coca-Cola Collection

OPI Coca Cola Collection Coca Cola Red My Signature is DC Today I accomplished Zero

Coca-Cola Red, My Signature is “DC”, Today I Accomplished Zero

OPI Coca Cola Collection Orange You Fantastic A Grape Affair Green on the Runway

Orange You Fantastic!, Green on the Runway, A Grape Affair

OPI Coca Cola Collection Youre So VainillaSorry Im Fizzy Today Get Cherried Away

You’re So Vain-Illa, Sorry I’m Fizzy, Get Cherried Away

Each swatch was completed with two coats of color, and one coat of top coat. 

OPI Coca Cola Red Collection swatch swatches

Coca-Cola Red is a gorgeous bright red that I absolutely love. Everything about this polish was perfect for me. The texture was great, the product had a nice flow, and self-leveled easily. It’s such a perky shade. I have about a zillion reds, but none of them are as dynamic as this. It truly matches red on Coca-Cola bottles!

OPI My Signature Is DC swatch swatches

My Signature is “DC” is the shade attributed to Diet Coke, and it is a very bright silver shimmer/foil. This is another one that I found to be pretty flawless in terms of application. Again, I know there are so many silvers out there, but this one just has that little extra something.

OPI Youre So Vainilla swatch swatches

You’re So Vain-illa is a true vanilla creme that matches the Vanilla Coke bottle. For me, application wasn’t as flawless and seemed a little bumpy after two coats. Top coat did even it out mostly. It wasn’t horrible however, so if you like this shade—don’t let that scare you away from giving it a shot.

OPI Sorry Im Fizzy Today Coca Cola Collection swatch swatches

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today seemed a little out of place at first, but I did notice a very similar color on the Vanilla Coke bottle design which this shade is supposed to be associated with. It’s a pretty salmon-pink, almost muted until I applied top coat. It’s almost like it made the shade come alive.

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero Swatch Swatches

Today I Accomplished Zero matches my fave soft drink—Coke Zero. The black base is almost jelly-like and squishy, with various sizes of red glitter that almost look like floating bubbles. If you want an opaque look, try this over a base of black polish. Otherwise, it’s nearly sheer with two coats. If you want to keep more of a squishy look that’s kind of transparent for the bubbles, try three coats of this shade. It’s going to be your personal preference!

OPI Get Cherried Away swatch swatches

Get Cherried Away matches the Cherry Coke bottle perfectly! It’s a raspberry-tinged creme that had a few patchy spots after two coats. Try three coats, or a thicker second coat (which I should have done).

OPI Green on the Runway Swatch Swatches

Green on the Runway is the partner polish to Sprite. Photos really don’t do this one justice! It has slight duo-chrome qualities that gives it a little depth on the nail. Very effervescent!

OPI Orange You Fantastic swatch swatches

Orange You Fantastic! is the sister to Orange Fanta. The base is transparent orange, with various shades and sizes of glitter to resemble the bubbles. I love this shade—but even with a decent amount of top coat, it’s bumpy to the touch. That may or may not drive you nuts.

OPI A Grape Affair swatch swatches

A Grape Affair is a deep grape creme. Do you know how hard it is to find Grape Fanta in my area? I went to several places trying to find a Grape Fanta bottle with a label that matches this shade, but could only find it in the glass bottle from Mexico for the photo below. By the way, have you ever tried Mexican Coke in the glass bottle? It’s such a different taste than Coke here in the States!OPI Coca Cola Collection swatch swatches

Overall, this is my favorite OPI collection to be released in a while! It’s fun, and I thought overall the quality of the collection was consistent, with minimal exceptions for Orange You Fantastic! and You’re So Vain-illa, and Get Cherried Away.

You’ll find this collection available this month in stores for $9 each, or available in The 10 Pack of Style mini pack for $24.95. Check out professional salons; including Beauty Brands, beautybrands.com, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, jcp Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, ULTA and ulta.com.

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What’s your fave OPI Coca-Cola Collection shade?