Sneak Peek: Raising Eyebrows—Your Personal Guide to Fabulous Brows

Having suffered from Post Traumatic Tweezing Disorder a time or two in my life, I know exactly how the bottom of your stomach aches when you step away from the mirror, only to realize you took your tweezing just a little too far. You’re never supposed to mix tweezers with anxiety, cocktails, boredom, or insomnia—but we do it anyway! In a panic, we then try to ‘fix’ our busted masterpiece, only to make it worse.

Author Cameron Tuttle, and the brow experts at Benefit Cosmetics  can help ease your brow woes, with a new book available on March 21st, Raising Eyebrows—Your Personal Guide to Fabulous Brows. This quick and cute read will help maintain your brow sanity at home, and makes a great gift or coffee table book for a Beauty Junkie.  [Read more…]

Francois Nars Shares Insight Behind Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself

In his latest book, Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, the legendary François Nars demonstrates his amazing makeup and photography skills on real women and men for stunning before & after portraits. This modern makeup manual allows the reader access to his techniques—to achieve gorgeous results, with dynamic instructional sketches and beautiful photographs. Here, François Nars gives us insight behind the Makeup Your Mind sequel and offers advice for today’s real woman!

Q: Why did you decide to create a sequel to Makeup Your Mind?

A: We originally planned Makeup Your Mind as a three-part book set. The first book featured models, the second showcases real people, and the third will feature notables, tastemakers and celebrities. This felt like the perfect moment to come out with a book focused on real women and men wearing NARS. It was nice to have the opportunity to showcase NARS on every-day beauties—to make NARS feel more accessible.

Q: How is this book different from the original book?

A: While Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself is a continuation of the first book, it features more inspiring and complex looks. The difference lies in the people featured: they’re everyday beauties hand-picked from the streets of New York City. They represent a range of ethnicities and ages, as one of my main goals this time was to capture as many different people as possible.

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Good Reading & Giveaway: Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm?

I’ve long respected the brains over at The Beauty, they’re all pretty smart cookies. So once I started reading their new book, Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? Top Cosmetic Scientists Answer Your Questions about the Lotions, Potions and Other Beauty Products You Use Every Day, I found it pretty hard to put down! This book will help you cut through the clutter and provide practical answers to some of the top questions in the beauty world, like:

  • Do curling shampoos really work?
  • Are hair extensions killing your hair?
  • Do pore strips really work?
  • Is it safe to use lipstick on your cheeks?
  • How does tubing mascara work?
  • and…Can you get hooked on lip balm?

There’s more where there came from, but that’s just a taste! This book is whip-smart, a little comical, and a whole lotta practical. The Beauty Brains have accomplished the art of explaining how today’s cosmetic chemistry affects you, in a language you can understand!

Price & Availability: $16.95;, Walmart, Barnes & Noble

Want your own copy of Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm? Three (3) Beauty Junkies Unite readers will win a copy!  [Read more…]

Dressing Thinner Instantly Made Easier

Have you ever wondered why something that looked so fabulous on someone else makes you feel like you’re looking in a fun house mirror when you try it on?  It’s enough to make you cry!  But have you given much thought to the notion that it’s the garment and not you after all?  Your favorite pair of jeans or LBD could be to blame, the cut could be all wrong.  Your wardrobe is capable of complete fashion sabotage, are you allowing it?

Relax, there are a few ways to fix this–actually, over 1,000!  Does that make things seem a little better?  If you need more fitting solutions on the double, you might want to check out How To Never Look Fat Again.  Style and beauty expert, Charla Krupp makes it easy in her new guide to dressing thinner.  After pouring over this book, I realized there is a shocking amount of clothing I own that isn’t doing my full-figure any favors at all!  I discovered how just a few tweaks can make me look thinner and more polished with her no-nonsense advice and photographic evidence that I’ve been breaking the rules through her perfect examples of “high fat” looks versus “low fat” fashion.  I feel like this book has also seriously inspired me to reinvent my style without leaving me hanging!  You know how some stylists shed some light on their secrets but then they leave you to wander off on your own, only to commit the same crimes?  Krupp leads you to water and makes you drink by sharing not only what you should be looking for, but where to look for it.  This is a priceless personal reference guide to flattering fashion for every size!

For even more instant gratification, have you considered investing in a nice compression garment?  If you’re feeling a little snug in your spring wardrobe or just need to smooth things over–I really like the new Long Leg Shaper from the Slimpressions Bottom Line collection, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m suffocating or I’m being pinched.  More light weight than my previous lower-body control garment (and less expensive), it didn’t roll.  Fighting muffin top and more shapely thighs at the same time doesn’t have to be a losing battle!

What are your secrets to more “fit” style?

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Check It Out: Real Simple March 2010 Issue

Hey Girlies, I’ve missed you the last few days, I’ve been MIA!  I was hunkered down enjoying a long “happy birthday to me weekend” with some really good reads (and my new iPod Touch).  I’m reading the new Kelly Cutrone book, and I devoured the March issue of Real Simple!  You might want to pick this one up, it’s loaded with easy and affordable real-world beauty recommendations.

With articles like “Beauty Break-throughs” and “Road Test Mascara”, I was having a hard time putting it down!  I’m definitely going to try a few of the products featured–like Le Métier de Beauté’s Magic Lusture Cream, and Macadamia Hair’s Macadamia Natural Oil Infused Comb.  You’ll likely discover a few products you haven’t yet heard of yourself, I’m always open to being enlightened about anything that revolves around products…like the rest of us product junkies!  We want it all!  Well, some of “us” aren’t as extreme!  But  both sides of the fence know their roles, and they do it very well!  Then, we meet in the middle and share our joys all the same, learning a thing or two from eachother along the way!

So if you’re lacking the inspiration to find a new hair look, wonder why the masses find a specific mascara so worthy, or just want some simple and easy tips to make your beauty routine easier–the March issue of Real Simple is worthy of checking out!

Christian Siriano offers Fierce Style advice for the fashionably-tragic

Fierce Style

Christian Siriano with Rennie Dyball

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all trying to find our inner ferocia.  While some of us take it more seriously than others–we start devouring the latest issues of our fave glossies the minute they’re out of our mailboxes.  We DVR shows like Project Runway, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, and The Rachel Zoe Project as if our lives depend on it.  Sure, it’s partially for entertainment value, but it has a lot to do with from where we draw our inspiration for our own personal style…and even where not to.

Christian Siriano is most certainly no stranger to style, and what fierce style it is! As Project Runway’s season four winner (the show’s youngest at 21), he has earned the respect of Tim Gunn who heralded Siriano as the next Marc Jacobs.  As I read Siriano’s new book, Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self, I felt like I was receiving some sage wisdom from one of the fastest rising stars and most influential designers in today’s highly-competitive fashion industry.

By sharing the embarrassing details of his own fashion high-crimes, beautiful original sketches, his list of do’s and don’ts, and a guide to shopping smart so that you can actually afford to have all the key pieces to kickstart your personal style statement–Fierce Style opened my eyes and reinforced my beliefs that some changes are in order in my world.  But sorry Christian, I’m NEVER giving up my flip-flops or my UGGS.  And no, I’m not one of those people who wears them year-round with everything–like shorts, for instance.  (Stop it girls, you’re giving us ALL a bad name!)  Containing a foreword by Tim Gunn, Fierce Style is complete with behind-the-scenes photos, insider stories, helpful hints & tips, and the “Official Christian Siriano Glossary”.  The latter of which had me cracking up!  Why be tickity tack when you can be ferosh?

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Write your skin a prescription for change, STAT!

A Prescription For ChangeOne of our common, everyday beauty essentials can often be the most perplexing.  We all have our colorful collections of eyeshadows, lip glosses, and fancy lotions & potions.  While they’re fun and typically what we spend the most money on by the time we finish adding up all the receipts– they’re not the most important things in our beauty regime.  Our skin is the foundation of it all, and without it– we are literally nothing.  If you’re battling any skincare issues (honey, we ALL are), the solution isn’t to run out and buy a full-coverage foundation.  You wouldn’t patch a dam with a bandage!  So first things first, we have to arm ourselves with knowledge about the largest and most powerful organ in our bodies– our skin.  Even seasoned Beauty Junkies can overlook it when it’s so easy to be distracted by all of those compacts with all the pretty colors inside!

I already own some fabulous books written by the industry’s leading experts and refer to them more than I ever imagined.  So you know when the new book, “Write Your Skin a Prescription for Change” hit my mailbox, I ate it up!  Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields already have a popular range of skincare products, and they’ve co-authored the title to help put the answers to your most common concerns and worries in your own two hands, in one place!  I found the book to be incredibly thorough, and detailed just enough without confusing medical jargon that leaves us just as dumbfounded as when we began.  It’s kind of like having a direct hotline to two of the most sought-after dermatologists in our generation.  Could you imagine?  “Hi Dr. Fields!  How are you?  That’s nice.  Now I have question about these blackheads showing up only on the right side of my face.  Can you help me? I’m freaking out over here!

Write Your Skin a Prescription for Change” covers not only the basics, but also takes you beyond so that you’re empowered to turn things around before it’s too late.  We’re more in control of the future of our faces than we think we are!  I’d rather read the book 1000 times than have to make a phone call that goes something like this: “Hi Dr. Rodan.  I need for you to refer me to a great plastic surgeon, like yesterday!  I’m only 50 and I look like the Crypt Keeper!”  Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields get two thumbs up from me with this one.

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The secrets and lessons of a Lipstick Queen

Lessons of a Lipstick QueenThe pursuit of the perfect matte lipstick changed Poppy King’s life at the age of 18, it’s possible that it may just change yours now!  I’m not suggesting that simply wearing lipstick will lead you to happily ever after, although I have found I feel darn pretty amazing when I wear the perfect shade of matte red!  The brains behind cult-fave brand, Lipstick Queen shares a glimpse inside her world and the story behind the quest that created a beauty empire with her book: Lessons of a Lipstick Queen— Finding and Developing the Great Idea That Can Change Your Life.

I knew I would enjoy reading this title the second I opened the book and found the dedication: “This book is dedicated to YOU.”  Poppy’s detailed account of Lipstick Queen’s success from concept to fruition is inspiring, and paired with her suggested steps to achieving your own success in everything you do makes it a worthwhile read.  You don’t need the desire to create a product or start a company to benefit from her expert advice, you only have to be willing to apply some of her principles and you’ll have your own little self-discovery!  I experienced a few “Aha!” moments myself as I read it, and also realized that sometimes I’m the only real road block I have on the road of life.  If you’re a budding entrepreneur, need a swift kick in the butt to get out of patterns to nowhere, or just enjoy reading books that are empowering and spark ideas– take some time to read Lessons of a Lipstick Queen!

Mrs. Meyers Clean Home makes dirty work easier!

Spring cleaning.  Ugh.  It’s that time!  It is so hard on my hands, even when I wear gloves.  I say that because after about 10 minutes the gloves come off.  I can’t clean effectively with gloves on, come on!  Especially not the kind of clean that is worthy of being called Spring cleaning, and the cleaning chemicals are just ick.

Every once in awhile, I come across a how-to book that knocks my socks off.  Mrs. Meyers Clean Home happens to be one of them!  The real Mrs. Meyers dispenses extremely helpful advice that inspires you to really clean and make things shine without harmful chemicals.  Believe it or not, ketchup is on her list of cleaning products, so is cream of tartar.  Aren’t you curious now?

Since I’m literally “movin’ on up” this week to a bigger casa, it’s been the perfect opportunity to test out Mrs. Meyers sage wisdom as we clean for inspection.  Everything in this place will be in tip-top shape and shine like never before, likely cleaner than when we moved in.  Anything that you need to clean, there’s a how-to in this book!

When the Spring cleaning starts to cause wear and tear on your hands, reach for a hand cream like Yes To Tomatoes Tender Touch Hand Cream.  It’s a vitamin rich formula and also uses lycopene from tomatoes as a powerful anti-oxidant to help stop the free radical attacks that are making your hands look more like they belong to a sea creature than a pageant Queen!

I love the soft scent that reminds me of baby powder and the non-greasy texture of this hand cream.  Tender Touch contains 99.6% natural ingredients like watermelon extract, green pepper extract, and red tea which I find to be an intriguing combination and I’m curious to know how some great mind came up with that!  I think it would also be super helpful if maybe 2 nights out of the week you put this on and slept with some light-weight cotton gloves on to have more of an impact.  Then you’ll really look like a pageant Queen!