Check It Out: Vinita’s Beauty & Threading Studio

Oops!  I did it again.

I cheated on my eyebrow lady, but it was all for research!  You might remember that last year I had my eyebrows threaded and I loved it–but lately, there seems to be a phenomenon of brow bars and threading studios popping up like nail shops.  I spotted two new ones yesterday in my usual stomping grounds that weren’t there the last time I was in the area, so that says something about the popularity surge of threading.  I checked out Vinita’s Beauty & Threading Studio in Sherman Oaks, CA yesterday for a few reasons–but mainly it was price.  I’m currently paying $20 for eyebrow waxing, but at this Vinita’s location, it was only $8.99.  I decided to put myself on the chopping block… [Read more…]

Would You Survive 30 Days Without Beauty Products?
Would You Survive 30 Days Without Beauty Products?

See how one woman lived with only soap and sunscreen — eek!

It’s safe to say a lot of us are addicted to beauty products. I mean, would you quit your shampoo, mascara or lipgloss cold turkey? Sounds impossible, but that’s what this woman did for a month. See how she survived — and even thrived — with only soap and sunscreen.

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How extreme is too extreme? To derma-roll, or not to derma-roll…

What do you consider to be too extreme when it comes to beauty rituals?  When I look over the list of some odd things I’ve done for the sake of beauty (for example: fresh egg yolks on my face or crushed aspirin on a pimple), I have to say that getting a fish pedicure or using this skin pricking device called the Roll-Cit are not anywhere close to being on it.  Yeah, I said skin pricking device– your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  What in the world?

When the skin is injured, it naturally stimulates collagen production to heal itself.  That’s a pretty basic concept that we all know from personal experience.  Laser or light-based rejuvenation techniques and medium-to-deep strength peels administered in a dermatologist’s office often burn and blister the skin, triggering it to start the repair process where  fresh skin will be revealed.  The concept behind Environ’s Roll-Cit is just that– now you can injure your skin at home with almost 200 short micro-needles on what resembles a small paint roller, well fancy that.  For $154 you can get your hands on this device that punctures the skin, triggering Percutaneous Collagen Induction.  Not only does it contribute to PCI, Environ claims that it makes your skin absorb your products more effectively.  While there are many fans of this technique (numerous reports say that Angelina Jolie is one of them), I’m not jumping on this bandwagon any time soon, if ever!  It’s bad enough that I catch myself lancing pimples sometimes, but rolling 200 needles across my face to get rid of a wrinkle seems more like torture than a treatment.

While you can purchase replacement heads and it’s recommended to clean the Roll-Cit with a special cleaning solution between uses– I don’t know if it’s exactly a sanitary idea.  I’m not a medical professional, but I imagine it could potentially expose open skin to harmful bacteria.  That’s another reason I’ll pass!  Would you ever use something like this?

Worth it, or a waste? Kiss Me Meter

What do you think about this?  The Kiss Me Meter Bad Breath Detector claims to detect recurring bad breath.  Now this is what I call a breathalyzer.  Diagnose your breath with this little key chain sized gadget that measures the detectable causes with these ratings:

  • Green – Kiss me
  • Yellow – Possible
  • Orange – Maybe
  • Bright Red – Risky
  • Dark Red – Never

I’d rather know the truth.  But will this thing really work?  Tell me what you think or if you’ve tried it.

Would you buy skincare from a vending machine?

Would you buy your skincare products from a vending machine?  W Magazine is reporting that a company called U*tique hopes you will

I don’t know about all of this… I actually like the thrill and the chase of finding that “it” product all on my own.  Perhaps if I were on a long trip far away from home, I might consider picking up a sunscreen from one of these machines at the airport if I accidentally forgot to pack it.  A few months ago, I was shopping at one of my favorite malls here in the LA area and there was an Elizabeth Arden vending machine kiosk!  I kid you not.  I stopped and I marveled at it for a few seconds scratching my head.  Wow, the times they are a-changin’.  Tell me what you think.    

(photo: W online)

Have you ever? Would you ever?

I’m curious to know how far one would go for great skin.  I personally, will go pretty far and I’ve got a long way to go as I don’t have perfect skin by any means!  We can put ourselves in our dermatologist’s office on a regular basis undergoing treatments that cost a fortune, some hurt, while some cause side effects on our poor skin until it heals before you see the intended result.  We spend a small fortune on facials, numerous products and potions trying to get it right.

The Geisha Facial has been out for awhile, but only recently brought to my attention.  It uses purified nightingale droppings to help stressed skin.  It’s been featured in the media and the press to a ridiculous degree and I’m wondering… have you ever?  Would you ever?

Check it out and comment below.  I would love to know.

Me personally?  No thanks.