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headshotblogI’m Amber, and I am a legitimate beauty product junkie—with the beauty industry background to match! Beauty Junkies Unite is my interactive way of sharing info with you on the products I love, and the ones that just aren’t for me. Please keep in mind, these are only my opinions, sometimes you may not agree with me—and that’s okay!

In the past—I’ve worked as a licensed cosmetologist, product expert, and education specialist. I have over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, and have loved every second of it.

For media, PR, product submissions, and general love you can reach me in the following ways:

Email: amber@beautyjunkiesunite.com

Twitter: @beautyjunkies

Beauty Junkies Unite.com Facebook Page

Instagram: You’ll find Amber snapping away as beautyjunkies on Instagram (Please note: Not all pics are beauty-related.)

Physical mailing address:  Please email me for details

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Please meet our Guest Product Evaluation Team

Dilara is a corporate Power Girl by day, and a master of about a bazillion other fun talents in her off-time.  I’ve often asked her to bottle up some of her energy for me but I’ve yet to receive it!  She lives in Ohio, so for all of you winter cold-weather girlies–she can give us an idea of how things perform in her climate since I’m in LA.  She has the most awesome natural red hair color I’ve ever seen, she teaches Zumba, knits like a pro, makes all kinds of cool stuff by hand, speaks fluent Spanish, played guitar in a rock band, makes her own laundry detergent, and I hear she makes a pretty mean scone.  I’m pretty sure I forgot at least 10 other things.

Kristin is not only the kind of friend that will take your secrets to the grave, but she’ll give you the clothes off her back too.  She lives in Northern California, she’s a Mom of two, and is pretty multi-faceted herself.  She belly dances, kick-boxes, does Pilates, can tell you almost anything about any wine, is probably the hottest Mom I know (you’ll never see her rockin’ Mom jeans), and lights up a room with her smile and infectious laugh.  Kristin accomplishes more before 11am than I probably do all day, and that’s before she goes to work.  I have a sneaking suspicion that she doesn’t leave a store without a gloss or mascara in her bag too.  Birds of a feather stick together!

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