Win It! A Very Special Salon Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Nail Polish Collection Giveaway — 20 Winners!

Salon Perfect St Pattys giveaway

Have I got a surprise for YOU! Salon Perfect has put together an extremely special, limited-edition giveaway for Beauty Junkies Unite readers, and you have a chance to win! Not only is this giveaway for six nail polish shades that are perfect for creating your St. Patrick’s Day nail art—but includes four of Salon Perfect’s core shades that you can only purchase at Walmart—but there are two very special edition, custom-blended glitter toppers that you CANNOT BUY ANYWHERE!

Only 100 of these special edition, custom-blended glitter toppers were created for giveaways, and 20 Beauty Junkies Unite readers will be the very lucky recipients of a set. Sound like fun? Well, read on!

special edition glitters

The top coat glitters are called Sham-Rock Your Socks Off, and Luck of the Irish. Check out the swatches below!  [Read more…]

Win It! Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel & $200 Gift Card Giveaway

neutrogena giveaway

We’re celebrating the launch of Neutrogena’s newest moisturizer, Hydro Boost Water Gel, and you have a chance for an amazing prize! 

Hydro Boost Water Gel is a fantastic way to keep your skin happy and quenched day or night, under makeup, or without. Its unique gel texture allows it to absorb quickly, but hydrate like a cream without a heavy feel. I’ve tried this, and my skin loves it, especially since it’s oil-free and packed with hyaluronic acid for lasting moisture.  [Read more…]

Win It! 12 Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) Perfume Oils Giveaway

BPAL 12 Oils Giveaway


The Lipstick League has joined forces with BPAL for a giveaway of 12 perfume oils, hand picked by our members! This indie perfume line (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for those not in the know) is exactly the kind of company that we all love: inventive, playful and affordable.

Check out our reviews of each glorious scent (click on the blog names below for their review), then follow the instructions on the widget; there are 18 ways to enter!

Giveaway details & how to enter…

Prize: Win 12 perfume oils from BPAL and 12 fabulous beauty bloggers; The Lipstick League! One lucky winner will receive: Les Fleurs du Mal, 51, Lady Amalthea, Shoggoth, Wolf’s Heart, Eat Me, Josie, Dirty, Jack, Phantasam, Jezebel and Spider; a $235 value. I am SO happy to say that this giveaway is open to both the U.S., AND Canada!

Please follow all directions on the GLEAM widget below to enter. We’ve made sure you have plenty of options to get entries in!

One lucky winner will receive the following 12 oils…

bpal oils 2

Eat Me: Love for Lacquer
Josie: Glitter. Gloss. Garbage
Jezebel: we heart this
Shoggoth: Nouveau Cheap  [Read more…]

Win It! Walgreen’s $50 Gift Card with Mini Neutrogena Prize Pack Giveaway: 5 Winners!

Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway

No one can deny that Neutrogena Ambassador and Scandal leading lady, Kerry Washington killed it on the Red Carpet at the 2015 Golden Globes. To me, Kerry never disappoints—her style and grace are unrivaled in Hollywood. Let’s see what Neutrogena products completed her flawless look, all of which can be found at Walgreens!

Makeup Inspiration (artist for Kerry Washington, Carola Gonzalez):

Today’s inspiration sprung from the design of the dress, Greek designer Mary Katrancou, 1950’s silhouette with a modern edge. I wanted to accentuate Kerry’s eyes with a modern twist. I kept it pretty simple, a black line all around the eye layered with a shimmery dark grey eye shadow to break away from the usual black liner and add a spark to the eyes. The lips I kept sheer with a hint of color to compliment the fuchsia shade of the dress without overpowering the eyes or final look.

Kerry Washington Neutrogena look

Get Kerry’s look:

To begin the Golden Globe’s makeup process, I began by prepping Kerry’s skin with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer. During winter months skin is dryer than most months, out of the year, and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer is the way to go. It’s truly a skin quencher, it adds just the right amount of moisture needed without making skin look oily. Once fully absorbed I start by highlighting under the eye area and then applying foundation all over face to even out skin: I used Kevyn Aucoin Skin Enhancer SX13.  [Read more…]

Win It! Walgreens New Year’s Resolution #StartsHere Prize Pack w/ $75 Gift Card Giveaway

win walgreens prize pack

Happy New Year!

Every year, I come up with these very specific, often obsessive resolutions, like—I will walk 2 miles a day this year! Or, things like—I will not eat any processed food this year. And you know what? A week later, I’m back at my old habits. So this year, I’m painting my resolution with a broader brush stroke; so if I happen to get behind on something, I know all is not lost because I still have a lot of other things I’m doing right to keep me motivated. Then, I can pick myself up and start again, without beating myself up in the process! Sometimes that “all or nothing” thinking can get me into trouble. So with a little help from Walgreens and P&G, I started 2015 off on the right foot today!

My personal resolution in 2015, is to just to do more things that make me feel happier and healthier.

It’s a broad goal like I said—but so many things can fall into that category! Simply committing to get more sleep at night automatically makes the next day better, and taking better care of your hair can garner compliments that make you smile. You start smiling more, and the next thing you know—people are now complimenting your smile. Since you’re smiling more, you’re committed to taking better care of your teeth, which contributes to your oral health. These are the little moments that contribute to the big picture of feeling happier, and healthier to me. It doesn’t have to stop there! Walgreens and P&G want to get you on your way to feeling more happy, healthy, and beautiful in 2015 too.  [Read more…]

Neutrogena Retinol 7-Day Road Test / Win a Year Supply Giveaway of the Rapid Wrinkle Repair Collection!

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Line

You know I’m always up for a time-lapse challenge! When Neutrogena asked me if I would be game to take several days of photos to see how their Rapid Wrinkle Repair Collection delivers, I knew I had to do it. Both to show you the product efficacy so you can decide if it’s worth your hard-earned money, and also because there’s a chance for you to win a year of the products for yourself. So keep reading!

So what’s so special about the Rapid Wrinkle Repair Collection, anyway?

This skincare collection from Neutrogena combines a few really beneficial anti-aging/skin repair ingredients along with an exclusive, accelerated, sustained-action type of retinol that works around the clock. (Hyaluronic acid, Retinol SA, and Glucose Complex.) Over the years, I’ve spoken to countless dermatologists, and a majority of them have told me that incorporating retinol in your skincare regimen is worthwhile when it comes to taking care of aging skin. Retinol truly is an investment in your skin’s future that shouldn’t be overlooked—so I think this collection from Neutrogena is an affordable, effective alternative to pricey prestige skincare lines.

As a whole…

Consistently using products with retinol have been shown in studies to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and skin creasing. (Maybe not eliminate them 100%—let’s be real!) But it can also improve skin tone, elasticity, and skin texture over time. I could go on and on about this, because skincare is such a passion of mine, but I’m going to try to cut to the heart of the matter here! I’m 38, without too many wrinkles yet (luckily), but I have some some sun damage and fine lines/creasing I’d like to minimize. I’d also like to help smooth and brighten the texture of my skin, and potentially lighten some of the dark spots.  [Read more…]

GIVEAWAY: Get Better Beauty Sleep on a Casper, Win an Amazing New Mattress!

win a casper mattress

I remember the last time we went mattress shopping. It was about three years ago. We spent about an hour in a mattress superstore, lying on beds within our price range, taking turns saying “Honey? How does this feel to you?”

“It’s too stiff.”

“Well, it’s actually too soft for me. But what about this one?”

“I can feel and hear the springs. So this would be a NO.”

We were striking out, HARD. Feeling pressured by the salesman, and being desperate for something to sleep on that night—we compromised on what we thought was a nice pillow-top mattress within our budget. You really just want to get out of those places as soon as possible, because I’m finding more and more, that buying a mattress is about as high pressure as being stuck at a car dealership. Mattress shopping shouldn’t be that hard!

After a few weeks, we could feel and hear the springs every time we tossed and turned (which we were doing a lot of, since we were so uncomfortable). One morning at breakfast, I looked up from my coffee mug with a sore neck, and exclaimed that I HATED our new mattress, and that we would never buy one with springs again. The only thing was—memory foam mattresses aren’t exactly in our budget, especially after we had just shelled out for that terrible pillow-top thing they called a “mattress”.

casper mattress

Along comes Casper, and all of these problems were instantly SOLVED.

I was prepared to give our new Casper at least two weeks before making a decision on it. I didn’t want to rush it, and neither did Mr. Beauty Junkies. Especially since Casper offers a 100-night risk-free trial. (He’s actually the most hard to please out of the two of us!) Well, we ended up texting each other the next morning (nearly simultaneous), to already proclaim our love for the Casper we had slept on for the first time the night before. I’m not making this up!

So, what makes a Casper, a Casper? 

[Read more…]

Win It! Crest Sensi-Stop Strips w/ $75 CVS Gift Card GIVEAWAY


I occasionally suffer from sensitive teeth, and this time of year makes them even more sensitive! My bottom teeth will inevitably go crazy as I sip spiced hot apple cider next week, when I bite into our delicious holiday pies, and while enjoying special dinners and chilly desserts. Even with my morning coffee, my teeth can send terrible twinges of pain to let me know just how unhappy the are with me. So to be able to use something over-the-counter that really helps and doesn’t create a mess or require several steps—is a blessing!

I’ve got a GREAT giveaway at the bottom of the post, where you can win all of the items pictured above—so keep reading!

crest sensi stop

With just 10 minutes, and one strip, Crest Sensi-Stop Strips™ can provide up to a month of sensitivity relief. I can barely feel them on my gum line, they don’t hurt, or leave a bad, chemical taste in my mouth. And—I’ve noticed less tooth sensitivity on the bottom row when I reach for my morning cup of hot coffee this week!

Sound good to you? CVS is your best bet for purchasing in your area, because…

When you purchase Crest Sensi-Stop™ strips at CVS ($21.99) from Oct. 10 through Dec. 14 you can earn $4 in CVS ExtraCare bucks!

Giveaway details & how to enter…

[Read more…]

Win It: Erin Condren $100 e-gift Card Giveaway — PERFECT for Your Holiday Cards from!

erin condren gift card giveaway

Time out from beauty for a few minutes.

I’m a regular customer of I order our address labels, my personal stationery, and family holiday cards there almost every year. When they approached me to offer one of my dear readers a $100 e-gift card so that you may shop for your own holiday cards (& more) on their site—I said—HOLD UP! WE MUST DO THIS!

In case you’re not familiar with Erin Condren’s products, they’re incredibly well-designed, with gorgeous, stylish typography, and beautiful color combinations on the highest quality of paper stock. In all of my years shopping the site, I’ve been 100% pleased with all of my purchases and keep going back for more.

These were just a few of my faves from this year’s offerings—but seriously, they have SO many to choose from. Whether you want your family or pet photos on your cards or not, need Happy New Years cards, or even those for Hanukkah. The choice is yours! Check out all of the holiday designs here, and you can even get matching envelopes and return address labels. 

Erin Condren designs

I can’t show you the design we’re going with yet for our holiday cards this year—but let’s just say that the photo we’re including with our Erin Condren design includes Mr. Beauty Junkies and I in the ugliest Christmas sweaters we could possibly find, and we may or may not be holding our cats. (That is, if they’ll let us hold them long enough. We’ll see how well that goes!)

Not only are the people at Erin Condren the absolute coolest to deal with for all of your personalized product needs, but they’re offering ONE very lucky reader a $100 e-gift card so that they can order their own unique holiday cards that will make their family and friends envious! Your holiday card will definitely have a spot on the mantle this year.  [Read more…]