Get Red Carpet Ready with L’Oreal Paris Academy

Perfectly timed for red carpet season, L’Oreal is offering something unique to make sure we’re all looking fab—the L’Oreal Paris Academy. The Academy is where you’ll be able to take short online video classes and receive tips and tricks from leading industry professionals to:

  • Learn the secrets to spotlight-stealing locks from celebrity hairstylist Johnny Lavoy.
  • Get expert fashion tips from star stylist Cristina Ehrlich.
  • Master the art of pro makeup application and flawless-looking skin from celebrity makeup artist Collier Strong.
  • Shine like a star in any situation! Lifestyle expert Andrea Correale shows you how to take the perfect picture, host an amazing party and more.

You’ll follow the red carpet journeys of five Academy members as they master the techniques in each class to give them the confidence and skills to be totally glamorous, while picking up the same skills for yourself! After each class, you’ll also have a chance to take a quiz and win weekly prizes from L’Oreal. I watched a few videos yesterday, and I loved this one—Paparazzi Approved Red-Carpet Poses, I definitely learned a thing or two about what I’m doing wrong in photos!

If you could posess just one red carpet-ready beauty skill, which one would it be?

Available Now: MAC VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass Gaga 2

I’ve always been a supporter of the MAC VIVA GLAM products, even if some of the colors aren’t for me. With 100% of the proceeds from VIVA GLAM always going directly to the MAC AIDS Fund, it’s still a fantastic (and easy) way to support an important cause that will always require our awareness. Lady Gaga goes for round two with a coordinating beige lipstick and Lipglass this time—the shade aptly named, Gaga 2.

From MAC: [Read more…]

Grammy Look: Lady Gaga’s Nails Follow Deborah Lippmann’s Yellow Brick Road

Even if Lady Gaga didn’t show up to the Grammys last night in an egg, she still turned heads during her performance. (But doesn’t she always?) I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a canary yellow nail trend in spring, especially after Gaga donned a new shade from manicurist to the stars, Deborah Lippmann’s nail lacquer collection, to coordinate with her costume.

Yellow Brick Road ($16) will launch April 15th on, so you can rock a Gaga look without having to encapsulate yourself in a plastic egg that could have been a prop from Alien. Could you imagine…arriving at your next social function in an egg?

I think it’s safe to say, you should just stick to the nails, unless you’re incredibly ambitious.

Grammy Look: Katy Perry

Makeup artist, Jake Bailey used “Disco Angel” as his inspiration for Katy Perry’s multi-colored makeup look last night at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Here’s the scoop from Jake:

Katy wore an Armani Prive dress with a jewel encrusted bar and light-up angel wings. The inspiration for the beauty look was “Disco Angel”—it was angelic, sparkly and ethereal. I wanted to play off the textures in the dress and wings.

I first prepped her skin with NARS Gentle Cream Cleanser and Aqua Gel Hydrator. I love the Aqua Gel because it doesn’t make her skin greasy, but keeps it moisturized. Katy’s face was flawless, her polished skin was set with a shimmery pink blush, and then I dusted glitter on her cheekbones to add to the sparkle.

For Katy’s multi-colored eye, I first applied the lavender shade of COVERGIRL Smoky ShadowBlast in Silver Sky all along the top lid from lashline to crease and blended with my fingertips. Cream shadows are great adhesive for glitter, which was perfect for applying Make Up For Ever Glitter on the lid by tapping it with my finger. [Read more…]

Glee’s Amber Riley Rocks Her COVERGIRL at the 2011 SAG Awards

Celebrity makeup artist, Mylah Morales had the pleasure of creating the gorgeous, bold look Amber Riley wore to this year’s SAG Awards. COVERGIRL was a mainstay on the red carpet this year, but here’s what Mylah used on Amber!

• To start, Mylah focused on proper skin care by prepping the skin with Black Up primer for a look that lasts all evening.

• On the skin, Mylah created a coral glow, first with COVERGIRL Queen Collection Compact Foundation and building a natural flush with a coral blush. Then, she applied COVERGIRL Queen Collection Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer.

• Mylah kept Amber’s eyes natural but defined with COVERGIRL LiquiLine Blast in Black Fire. A neutral shadow palette created depth and definition.

• The look was completed with a stand-out lip. Mylah used COVERGIRL Lip Perfection in Embrace, which Amber brought with her to the awards.

This look was inspired by Amber’s super chic hair and gorgeous Anne Barge dress. WIN!

Applying makeup in public…still a major faux pas?

This is Angelina Jolie applying lip gloss. It means Angelina ... on TwitpicThere are a few faux pas/social etiquette issues that are pretty much the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard to me.  The first one that gets me every single time—holding lengthy telephone conversations in public while trying to multi-task and conduct transactions…like paying for your groceries.  Really?  Another—applying an entire face of makeup in public.  You might be thinking, “Who does that?”  But it happens.  A lot.  It drives me absolutely INSANE, and believe me when I say I’m tsk-tsk-tsking at those women inside of my head the entire time.

It might be an old-school way of thinking (like not wearing white after Labor Day), but I just can’t accept whipping out your bottle of foundation and an eyelash curler while you’re in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland.  And yes, I’ve actually seen that happen!  So when Angelina Jolie re-applied her lip gloss during the Golden Globes last night, I wondered who would call her out on this taboo—Emily Post would have had a field day!  But I also wondered exactly what mystery lip gloss was the woman with some of the most famous lips in the world putting on?  Wouldn’t you LOVE to be that brand right now?  (FYI—Nadine Jolie might have figured out the answer to that Million Dollar Question.)

I’m curious to know…do you think applying makeup in public is a major faux pas?

To be perfectly honest (and at the risk of sounding like a complete hypocrite), I do quickly touch up my lips in public on occasion with a swipe of gloss, so Angelina didn’t really break any modern-day etiquette rules in my opinion.  We’ve all done it.  I think it was more like—the camera man caught her at an inconvenient time.  In my eyes there’s a huge difference between a little lips here and there, and going the whole nine yards with your concealer and mascara on the subway.  Some things should just be left to the imagination (and at home).

Review & Swatches: Katy Perry Collection by OPI

I promised, and here it is, The Katy Perry Collection by OPI!  Katy scores her own four shades of nail polish, accompanied by OPI’s hottest new top-coat product, Black Shatter.  I’ll tell you all about how that works in just a minute, but let’s get to the shade breakdown (shade descriptions from OPI):

Teenage Dream

A dreamy pink glitter that you’re sure to crush on!

Not Like the Movies

This sultry silver is the real deal.

Last Friday Night

T.G.I.F. = This Glittery-blue Is Fierce!

The One That Got Away

You always thought you’d marry this amazing deep berry.

I’m hoping this doesn’t kill the review for you before you even read it or see the swatches…

But, I’m going to disclose right away that I don’t have anything negative to say about the polishes themselves, or the new colors.  (When it comes to me liking them on a personal level, I would have no problem buying them all.)  I’ll try to accurately explain what exactly it is that I like about every single one of these shades—as they’re each very different!  In the swatches, you’ll see I used the Black Shatter top coat over one nail in each photo so you could see what that polish would look like with the shatter effect.  All swatches were done with two coats of polish, with the exception of Last Friday Night, I really wanted to amp up that blue for photos.

So here we go, check out the swatches! [Read more…]

Review & Swatches: OPI & Serena Williams Glam Slam Collection; Simply Smash-ing! & Black Shatter

Remember back in October, when I said it was coming?

It’s here!

Simply Smash-ing! and Black Shatter are the first shades available in the Serena Williams Glam Slam Collection for OPI.  This duo coincides with the Australian Open, so we can anticipate the unveiling of additional duos (which also coincide with tennis tournaments) later this year.

Ready to check out some swatches? [Read more…]

Breaking Beauty News: Jennifer Lopez Latest L’Oreal Spokesperson

Yep… you read that right!  JLo is joining the ranks of other famous L’Oreal faces.

With the news just hitting, here’s the info I currently have via statement from Karen T. Fondu, President, L’Oreal Paris:

I am delighted to share the news that Jennifer Lopez is the newest member of the L’Oréal Paris family. In 2011, this multi-talented entrepreneur will begin appearing in makeup and haircare advertising campaigns, the first of which will be for the EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System, a haircare collection for smoothing unruly, frizzy hair

Jennifer joins a remarkable roster of spokespeople for the L’Oréal Paris brand, including Milla Jovovich, Beyoncé Knowles, Rachel Weisz, Evangeline Lilly, Diane Keaton, Andie MacDowell, Julianna Margulies, Eva Longoria Parker, Freida Pinto, Kerry Washington and Gerard Butler among others.

As a multi-platinum selling recording artist, Golden Globe nominated actress, film and television producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jennifer’s talent and accomplishments span across many industries. Coupled with her obvious beauty and her role as a working mother, she is a modern role model for women and truly embodies the spirit of the L’Oréal Paris philosophy, ‘Because You’re Worth It.’

I know that sometimes when a celeb is signed with a beauty brand—it either causes some discord, or more brand loyalty.  Will this affect your buying decisions at all?  Does it matter to you, do you think she was a great choice to rep the global beauty brand, or are you neutral on the matter?  Me… while I’m not a current fan of her music—I think she’s a beautiful, talented Latina woman.  It’s important that brands continue to focus on the fact that we’re a very diverse universe, I hope L’Oreal continues to put the beauty spotlight on women of all ages; and of every ethnicity.