Renee Rouleau Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel Review

renee rouleau luxe minte cleansing gel

Those with oily or combination skin types, listen up! I found a great facial cleanser for you—it’s Renee Rouleau Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel, and it’s unlike any of the facial cleansers I use. Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel features several refreshing ingredients that make me say “ahhh”, and I’m kinda hooked on it because it’s so minty. (You know how I am with anything that has mint!) You’ll find peppermint, rosemary, and spearmint oils among the many skin-loving ingredients inside.

This soap free cleanser is both sulfate and paraben-free, and it stimulates blood circulation to give your skin a healthy glow. Since it’s sulfate-free, I don’t get that tight, squeaky-clean feeling—but it still does a great job of cutting through the excess oil and daily gunk that makes an appearance. [Read more...]

Skincare Must Have: Dermalogica Precleanse

dermalogica precleanseSometimes, I’m in such a frenzy to bring you the latest products on the market, that I almost forget to tell you about those products that are tried and true, and that I’ve been buying for YEARS. Earlier this week, I went in to visit my friends at Dermalogica on Montana (if you’re in LA, you really must go), and they were kind enough to give me a few packets of my favorite Dermalogica Precleanse for my upcoming travels. Precleanse doesn’t travel well on its own in the bottle (hence the packets), but let me tell you. It is a miracle worker, people.

If you wear sunscreen, eye makeup, and foundation, this will be your savior in getting that stubborn gunk off of your face prior to washing your face with your cleanser. It’s oil-based, but it’s olive, kukui and apricot oils, along with rice bran and Vitamin E working its magic. [Read more...]

6 Drugstore Greats to Check Out Now!

Don’t miss these drugstore greats!

We all tend to wander the aisles of the drugstore, aimlessly looking for that one product to stick in our baskets to make us feel a little better about ourselves. I know I’m guilty of stopping into mine several times a week, just to find a little treat! On your next drugstore visit, check these products out. They may not be lip gloss or nail polish, but they’ll make you feel just as pretty!

Olay Age Defying Sensitive Skin Day Lotion with SPF 15

Pantene Overnight Miracle Repair Serum 

[Read more...]

Quick Drugstore Pick: Simple Eye Make-Up Remover Pads

Lately, I’ve been loving the new products from Simple, because they are really just simple. There’s nothing overly complicated about the brand, and it’s pretty streamlined into effective basics. They make full-size facial cleansing wipes, and I have to say that their basic facial cleansing wipes are my favorite from the drugstore. The sheets are nice and soft, generously sized, and they’re gentle to my skin. The good news is, they recently expanded the cleansing wipes line and I’m trying the new ones out (reviews to follow soon). For now—let’s check out their new eye make-up remover pads. The package is so tiny and cute!

These pads are just as soft and gentle to my eyes as the full-size packages. They’re free of alcohol and oil—yet somehow they still do a great job of removing my eye makeup. They have no fragrance or dyes, and they’ve added conditioning Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. See? I told you they were simple! [Read more...]

Review: Ratio Skincare Oxygenating Face Wash

You had me at “oxygenating”…

If there’s one thing in skincare that makes me absolutely batty, it’s an ill-performing facial wash. Give me a zit, here and there, and I’ll deal. But a facial cleanser that leaves a grimy film behind, or just feels weird isn’t for me. I typically prefer things that slightly foam, have antioxidants of some sort, and contain soothing, aromatic ingredients like lavender. Luckily for me, the Ratio Skincare Oxygenating Face Wash I just used for two weeks delivered on all three. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take creamier facial cleansers if they get the job done. But there’s something about the lure of foam.

In that case, Ratio had me at “oxygenating”.

Ratio is a skincare line from Dr. Andrew Ordon, and his partner, Dr. Ritu Chopra. The former of the duo you may recognize from the television show, “The Doctors”, but I tried really hard not to let that sway me one way or the other. I like Dr. Ordon, and I enjoy how the show breaks down the most complicated medical mysteries into versions I can understand—but I really wanted to ignore that as I went into it. [Read more...]

Review: Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil & The Cleanser

Amber asked me to check out Indie Lee’s The Cleanser and Squalane Facial Oil because she knows that:

1.) I am a total natural products kind of girl, and;


Needless to say, these products did not disappoint.

First, a little background on Indie Lee herself—she suffered from a near-fatal brain tumor. She wondered if some of the ingredients in her beauty products could have contributed to her health scare, so when she awoke from surgery in 2009, she decided to start producing a line of beauty products that don’t contain harmful additives or chemicals. In the last few years, I’ve been paying more and more attention to ingredients in my beauty products as well—you can never be too sure. So I appreciate her approach on beauty.

I opened The Cleanser, and it immediately took me back to the third grade to my Barbie Spa Bath. It was this bathtub for Barbie that came with a little button you pumped to create suds in her bathtub. It even came with a big bottle of Barbie bubble bath to put in it. I thought this was kind of weird, but the familiar fragrance made me eager to try it. [Read more...]

Currently Loving: Michael Todd True Organics Skincare

For nearly two weeks, I’ve really been enjoying the skincare products I’ve been testing out—they’re from Michael Todd True Organics, and I had to tell you about my favorites. The line as a whole is packed with organically grown plants and fruits, like apricot, avocado, carrot, coconut, cranberry, lemon, orange, and pumpkin, and instead of mineral oils—you’ll find plant oils and butters. This makes for a pretty luxe line-up of products to say the least, that smell and feel amazing! Let’s take a closer look at four of my personal favorites, or my “hero” products…

Skin Defender AHA Creme Facial Cleanser, $24

There are several cleansers in the line (don’t miss the Charcoal Detox Cleanser, either), but this one really stuck out to me. In the mornings, I like my skin to start out by feeling fresh and moist, and this creamy cleanser really delivered by enveloping my skin with hydration, pre-BB cream! I’m a huge fan of alpha-hydroxy acids, and this leaves my skin feeling super smooth and looking radiant. This is perfect for more mature or dry skin types. It smells incredible too, you can definitely sense the organic lemon and orange extracts!

[Read more...]

What’s New: Alicia Silverstone Collection for Juice Beauty

Last week, I attended an amazing press conference for Alicia Silverstone’s new line for Juice Beauty—and I honestly couldn’t have been more impressed with what I saw! The line consists of five essential products; a cleanser, moisturizer, cream blush/highlighter stick, lipstick, and a pressed facial touch-up powder. In typical Juice Beauty style, each product is made with certified organic ingredients, they’re vegan, and packed with antioxidants for optimal skin health.

“I’m so proud to launch the Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty Collection. I’m grateful to have found a partner in Juice Beauty, whose commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious business practices are extraordinary. Our shared vision was to create a natural and organic, cruelty-free, beauty collection that are more luscious and better for you than conventional beauty products.” —Alicia Silverstone

I was able to try all five products—but I’m not quite ready to offer a full review on the skincare products yet, as I’m currently testing another line and have only used the cleanser and moisturizer three times. I’m obsessed with two of the other products, however—so let’s check them out!  [Read more...]