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Don’t Miss IMATS Los Angeles 2011!

It’s almost time for IMATS again! If you missed the International Makeup Artist Trade Show last year and are anywhere near Southern California this weekend, don’t miss it. I’ve attended this fantastic two-day beauty-packed event for the past two years, and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

You can shop the exhibitor floor packed full of beauty wares, take master classes to learn new skills, attend panel discussions led by top industry pros, and my favorite thing to do at IMATS—watch the student makeup competition. I’m always so impressed by the level of skill the participants demonstrate! Check out my past IMATS  photos and recaps here. I’ll be there, will you? From my past experience, you’ll want to get there early!

What: International Make-Up Artist Trade Show Los Angeles (IMATS 2011)
When: 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, June 25; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, June 26
Where: Pasadena Convention Center, 300 Green St., Pasadena, CA
Price: $20-$75
Phone: 360.882.3488
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Recap: IMATS Los Angeles 2010

The International Makeup Artist Trade Show took place over the weekend here in Los Angeles, and it did not disappoint!  While I was only able to attend one day of the two day event, there was so much to take in.  With master classes, a packed exhibitor’s floor, and the student competition–it’s safe to say I went home entirely exhausted on Saturday!

As usual, the MAC Pro and Make Up For Ever booths had long lines that wrapped around several other booths, with long wait times all day.  One of the products I really liked was from Mai Couture, their 2-in-1 Oil Blotting Bronzing Papers are a new personal must-have for me.  NYX Cosmetics was there with an awe-inspiring booth that made me want to buy one of everything.  I have no idea how large the booth was exactly–but let’s put it this way, I’m sure they didn’t leave out a single product or color.  If you wanted it, they had it, and at great prices too.  Their brand is already affordably priced, it was really hard for me to pass up such deep discounts but somehow I managed!  Both Stila and Urban Decay drew such large crowds that I couldn’t even break through the mob.  From what I understand, Stila sold out of a lot of products quite quickly, and Urban Decay wasn’t even selling products but they were giving away free eyeshadows.  I totally missed out on those!  I checked out a few brands I wasn’t yet familiar with, and of all things I was fascinated with these Migi Nail Art pens.  So fascinated, that I couldn’t leave without picking up a set of the pastel polish pens!

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I’m Ready For IMATS LA 2010!

Last year was my first IMATS Los Angeles, and I had a great time.  I’m hoping that this year will be even better!  The International Makeup Artist Trade Show is a world famous industry event, consisting of six shows in four countries each year where thousands of makeup artists, vendors, beauty industry professionals and enthusiasts flock to attend hands-on classes, network, watch demonstrations, and do my favorite thing… SHOP!  The student competition is worth the price of admission alone, check out my recap from last year to see what I’m talking about, their work is pretty incredible!  This year’s theme for the student competition is Alice in Wonderland, so you know I’m excited.

Of course I’ll be recapping the 2010 show, but why wait?  If you have even the slightest interest in makeup, you MUST to go to IMATS LA!

IMATS Los Angeles 2010
Pasadena Convention Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA
June 26 (8:30am-5pm) & 27 (10am-5pm)

You won’t want to miss this year’s exhibitors! See ya there!

Recap: IMATS 2009 Los Angeles

In the past month or so, you may have heard me talking wildly about attending this year’s IMATS— the International Makeup Artist Trade Show.  I try to attend as many shows as I can because I learn so much and enjoy all the visual stimuli.  This year the LA show was held on June 21st & 22nd at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend both days but I was able to attend the Saturday show and it was packed!  Makeup Artist Magazine holds this makeup artist mecca yearly to a full house and now I know why– it’s loaded with brands, education and makeup competitions all day long.

There is so much to talk about I and keep saying that I took about one-billion photos.  Maybe not that many–  but I did take quite a few.  I’ll just recap some of the highlights and share some of my favorite photos!

8 students participated in a beauty/fantasy competition with a gothic theme and I could not seem to stay gone for very long.  I enjoyed watching the models as they were transformed into gothic goddesses before my eyes!  I kept checking back periodically over about a 2 hour timespan for the progress on my favorite models and snapped more photos as the work neared completion.

In case you were wondering how she turned out:

I took an immediate liking to the dark bride theme and found myself spending a majority of my time watching her.  I was really impressed with all of the students’ hard work!

I know this is getting a little image heavy– sorry!  There was just so much to see, and this was only the beginning!  Many of the exhibitors focused heavily on airbrush techniques with a huge focus on prosthetics as well.  A large display featured some of the models from movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Terminator Salvation, and shows like Grey’s Anatomy.  It was SO weird to see some of them, it’s almost eerie because they were incredibly lifelike!  Sadly, this is about as close as I’ll be getting to Brad Pitt anytime in the near future:

Body painting like I spied at the MAC Pro and Mehron booths was also a main attraction:

See!  Lots of visual stimuli!  There was plenty of shopping to be done if you had it in you, but I was really on my best behavior.  I only bought one thing, and it was more out of necessity than a burning desire!  I found a really nifty little gauze-mesh sock to cover my hair with when I’m applying my Dior Airflash foundation called a Garment Saver.  I know– big purchase!  MAC Pro was just insane chaos all day as was Make Up For Ever, the line was snaking around other booths the entire time I was there.  You couldn’t even push your way up to that counter if you tried!  I came across a few brands that I am unfamiliar with and I’ll be showcasing some of their products in future posts.  Among the 40+ brands on the floor I checked out Eve Pearl, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Kryolan, BeautySoClean, Naked Cosmetics, LA Splash and many others.  I can see why people would make 2 days of it, it’s quite a large production!  Hope you enjoyed your trip with me to IMATS 2009!

The Lipstick League: Week of 1/28/13

Hi, lovelies! Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Will you be watching the big game? Mr. Beauty Junkies and I are actually big basketball fans (GO CLIPPERS!), so it’s likely that we’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl instead. But I have to say, I do enjoy watching commercials during the game—and that’s probably the only time I’m going to say that!

Question of the Week: Is there anything in your beauty arsenal that you like to bring out for springtime (that you don’t use much during the colder months)?

Answer: For spring, I usually gravitate towards less coverage for foundation products, because you can’t go wrong with a fresh-faced look and glowy-skin. I also lean more towards melon and pinky-coral lip shades! I think spring and melon just go together like birds of a feather.

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The Lipstick League: Week of 6/18/12

Well, hello there! It’s Sunday morning here in my part of the world, and so far so good. The coffee that Mr. Beauty Junkies made didn’t taste too awful (it usually does), and I’m busy going through some AMAZING photos we took yesterday at IMATS LA. (The International Makeup Artist Trade Show.) Each year, this is a consumer-friendly event full of crazy deals and talent exhibitions that you really shouldn’t miss if you can help it. I have a post coming up about our experience at this year’s event this week, so more on that soon. But here’s your weekly dose of Lipstick League love!

OH! I almost forgot. Going forward, the weekly links will also feature the link to a post from a blog that a Lipstick Leaguer really liked for the week. Each week, a different Leaguer will choose a link we find from the web to share! That will be the last link on the list. Enjoy the additional read!

Question of the Week: What’s your current favorite hand cream?

Answer: Yikes! Sorry guys, I can’t pick just one, so I’m going to tell you a few that drive me wild. Yes, I just said “drive me wild” about HAND CREAM. I have these stashed on my desk, nightstand, and in my purse because of the amount of damage that swatching polishes does to my nails and hands. I probably apply hand cream once every 2 hours, and I wish I was joking, my hands soak it up like crazy. But here goes!

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The Lipstick League — week of 6.27.11

Happy 4th of July weekend! Did you miss us last week? Your loyal Lipstick League had a minor techie glitch last week, and believe me—we missed you too! But we’re back :) In this week’s round-up, you’ll find a few IMATS recaps…and sadly my bad knee prevented me from going after all—so I don’t have a recap to offer you this year. I’m living vicariously through the dolls who did go and who are giving me all the 411. Ready for this week’s question?

What’s the one shade you wish you could pull off, but can’t?

Answer: For me, I’d have to say blues. I don’t seem to do very well with blues on my own. When other artists apply them on my eyes—they seem to look okay, but when I try…I look like a clown. I’m not really afraid of most colors, in fact—I welcome a challenge, but blues get me every time.

What’s the one shade you wish you could pull off, but can’t? Leave yours in the comments!

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