Sneak Peek: Garnier Color Styler

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Have you ever wanted to play with a bold hair color, but didn’t want to bleach your hair first or commit to maintaining it? Garnier is hoping to change that by making the decision easier for you later this summer with their latest innovation, Color Styler.

Color Styler utilizes a unique, patented “color coat” technology in the formula, in which polymers and clay envelop bold color pigments in a water-based formula that coats the hair strand. This is totally different than hair color, or even hair chalk—and it washes out in 2-3 shampoos, depending on the condition of your hair (and presumably the shampoo you use).  

How to use:

  • Style your dry hair in the manner that will make application appropriate for your desired result (sections for streaks, etc.)
  • Apply the gloves provided in the box
  • Shake the bottle of Color Styler
  • Squeeze the formula onto fingertips
  • Apply Color Styler on the sections you’d like to have streaks or other coverage
  • Allow Color Styler to completely dry
  • Brush your hair once Color Styler is dry 


Garnier Color Styler Purple Mania

Garnier Color Styler Blue Burst



I had one experience recently with Color Styler myself, using shade Bronze Attitude for a few streaks. I think Bronze Attitude will work best on dark hair, while the others should work well on either light or dark hair. Since my hair has previously been highlighted and color-treated, the sections I applied Color Styler to washed out after two shampoos. (If you want to fade it faster, try using a clarifying or dandruff shampoo.)

Based on my experience, I’d recommend using Color Styler for accent pieces in lieu of all-over haircolor, because I’m not sure it would fade evenly on all of your hair after shampooing; based on how your hair condition can vary from section to section. This is definitely fun though for quick pops of color, and a nice alternative to hair chalks and other messy temporary haircolor products that tend to bleed.

Color Styler will be available in five shades: Blue Burst, Pink Pop, Red Temptation, Bronze Attitude, and Purple Mania. Suggested retail is $7.99, and is slated for official release in August, where Garnier haircolor is sold. 

  • Amanda Leigh

    This looks like something I’d want to try. About how long did it take to dry completely for you?

  • Wendy Lee

    OMG I want this!!! I hope the pink shows up on dark hair.

  • Amber

    It took about 30 minutes on smaller sections. I read that you can apply your hair dryer (presumably on a lower heat setting) to dry it faster.

  • Jannatul Rahamoni

    this looks so cool!!

  • Givenshl

    Just what I been looking for, my Daughters want to put a lil color in their hair but I am not for it being all over and long lasting. This will be the product to try. Thanks for posting!

  • Amber

    This should be great for them!

  • Amber

    I’m hope so too! Unfortunately I don’t have access to the other shades, but I hope to see it in person soon. :)

  • Amber

    Such a fun idea!

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  • Nat

    can you style your hair with heat after the application?

  • Amber

    I used a hair dryer on day 2, but to be honest, I’m not sure what would happen with a curling iron. It’s a very good question! If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, that would be a great question to ask Garnier! I’m going to ask them too.

  • Giselle

    Im going to try the Purple Mania today..Kelly Osborne looks too cute on ‘fashion police’ &I’ve got darker brown hair..reading around the web,seems like purple ‘my favorite color’ anyways, works well with it. I’ve never put anything but some highlights in my hair..wish me luck :)

  • Amber

    Wishing you luck! Hope it all works out well!

  • Katie

    Can you only use this one time, or can you use this again days later

  • Amber

    There’s enough in the bottle to be used several times, depending how many streaks you apply, etc.