Review & Swatches: Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay has had plenty of surprises in store for us this year, their 15th anniversary. It’s just been one big party full of gorgeous new products with the promise of a few more limited-edition surprises along the way. Other 15th Anniversary surprises included the 24/7 Glide-On Pencils 15th Anniversary Collection, and the sparkly makeup bag that fits it ALL (plus the kitchen sink)—the Quinceañera Bag. But this my friends, is pure perfection!

What lies within this fantastic silver-pewter and purple box are 15 all new Urban Decay eyeshadows. In grand style, check out the filigree on the edges of the box. From the exterior, it’s just to die for!

When you open the top (it’s like a box, the lid removes entirely and the interior even has a full-size mirror), you’re greeted by 15 brand new shadows, that in my humble opinion alone—beat any Book of Shadows. But hey—that’s just me! The pans are a tad smaller in length, but I think the pans go a little deeper than usual. When you’re finished with your pans (*gasp*), you can use this incredible box for your jewelry or other trinkets, as it’s lined in the same color of purple velvet. The tray of shadows is perfectly removable.

The swatches and shade breakdowns…  [Read more…]

Review: bareMinerals Redness Remedy with Soothing Compress Brush

I am the poster child for this product, Redness Remedy from bareMinerals. I’m of Irish descent, I have fair skin with all kinds of pink and red in it, and I have broken capillaries. Whatever possessed me to wait a few weeks to try out this product, I don’t know—but let’s call it fate. I’ve had the worst summer cold for two days now, and I can’t even begin to tell you (which is why I’m going to show you in a minute), just how red my poor nose is from all of that honking. I’d like to think this cold is the reason for the timely review of this product! I think that if this doesn’t work on me, it just won’t work at all, so we’ll see!

Redness Remedy is a skin therapy product from bareMinerals that is supposed to reduce facial redness on contact, and help over time to reduce that redness due to the RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex. If you’re a bareMinerals skincare user, you know it can be a powerful and effective complex over time.   [Read more…]

Say Hello to Beautiful Eyes with Chella’s Luscious Light Brown Brow Color Kit

Sometimes I wake up in the morning, and I could swear my eyebrows are singing, Born to Be Wild…

Only Steppenwolf left the building long before I was even born.

My mind races in the AM. It’s like 100 MPH and something along the lines of—I don’t have a lot of time, and there’s a time and place for everything. And clearly, right NOW is not the time to fight with my brows. I NEED COFFEE. I NEED LOTS OF IT. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! Throw some brow gel on sister, call it a day. Concede to your brows—they win! Again. Pfft.

You see, I’m kind of a simple girl when it comes to my brows. I don’t care much for using stencils anymore; just seems like too much work and they give me a fake look—there have been some that made it so I could pass for Gene Simmons of KISS even. Most of all, I really just like seeing my brow threading girl every two weeks and keeping it natural. A little brow gel, here and there, and I think I’m good. “Sometimes” being the operative word. But sometimes, I need a little more. Sans Gene Simmons, of course.

Even worse, lately I’ve been having a little bit of a problem with even MORE wayward brows, and they are thinning and fading in color. I was really on the hunt for a good brow gel or wax that wasn’t too drying or crispy last week, when Kimberly from Chella introduced one of her new gems to me—the Brow Color Kit in Luscious Light Brown—she thought it could solve all of my problems!  [Read more…]

All Glammed Up in Salma Hayek’s NUANCE Line for CVS, with Nowhere to Go!

Dear Salma,

I think there’s been a little bit of a mix up. I know it’s your birthday, and I’ve been waiting all week for my invite to come in the mail. Sadly, it didn’t. But I haven’t given up yet! And I’m not mad or anything. Heck! I’ve spent all afternoon getting ready with your new NUANCE products—available exclusively at CVS, just in case my invite decides to show up in the nick of time. That way, all I have to do is pin up my hair and throw on a dress!

I figured I had better make it snappy, just in case George Clooney realized he received my invite instead, so I wasted no time by jumping in the shower to wash my hair with your Quinoa Smooth & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Have you smelled your own stuff yet? It’s amazing!

After towel drying, I slapped a little bit of your Smooth & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum on my ends. It’s really too hot here right now to blow dry my hair—so I didn’t want to air dry with too much frizz! Next came the fun part, the makeup… [Read more…]

Review & Swatches: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow Palettes

Maybelline has been stepping up their eyeshadow game for 2011…remember the quads from almost 2 years ago? What about the EyeStudio Color Pearls? Does that refresh your memory? This time around, they’ve brought us discerning beauty junkies the Eye Studio Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow palettes—pans of five shades for the lid, crease, liner, highlight, and a sparkling “top coat”.

I haven’t tried all five of the color combinations, but I did try three—here they are…

Caffeine Rush

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What’s New: Too Faced Midnight in the Garden of Glamour Collection for Fall 2011

Yesterday morning, I had so much fun playing with all of the new Too Faced products for fall! While I didn’t have a chance to bring them all home, I did bring a few of the pieces home—and I wanted to share them with you before I do full reviews on them. Mostly, the focus was on the revamped eyeshadows (GORGEOUS), and the new Smokey Eye and Matte Eye Kits which you won’t want to miss. Too Faced is one of our favorite brands in beauty junkie land, and it’s easy to see why!

The Smokey Eye Kit, $36; Sephora, ULTA, and  [Read more…]

New GeoGirl Beauty Line From Walmart Targets the ‘Tween’ Set

How do you feel about makeup for tweens? While I’m personally totally against pageant makeup for toddlers, I don’t think there’s any harm in a little tinted lip balm for 12 year olds, provided they don’t look like they used every tester in Sephora on their way out the door to school. Smoky eye? Umm…NO. But a little gloss and some fruity body mist? I have no complaints about that.

GeoGirl is a line of body care, skincare, and cosmetics items geared towards the younger texting generation, with product names like GR8 (Great) Lipshine (which even I happen to love at 35), and KOC (Kiss on Cheeks) Cream Cheek Blush. Of all the products I checked out from the brand, the colors were pretty sheer, blendable, and tasteful. They seemed pretty age appropriate in my opinion, but I would never knock what you deem appropriate for your child—with that, I’m not suggesting you let your own teeny bopper run around with the Pomegranate GR8 Lipshine on (which happens to be my favorite), if you don’t want them to!

Most of the products in the line are no more than $5 each, and you’ll find them nationwide at Walmart.

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First Look: Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume IV (Volume 4)

With so many anticipating the release of Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows Volume IV, the brand offered an exclusive sale of a a limited quantity of the covet-worthy palettes to lucky fans at Sephora’s Times Square location earlier this month. The rest of us—well, we’ll have to wait for its release. But never fear, I have a feeling it’s coming sooner that we think, I currently see it on the Sephora website with a “Coming Soon” notation. This will without a doubt, be one of holiday 2011’s most wanted, buzzed about releases.  [Read more…]

Currently Loving: Smashbox Camera Ready 5-in-1 Beauty Balm BB Cream

Hi. I’m Amber, and over the summer—I’ve become a BB Cream-aholic. There, I said it.

The concept of BB creams is still kind of new here in the U.S., and I’ve heard grumblings from those who have tried the original BB creams from Asia—that the U.S. versions are no match for the originals. Well, being I’m as American as apple pie, I can only tell you what I know about our versions of BB creams, and let me tell you—I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve tried. I checked out Boscia and loved it, I tried Dr. Jart (review on that coming soon!), and here’s a new contender from Smashbox, their Camera Ready 5-in-1 Beauty Balm. I’ve avoided true full-coverage foundation for almost a month now, just to test the benefits of this Smashbox version of a BB cream, and here are my findings… [Read more…]