Feeling my Best Beautiful, Thanks to Olay

amurr ol 1

This post is months overdue, and when I tell you why—you may be able to relate. Have you ever put something off because it made you feel very vulnerable and you didn’t know what the outcome would be? That’s what it’s been like.

A few months ago, Olay invited me to be photographed by the world-renowned, award winning, and incredibly wonderful Sue Bryce. Being photographed by Sue is just one of those bucket list things in life–after you see her extensive works, you just have to do it. Turns out, Sue had recently shot the women in Olay’s Best Beautiful Stories campaign. The survivor stories as told by these lovely ladies are very inspiring, and maybe echo those of people you know in your life that have survived seemingly impossible obstacles in their lives, or maybe their stories strike a familiar chord within you.


The first story I watched was of Hillary—a gorgeous 38 year-old woman who felt like the way to be beautiful in California, was to be as tan as possible. By the time she was 25, she was diagnosed with skin cancer. While I’ve been lucky (knock on wood) to not have been diagnosed with skin cancer, I am also 38, and have very fair skin like Hillary as well. I can relate to her on so many levels.  [Read more...]

The Lipstick League: Week of 9/8/14

The Lipstick League

Whew! You guys, I just read an article that parts of South Dakota and Wyoming just experienced the earliest snow storms in years. They dumped up to 20 inches of snow in parts of Wyoming on Wednesday and Thursday, and sent overnight temperatures plummeting into the 20s in some areas.

I hate to say it—but it just hit noon here in Los Angeles on this September day, and it’s already a smart 101°. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Especially considering that I’m staring at both fall and holiday collections on my desk right now, and I’m pondering if it’s too early to post winter collections. Do you still want to see them early? Let me know!

Question of the week:

When a beauty product is labeled “Limited Edition” (LE), are you more inclined to purchase it?

Answer: Hmm. Yes, and no! I’d like to think that I don’t purchase items specifically because they’re deemed “limited edition”, but there are often items in those LE collections that are hard to come by, so I pick them up. Sometimes, it’s just a collector’s item thing for me. Like when brands collaborate with pop culture references, etc. But at this stage, I don’t buy things solely because they are LE. When I was younger, I definitely did! The second an LE MAC lipstick palette came out during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I was all over it. Just because it was limited edition!

I hope you enjoy this week’s links from the lovely ladies of The Lipstick League!

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

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My Beauty Bunny: Looking for a dark, vampy red polish for fall? You must check out my new favorite, Mrs. Mia Wallace, from the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection!

Prime Beauty has fallen for NARS Night Caller Collection, especially Unlawful Blush; it definitely doesn’t play by the rules!

Phyrra: You demanded it! I’m bringing you the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette!

we heart this: We’ve got swatches of the limited edition MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow palette. 30 of ‘em! You may want to grab your wallet…

Beauty Junkies Unite: See the differences between the Urban Decay NAKED Basics palette, and the brand new NAKED2 Basics eyeshadow palette! Amber has the breakdown.

Clumps of Mascara is holding on to summer with this sizzling summer look!

EauMG shares her August 2014 Empties. She also proves that she can’t go more than two months without buying cosmetics…

Glitter.Gloss.Garbage: Does the Wet n Wild High Waisted Jeans palette live up to it’s value of $3.99? You decide.

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Gouldylox Reviews: Harshleen at Beauty Tidbits is always so sweet and her blog has great advice. Check out this recent post about affordable shadow palettes!

Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Review, Photos, Swatches

Urban Decay NAKED BASICS 2 Palette

I’ve been pretty excited about this release, but I really wanted to wear it quite a bit before I gave my final thoughts. If you wanted to wear the gorgeous matte neutrals inside the Urban Decay NAKED Basics palette and found the shades too warm, NAKED2 Basics may be more your speed. Let’s check it out!

Urban Decay Naked2 Basics palette Naked Basics Double Ended Brush

NAKED2 Basics is a palm-sized eyeshadow palette that contains six taupe-hued matte neutral shades. One of the shades is a satin-matte (Skimp), while the rest are a little more flat in finish. Five of the shades are also brand new, and currently exclusive to NAKED2. Whether the new shades will be released in singles or in other palettes is yet to be seen. Occasionally, if UD fans ask for it enough, shades do come back!  [Read more...]

It’s Time For the Space NK Autumn Beauty Edit, the GWP is Bountiful!

spaceNK autumn beauty edit

Easily, my favorite gift with purchase collections come from Space NK. They offer an incredible selection of about 30 deluxe size samples of prestige products, many of which are full size! For the last few years, I’ve checked out Space NK’s seasonal Beauty Edit when it was gift with purchase time. Guess what? You can too, because it’s time for their Autumn Beauty Edit.

The reason why it’s my fave—it exposes me to heralded brands from other countries, so I have all of these wonderful discoveries. (And mostly because I get to experience expensive, luxe beauty products that I normally wouldn’t be able to buy any other time.) I have champagne taste and a beer budget, so the Space NK gift with purchases are always perfectly curated to satisfy me until their next seasonal Beauty Edit event.  [Read more...]

On Being “Internet” Pretty

An Ode

Image: PopSugar — Kirbie Johnson

When I was a teenager, the closest thing to social media I had was my Motorola PAGER in its translucent turquoise case. Cell phones were the size of a briefcase, and the internet was something only large corporations had. Now, I spend an embarrassing percentage of my day online reading blogs, news sites, cruising Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and writing this blog. Sometimes, I stumble across comments that are really sad to read. Not only are teenagers saying hurtful things to each other about their looks, weight, clothing, and hairstyles—the same adults that grew up in the social media-less world I did, are doing the exact same thing.


Looking back, I don’t specifically remember leaving anonymous comments myself bashing a person for their appearance or anything like that. I don’t recall it at all. If I did, it was wrong. But you know what? I’m sure in the past I’ve said cruel or snarky things about celebrities on my site. For that, I’m sorry. It wasn’t right.

Kim insta

Source: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram — It may have a lot of likes, but there are a lot of foul comments.

So why the sudden burst of consciousness? Last night, I read an article written by a woman whose personal Halloween photo went viral in a very bad way. My heart swelled for her. I also felt embarrassed for how many times I’ve seen similar memes come across my own Facebook timeline doing the exact same thing, with dozens—or even hundreds of “likes”. Maybe shame is a better word for how I felt.  [Read more...]

Win It! China Glaze Off Shore Collection Giveaway (5 Winners)

China Glaze Off Shore Collection

So what if September is on the way? This California girl is just not ready to give up summer yet, and you’re probably not either! Don’t get me wrong, I love my jewel tones and sweaters (and I’ll be covering fall products in a few weeks), but there’s something so fun about brights that makes me want to wear them year-round. Bright toes? Yes, PLEASE! And let’s not forget how great brightly pigmented nail polish shades are great for nail art, 365 days a year.

This summer, I’ve adorned my tootsies with several shades from the China Glaze Off Shore Collection, and I’ve received compliments when I wear sandals. I’d have to say my fave shades are Wait n’ Sea, Sun Upon My Skin, and X-Ta-Sea, but I’d love to hear your personal faves.

And guess what? You also have a chance to win one of five complete sets of the Off Shore Collection!

China Glaze seas the day stoked to be soaked if in doubt surf it out

Left to right: Sea’s the Day, Stoked to Be Soaked, If in Doubt, Surf it Out

  • Sea’s the Day — Rich red crème 
  • Stoked to Be Soaked — Primary orange crème
  • If in Doubt, Surf it Out — Mellow orange crème  

[Read more...]

I Heart Bain de Terre, So Enjoy Exclusive Beauty Junkies Savings!

Bain de Terre Passion Flower

I spend a small fortune on my hair color, between the base color and the highlights, and as a result—I can be a little picky when it comes to my hair products. A few months ago, I was introduced to the Passion Flower Collection from Bain de Terre, and I fell in love!

At first, I couldn’t believe that this salon-only brand had such incredibly affordable price points. And then, the lovely fragrances in the products transported me to some place tropical in my mind. (Well hello there, coconut oil, gardenia extract, black currant, argan, and monoi oils!) While I’m a fan of the Passion Flower Color Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner (they’re both paraben-free), I also like the Passion Flower Color Brightening Finishing Spray. My hair stays in place all day, and the argan and monoi oils leave it super shiny without any dryness.

If you’re not familiar with Bain de Terre, they’ve been used in the best salons and trusted by salon professionals for ages! Bain de Terre offers hair-healthy, botanical-rich products and treatments for every hair type and for all of your styling needs. Check these collections out:

Ready to try Bain de Terre? You can save 25% off all of your Bain de Terre product purchases exclusively on loxabeauty.com with promo code BDTBJ25.

Leave a comment, let me know what you’ve tried, want to try, or what you’re picking up!

Bain de Terre 25 coupon code loxabeauty

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara Review & Photos

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara 1

I’m always up for a mascara challenge, and L’Oréal Paris recently released their latest innovation—Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara. If you’re familiar with Manga, you know it’s a type of Japanese comic book featuring whimsical drawings of characters with mostly enlarged eyes, and some of them have exaggerated groups of spiky eyelashes.

Coincidentally, I went to a festival in Little Tokyo last weekend, and they had an AMAZING store that sold nothing but Japanese cosmetics, so you know I was in heaven. What I thought was super interesting, was that a lot of the models on the packaging were portrayed with Manga-type eyes, even the hair color boxes! loreal miss manga

So with Miss Manga, the effect is supposed to offer an amplified lash effect that has volume, and a grouped, spiky look. It’s available in both regular and waterproof formulas, and has an interesting brush. It’s cone shaped with a tapered end, and the wand itself has a section that flexes. I find that the bristles are on the shorter side, and very dense; holding a considerable amount of product to really coat lashes.  [Read more...]

The Best Summer Acne Busters

summer acne busters

For some reason, this is the time of year that I struggle the most with those pesky pimples. Even though I feel like I’ve reached an age where they should be a non-issue, summer always seems to bring out the worst in my skin, and I know I’m not alone. I can’t tell you how many frantic texts and email messages I’ve received from my good girlfriends recently, basically screaming, “HELP!”

Blame it on the heat, the climate you live in, excessive perspiration, perhaps even the sunscreen that doesn’t 100% get washed off (even when we think it has been). It can be hormones (Oh, don’t we just LOVE those?), and also—the carefree days of summer. We’re camping, we’re vacationing, we’re swimming. Maybe we’re just not being as diligent about our skincare routines as we normally are during other times of the year. And then—once all the acne is cleared, sometimes we head into fall with reminders of the acne we had in the form of discoloration—which makes it even more frustrating. Acne—the gift that keeps on giving!

I hope you find it comforting to know, that a few friends and I have suffered just the way you may be right now, and we’ve put products to the test! Here’s what we discovered to help minimize our summer acne frustrations.

best acne facial cleansers

Cleansers are the first line of defense to get the gunk off that initially clogs our pores. We MUST wash our faces, twice a day! Try incorporating one of these facial cleansers into your skincare regimen:  [Read more...]