Review: Soap & Glory Eau de Soap & Glory and Clean, Girls Body Wash

If you’ve been strolling the beauty aisles at Target and resisted the urge to pick up something from the Soap & Glory line to inspect it because the darling vintage packaging lured you in–don’t resist any longer.  Give in.  Pick it up and check it out!  Soap & Glory was started by Marcia Kilgore, you may not know this but she also started Bliss so it’s got to be good.  Let’s get started with reviews of my first experiences with the fun and affordable line!

I am a clean, cool, and fresh fragrance kinda girl.  I honestly enjoy smelling like fabric softener and soap on most days, and only in the past few months have I branched out and broadened my perfume horizons with warmer scents and florals.  Eau de Soap & Glory Formula 2 introduced me to the warmer side of smelling so fresh and so clean with it’s blend of mandarin, jasmine, freesia, soft musks, vanilla, and bergamot.  It’s not overwhelming and dries down to a sweet, soft, and powdery base I find pretty darn fancy and feminine.  And at just $28–a total score!  The bottle isn’t too shabby itself, I’m loving that little tassle on the cap.  A Formula 1 for spring 2010 is also on the way from Soap & Glory, and why aren’t the formula numbers in proper sequence?  Because they’re cool like that.

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Retail Therapy: Current Craves From The Web

All of this week’s current craves are from Sephora, where if I were shopping on someone else’s dime–this is what I would buy right now.  Because heaven knows we all need a little retail therapy!  Let’s go imaginary shopping, shall we?

philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-aging Retinoid Pads and Solution — I love a lot of products from the philosophy line and their skincare is pretty top-notch for being on the more affordable side.  It looks like you’re supposed to moisten the pads with the retinoid solution and then apply to help combat discolorations and wrinkles.  Getting more healthy radiance is always a good thing!

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray — This is supposed to be a primer for both eyeshadow AND concealer.  You know how I love multi-tasking products, they save time, space, and money.

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First Look: Smashbox Heartbreaker Collection Spring 2010

Smashbox is already setting hearts a flutter with the Heartbreaker Collection for Spring 2010…I know!  It’s not even New Year’s Eve yet, but I’m so happy to see 2010 collections trickling in already!

This one will be a smash for sure, no pun intended.  Smashbox has released their first ever fragrance, Heartbreaker Eau de Parfum to coincide with this collection of eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, Fusion Soft Lights, and a new liquid eyeliner pen.

• HEARTBREAKER LIP SHINEBerry Hot or Melon Drama

Beauty Products That Will Perk You Right Up

The chances are all the late-night parties are finally getting to you, the sugar-highs from all of the sweet holidays treats being put on your desk are making you crash & burn and now you’re all worn out!  There are some fuss-free ways to to refresh yourself that take hardly any time at all, because let’s face it–we don’t have a ton of free time as it is.  Check out these beauty products that will perk you right up!

Your eyes will be the first thing that give away how tuckered out you are, try using Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Illuminating Eye Pads* for 15 minutes as you’re getting ready for work in the morning to brighten and soothe tired eyes.  Add a little bit of CARGO’s EyeLighter to your inner corners, bottom lash line, and on your brow bone to give the appearance of wider, lifted, and brighter eyes!

Revitalize your senses in the shower or bath with C.O. Bigelow Ginger Mentha 2-in-1 Bath & Shower Foam*.  Continue by adding a few spritzes of the coordinating Ginger Mentha Eau De Toilette*, the feel-good fragrance is uplifting and refreshing with a blend of ginger and peppermint.  This is a must-try!

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Pretty Gifty: Perfect Women’s Fragrances For Gift-Giving

As we near the time to tear open our presents, you might be getting a little frantic because you don’t know what to buy!  Never fear, check out these pretty perfumes that are sure to please finicky noses.

Miss Dior Chérie L’eau — The latest from Dior is super playful, fresh, and feminine!  Miss Dior Chérie L’eau is a real treat and shows us the other side of Miss Dior.  A little caramelized popcorn here, some strawberry leaves there–with soft and beautiful hints of pink jasmine thrown in for good measure.  This one is sugar & spice, and EVERYTHING nice with a kiss of sandalwood at the bottom to warm her up!  So, so good!  When in doubt–go Dior.

Calvin Klein euphoria Eau de Toilette — If you’ve never tried this Calvin Klein fragrance that’s destined to become a classic, or need a gift for someone who prefers the lighter side of perfumes–check out euphoria in it’s new eau de toilette version!  Juicy persimmons meet crisp bergamot at the top of euphoria, with lush greens and a delicate floral blend of honeysuckle to continue the journey.  This feminine perfume is met with a beautifully-balanced base of transparent warm notes to really take you on a 360º fragrance journey.

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Pretty Gifty: The Body Shop LOVE ETC…

Love ETC...The first thing that makes The Body Shop’s newest fragrance, LOVE ETC… pretty gifty is their amazing commitment to community trade.  This is the world’s first fragrance to feature a fair-trade naturally-sourced organic sugar alcohol from farmers in Ecuador.  Pretty cool, huh?

I love how truly unique the blend of notes in LOVE ETC… are as well–you’ll find a pear, neroli, and bergamot top with jasmine and lily of the valley in the middle.  To finish it off, bottom notes of a nice warm vanilla make it a perfect and cuddly feel-good perfume for this chilly time of the year!

LOVE ETC… is considered a floral oriental, but to be honest I find it just plain delicious!  I would be super stoked to receive the body wash, body lotion, and fragrance this holiday season.

I’m awarding The Body Shop LOVE ETC… Pretty Gifty Worthy!

Pretty Gifty Worthy

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine my opinion of the product in this post.  Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding my policies for using editorial samples.

Men’s Minute: Diesel Only The Brave featuring a new limited-edition bottle

Diesel Only The BraveFellas– please do us a favor, try not to wear old man-ish fragrances that linger long after you’ve left the building.  There is this one guy in our building that puts on SO much cologne before he leaves for work in the mornings, I can still smell it in the elevator at noon.  I know women are known to exaggerate–but I promise I’m not laying it on here!

I secretly wish for men of the universe to be required to wear only fragrances as fresh as Diesel’s Only The Brave.  It’s not too strong, but it’s “there” and just right without leaving a trail behind.  With top notes of lemon blossom and mandarin, it’s crisp and fresh even after it reaches the warm bottom notes of amber and ebony wood which make for a nice blend.  It’s masculine, clean, and energetic which smells pretty incredible!  Only The Brave is also currently available at Macy’s in a limited-edition bottle, illustrated by French visionary artist Bunka as pictured above.  If bright and flashy isn’t your thing, you can just purchase the regular, unillustrated bottle here.  Ahh, you already smell so much nicer!

14 Beauty Products That Just Make Scents!

It makes perfect sense: we tend to make our buying decisions based on emotions we’re having at that very moment– directly relating to the sensory experience the product itself evokes.  When it comes to beauty products, the chances are that we’ve taken a whiff, loved it, and now we can’t live without it.  We’ve just unknowingly created an immediate emotional relationship!  Our sense of smell is such a powerful purchase motivator, and we can’t just turn our noses off and on.  It would be nice if I could turn my nose off whenever I walk by an Abercrombie & Fitch store!  The fragrance they are piping in that place reminds me of not a single pleasant thing in this universe and doesn’t exactly make me want to open up my wallet on that premise alone.  See what I mean about the emotional impact of a fragrance?

Maybe you’ll discover something new that makes you feel more “at home”, lifts your spirits, or takes you to a dreamy place among these fragrant indulgences:

Fresh & Fruity: energizing, uplifting, refreshing

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Mally Roncal launches her first fragrance!

Mally RoncalWhenever I see Mally Roncal on QVC, I literally want to hug her so hard I would probably smoosh her!  The cutest, most vivacious woman is trapped inside her tiny little body.  I just found out about her new signature fragrance launching tomorrow on QVC, and when I watched the quick video that you’ll find below– she had me hook, line, and sinker when she said it smells like you just took a shower.  It automatically has my name all over it!  If you know anything about me, it’s that I thoroughly enjoy smelling like fabric softener or as if I am still standing in the shower.  I can just hear my husband now.  Oh, hush!

Mally Fragrance

“Beauty isn’t just about color cosmetics and covering up a blemish,” she says adding, “I wanted to create a scent that embodies who I am…something fresh and feminine that makes you feel joyful and invigorated.”

October 29th on QVC at 8pm EST, catch the debut of Mally Beauty Signature Fragrance.  With notes inspired by Mally’s Filipino heritage, the perfume promises to be a clean and fresh modern citrus floral with a tropical twist!

Top Note: Sampaguita, Mandarin, Red Currant, Bamboo, Palm Leaf
Middle Note: Freesia, Jasmine, Muguet, Peony
Base Note: Peach, Coconut, Sandalwood, Musks

It sounds divine, will you be tuning in?