Exclusive Q&A with Neutrogena’s Gabrielle Union on Her Beauty Routine & UV Protection

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This morning, I was FLOORED when I read this on cnn.com:

Until today, the surgeon general has never said, ‘UV radiation is bad for you; protect your skin’, acting Surgeon General Dr. Boris Lushniak said.

I have to wonder how many lives would have been saved if UV protection were taken as seriously during other decades, as it’s taken today.

While we have many choices for sun protection available today, unfortunately for some families—it’s financially out of reach, no matter what the cost. And that’s where Neutrogena’s Buy 1 + Donate 1 initiative steps in. No parent should ever have to choose between food and nutrition for their family, or protecting them from skin cancer. There’s a little time left to participate! For every bottle of Neutrogena sunscreen you buy, they’ll donate another to a family in need—so they don’t have to make that tough decision.

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Last week, Neutrogena’s own beauty, Gabrielle Union was speaking about the importance of sun protection in her life, and I had the opportunity to ask her a few exclusive questions, including some about her personal beauty routine. Check out my Q&A! (I love that she admits that she and Dwyane sometimes pick their zits. They’re human just like us!)

  • Angela Sherman

    I love the Buy 1 + Donate 1 initiative. Such a great cause.

  • Amber

    Me too! I love when brands give back :)

  • http://www.bossdigitalasia.com/ Ariette Laguras

    Yeah. I agree with you. A lot of people are taking UV protection for granted, saying that UV radiation is not that dangerous at all. But the truth is, over the longer term, UV radiation induces degenerative changes in cells of the skin, fibrous tissue and blood vessels leading to premature skin aging, photodermatoses and actinic keratoses. Scary isn’t it? That’s why I love your “Buy 1 + Donate 1” promo. I really wish it was available here in Hong Kong.

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com/ Amber

    So true!