What’s New: MAC By Request Collection

Don’t you hate it when your fave shade of lipstick gets discontinued? It happens ALL the time! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to vote on discontinued shades, so that they could make repeat performances? Oh wait, someone just did! MAC recently held an online poll, in which customers voted for their favorite discontinued lipstick, Lipglass, and eyeshadow shades—and the results are in—here’s the By Request Collection!


  • Candy Yum Yum — 77,517 votes
  • Moxie — 74,957 votes
  • Rocker — 72,299 votes


  • Bait — 34,045 votes
  • Cult of Cherry — 29,466 votes
  • Flash of Flesh -- 27,707 votes


  • Guacamole — 50,536 votes
  • Jeté — 40,245 votes
  • Moth Brown — 39,563 votes

Moxie, Candy Yum Yum, Rocker

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What’s New: Shades From the MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Collection

Oh, you have NO idea how much I’ve missed you all. I’ve spent several days watching Bravo in bed while couped up with some nasty bug. By the way, I think Watch What Happens Live and Million Dollar Listing L.A. are my two new favorite shows. (*sigh* I know.) Ideally, I would have had these gorgeous new lip shades from MAC up for you a few days ago—and I truly apologize! But here they are! The new Cremesheen + Pearl collection is home to eight lipsticks, and seven Glass shades—I have a few pieces from the collection to share. Ready? Go!

Shades From the MAC Creamsheen + Pearl Collection

From MAC…

A shimmering twist on an instant classic. Cremesheen Lipstick and Cremesheen Glass get infused with crushed pearl in 15 new Asian-inspired shades. Modern pinks, nudes, and corals pop and glow against all skin tones with a light-reflecting finish that leaves lips luminously and decidedly lacquered. With foolproof coverage, gleaming shine, and creamy gloss, this smooth and seductive update to Cremesheen is Double Happiness for your lips.

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Review: Three Custom Color Specialists Transformer Duo in Champagne

I’m always been interested in learning tips and tricks from the stars, so how about this one: make-up artists often blend a “transformer” shade on top of lip color to get the perfect color for film sets and photo shoots. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get your hands on a transformer for your lip shades?  Now you can, thanks to 3 Custom Color Specialists.

Their Transformer Duo: A champagne duo compact has a split pan that contains a silver/white transformer and a golden/yellow transformer to allow you to cool down or warm up whatever shade you’re wearing. Play with different ratios of each color to make a custom blend all your own. You can even mix them both together to create a sheer-looking champagne color.  [Read more…]

Review & Swatches: Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick


About six weeks ago, I got my hands on a sample of Tarte’s new Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick, and I didn’t want to let it go. I’ve since been dying to try them all—and the time is finally here! These new long-wearing lipsticks contain Tarte’s hallmark Amazonian clay, and they feel oh-so-comfortable on my lips due to all of the hydrating benefits of mango, avocado extract, and shea butter. But you know what’s even better than a lipstick that feels good on your lips? One that has incredible pigmentation too—and Glamazon lipstick is certainly not lacking in the pigment department!

Aside from the pretty wooden tube, Glamazon Pure Perfomance Lipstick has a lot going for it. Tarte says that Glamazon will wear up to 12 hours. So did it?

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What’s New: 3 Key Pieces From the NARS Fall Color Collection for 2012

It’s only the end of July, and NARS has me yearning for cozy, warm sweaters and turning leaves already! A mix of both regal and autumn tones, the fall collection is meant to grab attention—yet remain sophisticated. I checked out three key pieces for fall, and I like what I’m seeing. Here’s an eyeshadow trio, blush, and lippie that you can partner up with your existing collection to update your seasonal look without going overboard.

The Fall 2012 Color Collection is at once bold and breathtaking: Icy shimmer enhances modern colors to create a stunning, ethereal effect. Eyes are piercing in smoky jewel tones accented with lavender and amethyst sparkle. Skin glows subtly in nearly nude pink with a whisper of silver. Lips are strong in striking metallics or soft in warm brandy and rose shades. Grey nails lend final sophistication to a look that’s exhilarating, evocative, and, as always, strictly NARS.

Outlaw Blush, Sheer Lipstick in Autumn Leaves, High Society Eyeshadow Trio

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Sneak Peek: IT Cosmetics Vitality Anti-Aging 5 Piece Collection QVC Today’s Special Value for 7/27/12

Over the past year, I’ve really grown to love IT Cosmetics—and I’ve reviewed several of their products in the past. Bye Bye Pores, Hello Lashes! Mascara, and the Vitality Lip Flush have all been hits on the blog, as the products I’ve tried from the brand have been consistently terrific. Since I’m always happy to pass along a great value on fab beauty goodies, here’s your sneak peek of this Friday’s Today’s Special Value on QVC from IT Cosmetics!

From the IT Cosmetics Vitality Anti-Aging 5 Piece Collection QVC TSV for 7/27/12

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Review & Swatches: Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner in Perfect Pink, Nude, Spice, & Red

I rarely cover lip liners, my lovelies. Often, they’re just not for me, and if they’re not for me—I can’t exactly be very helpful to you sometimes. But hand to heart, these new Perfect Lips Lip Liners from Too Faced are making me rethink my lip liner phobia in a major way. Yes, yes. I, of all people have been wearing these lately, and here’s the Perfect Lips scoop!

What Too Faced Says…

  • Define and prime to keep your lips perfectly pretty! A twist-up tip always stays sharp for perfecting lip shape while its infusion of priming properties ensures that lipsticks and glosses wear longer.

More To Love…

  • Perfect Lip Definition: Lips have better definition with twist up tip that never needs sharpening and comfortable gel grip makes it easy to hold a steady line for perfect lip shaping.
  • Primes & Lines: Lipsticks and glosses wear better, and with richer, longer-lasting color that won’t fade or feather.
  • Compatible Colors: Each of the 4 perfect lip liners were created to suit a wide range of lip colors so shades are always perfectly blended.

While I wish I could I could bust these myths from my much-loved Jerrod Blandino here, I totally agree! He’s been proving me wrong lately, left and right—and I truly respect him for it.

Perfect Nude, Perfect Spice, Perfect Red, Perfect Pink

  • Perfect Nude — light rose (repackage)
  • Perfect Spice — dusty rose (new)
  • Perfect Pink — bright pink (new)
  • Perfect Red — rich red (new)

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Sneak Peek: Clarins Rouge Prodige True Colour & Shine Lipstick (4 New Shades for Fall)

The fall collections are rolling in! Autumn usually means a return to rich jewel tones in fashion, and brings cozy cosmetic shades like the four new Clarins Rouge Prodige True Colour & Shine Lipsticks. These creamy lippies are loaded with pigment and offer full coverage. Clarins developed what’s called ‘High Fidelity Pearl technology’ for Rouge Prodige, which results in a shiny shade that stays true for hours.


Spiced Orange, Fig, Pink Orchid, Dark Cherry

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Sneak Peek: Tarte ‘What Has Your Makeup Done For You Lately ?’ QVC Today’s Special Value Exclusive for 7/13/12

Last month, I had the privilege of attending an event for the CEW, Cosmetic Executive Women. The panel consisted of QVC’s ‘Rising Stars’, and the gorgeous Mally Roncal was one of the speakers. While Mally Roncal isn’t affiliated with Tarte Cosmetics, she said something that totally rang true for me—and it was about how excited she feels when she sees the red ‘Today’s Special Value’ graphics on QVC every night, as a fresh TSV starts airing. I couldn’t help but giggle, because I feel exactly the same way! I imagine this TSV from Tarte will quickly earn ‘sold out’ status on Friday, because the ‘What Has Your Makeup Done For You Lately?’ set is bursting at the seams for a ridiculously reasonable price.

While this isn’t a complete review for the products, I had to share the photos, swatches, and details!

Tarte ‘What Has Your Makeup Done For You Lately?’ QVC Today’s Special Value for 7/13/12

A portion of the proceeds of this special set will benefit SAP, the Sustainable Amazon Partnership; an organization that helps promote sustainable management of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

What’s inside:

  • LipSurgence Lip Shine in ‘Smitten’
  • Pure Maracuja Oil Rollerball
  • Retoucher Flawless finish Bamboo Foundation Brush
  • Maracuja Miracle 12-Hour Foundation with SPF 15
  • ModernEyes Waterproof Creaseless Shadow/Liner
  • Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara

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