L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Hot Mess Review, Photos, Swatches

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Hot Mess

For weeks, I’ve been hearing around the Blogosphere that the new L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints are dupes of another new lip color product from Too Faced that people have already deemed “holy grail status”, the Melted Liquified Long Wearing Lipsticks. While I haven’t had the fortune of trying the Melted lippies yet, I was on a mission to find the L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints in my area, because I had to see if they were the bargain that people were saying that they are! (Plus, the shades looked really pretty!)

I wound up locating them at a small accessories boutique, and wouldn’t you know, they only had two left. One was Hot Mess, this fun orange, and the other was Pin-Up, a red in which I have a dozen other similar shades. So Hot Mess it was!

la girl glazed lip paint

From previous research, right off the bat, I can tell you the applicators are totally different on Glazed versus Melted. In fact, I don’t recommend applying Glazed directly out of the tube at all, you’ll make a mess! The product has a little bit of a gloppy consistency if you apply it that way, it’s extremely pigmented, and it’s sure to be applied unevenly and will result in bleeding/migration outside of the lip line.  [Read more...]

The Lipstick League: Week of 7/14/14

Lipstick league 2

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This is the week of the 6th anniversary of Beauty Junkies Unite. Keep your eyes peeled here on the blog and on my social media accounts for special giveaways just for you! Now let’s take a look at this week’s links from my friends in The Lipstick League…

Question of the Week: Your friend borrows your makeup and returns it in awful condition. What do you do?

Answer: I would never loan mascara or eyeliner, so that’s out anyway. I have allowed only very, VERY good girlfriends to use my lipstick, and that’s been fine. (I dip in alcohol later to cleanse.) If someone broke a blush pan, nail polish, or foundation bottle, I’d just assume it was an accident and let it go. Over the years, I’ve kind of developed a “don’t expect to see back what you loan out” mentality. (I’m pretty selective about what I loan, and pretty much always receive everything back!) But makeup is a little different to me. If one of my really good girlfriends is in need of something I have (within reason), it’s okay with me if an accident happens. They’d probably offer to try to replace, and that gesture would be good enough for me. I love my makeup collection, but I treasure my friends more!

Prime Beauty is not very adept in the kitchen, but she can make BECCA’s Beach Tint Shimmering Souffle present beautifully!

Phyrra: Love Urban Decay? I share my Omen Tutorial, plus we’re giving away a ton of Urban Decay Eyeshadows! Open worldwide.

we heart this is calling all blush addicts; Ellis Faas has something you’re going to want to see…

Beauty Junkies UniteTake a sneak peek at the newest hair color innovation from Garnier, Color Styler. Now you can rock bright, bold hair hues without the commitment or damage of traditional hair color!

Clumps of Mascara gifted a reader with her own personal post of makeup tips from beauty bloggers!

EauMG shares her most complimented perfumes of all time! Some of the ones that made the list will surprise you.

Gouldylox Reviews: I love you guys! Find out why and enter to win a $2,000 VIP Beauty Treatment! Please enter, I really want one of you to win so you’ll tell me what a $2,000 beauty treatment is like!

My Beauty Bunny: Remember how I raved about Onsen Secret last week? Try it for yourself by winning a $1,000 shopping spree from my new favorite skin care line.

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Make it a beautiful week!

Sneak Peek: Garnier Color Styler

0595 Carton Front line up 2_26

Have you ever wanted to play with a bold hair color, but didn’t want to bleach your hair first or commit to maintaining it? Garnier is hoping to change that by making the decision easier for you later this summer with their latest innovation, Color Styler.

Color Styler utilizes a unique, patented “color coat” technology in the formula, in which polymers and clay envelop bold color pigments in a water-based formula that coats the hair strand. This is totally different than hair color, or even hair chalk—and it washes out in 2-3 shampoos, depending on the condition of your hair (and presumably the shampoo you use).   [Read more...]

Win It: LUSH Cosmetics $200 E-Gift Card Giveaway (2 Winners, U.S. & Canada on July 11th Only)

Processed with Moldiv

LUSH Cosmetics as we know it today, came from very humble beginnings. Back in 1995, the original founders of LUSH pooled what little money they had to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. At a small shop in Poole, they created fragrant and fresh handmade products with them upstairs, and sold them downstairs. A customer suggested the name LUSH, and a beauty superstar was born!

Shortly after, two Canadians fell in love with the store and their products after visiting England, and instantly knew they had to bring LUSH to North America. The first store in North America opened in 1996 in Vancouver, BC, and the first U.S. store (San Francisco) followed in 2003. Today, LUSH celebrates the opening of their 200th store in North America!

Their brand new location opens today, in Toronto’s premiere shopping center, Yorkdale Mall, and we’re ready to celebrate with them! LUSH Cosmetics has been so kind to sponsor a very quick giveaway today on Beauty Junkies Unite, and it’s open to both U.S., and Canadian residents. Two winners will score a $200 LUSH E-Gift Card. YES!  [Read more...]

Get the Perfect Pedicure for Summer-Ready Feet!

bellacures coffee scrub

I’m sure that by now you’ve pulled your flip-flops and sandals out of the back of your closet. Here in L.A., they don’t really get the chance to migrate back there, because I wear them almost year-round. For about two years, I’ve been visiting Bellacures regularly to keep my toes in tip-top shape. I frequent the Studio City location because it’s in my area, and have my fave mani and pedi gals there—but they currently have seven locations in Southern California, with a new location in Dallas, TX.

Bellacures Pedi Cool pedicure

Before a recent trip, I stopped by to experience their signature Pedi-Cool Therapeutic Pedicure. What a treat! An upgrade from their basic pedicure, the Pedi-Cool service adds a hot epsom salt soak, peppermint and eucalyptus cooling gel, and a coffee-salt/sugar scrub to an already wonderful Bellacures pedicure service. Between the cooling tingle of the peppermint gel, and the scrumptious scent of the smoothing coffee scrub, my legs and feet felt energized and rejuvenated. Even more so after the grapeseed oil and butter cream moisturizing foot massage! My feet were all set for cute, summery shoes. [Read more...]

What’s New: SOFÍA by Sofia Vergara Eau de Parfum (Plus Bonus Giveaway!)

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Fragrance on HSN

I’ve been wearing this gorgeous new fragrance off and on for a few months now, and it comes from the most glamorous, vibrant (and pretty damn funny), exotic beauty I know—SOFÍA by Sofia Vergara. I had the chance to ask Sofia a few questions personally, and here’s what she told me!

You must be really excited about the launch of your fragrance at HSN. Describe SOFÍA by Sofia Vergara for me. 

The fragrance is a mix of berries and florals, and there is even a little bit of earthiness to it. The goal was that when women put it on, they would immediately feel a bit more glamorous. I’ve learned a lot through this process and within the industry, my fragrance is categorized as a juicy floral oriental. It incorporates my heritage through the notes and through the shape of the bottle, which is an emerald—the stone of Colombia and my favorite jewel to wear.

I have to ask—what’s the secret behind your killer curves? How do you manage to stay in such incredible shape for being so busy? 

How flattering. I am a very healthy eater and I believe in moderation. Exercise is an important part of my lifestyle. I try to do something at least three times a week. 

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Fragrance

Sofia is right…

This fragrance is not only deliciously juicy, it does have subtle earth notes that keep it from lingering on the too-sweet or youthful side. It has authentic notes of Colombian rose and Colombian orchid; making it truly an authentic scent from this famous Colombian beauty. There are true touches of Sofia here! Somewhat sunny, and somewhat provocative—I find a perfect balance here between sexy, and everyday glamour. This is a charming and sensual fragrance that isn’t too overpowering, so you can wear nearly daily. I just love it.

Right now, you’ll find it exclusively at HSN where it immediately became a top customer pick. It comes in a few different configurations to choose from at HSN which you’ll find here. I also hear the SOFÍA by Sofia Vergara Shimmer Body Lotion is killer, but I haven’t tried it yet! And a little birdie told me to expect SOFÍA to roll out to other nationwide retailers in the fall. Keep your eyes peeled, you’ll want to try it!

Want some great news? I have a brand new bottle of SOFÍA by Sofia Vergara sitting on my desk right now—just WAITING to send to a lucky winner. So look for the giveaway details below!  [Read more...]

A Whole ‘Lotta Love for Kelly Yum-Yum from The MAC Osbournes Collection

mac kelly yum yum lipstick 1

Without a doubt, I’m super cray over my favorite piece from the Kelly installment of the recent MAC Osbournes CollectionKelly Yum-Yum lipstick. Okay, so bummer. It’s currently sold out on maccosmetics.com, but that doesn’t mean you can’t charm your way to a tube at a MAC counter somewhere; either at a MAC store, or a department store with a MAC counter. You’d be surprised what you can get with a little bit of sugar versus vinegar! I can’t promise anything, but I swear it will never hurt to try.

mac kelly yum yum lipstick packaging

Like the rest of Kelly’s part of the collection, the components are purple that mimic her various shades of purple hair she likes to rock. It’s also emblazoned with her signature in red. The interior says “MAC” in purple on the black area where you twist the tube.  I like the small touches of detail of the packaging with this celeb-inspired collection.   [Read more...]

Quick Picks Under $5: Suddenly Smooth Intensive Hand / Foot Treatment

Suddenly Smooth Intensive Hand Foot Treatment

What’s a girl to do mid-month when she’s already blown through her monthly beauty budget? I head over to Sally Beauty to treat myself to something really small. I was bored out of my skull and was tired of cleaning and doing laundry for the weekend—so I figured I deserved a tiny treat. Somehow, I always find myself there.

For $2.99 each (with my Sally card—regular price $3.29), I picked up these fantastic little hand and foot treatments from Suddenly Smooth. Each pack contains either one pair of gloves, or one pair of booties. They’re infused with moisturizing shea butter, marine collagen, Vitamin E, argan oil, ginseng, soy extract (and more!), and they make my hands and feet feel like buttah! Granted, the booties aren’t the most secure fitting in the world, but it gives you incentive to just rest for a few. You’re not going to want to walk around in them anyway.  [Read more...]

OPI Coca-Cola Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

OPI Coca Cola Collection featured image

I have a problem. No matter what I do, I cannot give up my Diet Coke, or my Coke Zero. I try, I really do! I also can’t give up some of these new nail polish shades from the OPI Coca-Cola Collection! With nine shades dedicated to my fave soft drink company, let’s check ‘em out closer…

OPI Coca Cola Collection

OPI Coca-Cola Collection

OPI Coca Cola Collection Coca Cola Red My Signature is DC Today I accomplished Zero

Coca-Cola Red, My Signature is “DC”, Today I Accomplished Zero

OPI Coca Cola Collection Orange You Fantastic A Grape Affair Green on the Runway

Orange You Fantastic!, Green on the Runway, A Grape Affair

OPI Coca Cola Collection Youre So VainillaSorry Im Fizzy Today Get Cherried Away

You’re So Vain-Illa, Sorry I’m Fizzy, Get Cherried Away

Each swatch was completed with two coats of color, and one coat of top coat.  [Read more...]