What’s New: Boo-Boo Cover-Up Healing Concealer

My Cocoa kitty is a really good girl, and luckily she lacks the behavioral problems associated with most cats. But there are times where I may be guilty of loving her a little too much—which results in a love scratch on my chest or neck. (They’re ALWAYS in control, don’t be fooled!) So try telling this kitty Mama not to try to hold such a sweet little girl as often as I do, and see where that gets you…

So what do I do? For a few nights, I slather my minor kitty cat scratches up with an antibiotic ointment to help heal them. But if I have to leave the house during the day, I won’t walk around with a greasy neck while it heals, and you know I’ve tried the regular concealer route too. (Which sometimes is effective, but not so much!) This new product, Boo-Boo Cover-Up caught my eye—because it bridges the gap between healing and concealing, by doing both. Imagine that.   [Read more...]

COVERGIRL To Expand NatureLuxe Lineup With Mousse Mascara

I come bearing what could be good news to my fellow COVERGIRL NatureLuxe lovers out there—and perhaps to those who haven’t discovered the foundation and Gloss Balm yet. The rumors are true; COVERGIRL is expanding the NatureLuxe line to include a new product which will land in stores in July!

  • COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara

This is described as: “A new, mousse mascara that exchanges a select few synthetic ingredients for natural beeswax, carnauba wax and tapioca polymers, which are lighter-feeling alternatives, to give stunning volume while leaving lashes luxuriously light and lifted. Luxurious mousse texture designed to feel smooth and weightless while building stunning volume, all while maintaining a soft and fluttery lash look.”

This product will launch with both regular and water-resistant formulas in one shade: Very Black.

Available in July 2011 with a suggested retail price of $8.99 each

And some bonus news…here’s a new ShadowBlast product that will be launching around the same time! [Read more...]

Review & Swatches: bareMinerals 10 New Eyeshadow Shades Added For Summer

Here’s a little bit of what’s new for summer from Bare Escentuals—10 freshly released bareMinerals Eyecolor shades!

Going from memory, I believe a few of these shades were included as minis in various sets in the past, so some of them might not be brand spankin’ new. But I have a feeling some are making their appearance as full-size shadows for the first time. (If you find this not to be the case in your bareMinerals collection, please kindly let me know in the comments.)

Here’s the shade breakdown:

  • Popular — iridescent plum glimmer
  • Steel — rose pewter sheen
  • Chic Nude — veiled nude
  • Siren — seafoam mint
  • Spiced Biscotti — zesty pumpkin
  • Wicked — smoky green glimmer
  • Cha-Cha — strawberry pink
  • Berry Flambé — deep violet
  • Sundress — light springtime yellow
  • Lilac Vibe — luminous lilac

More shots, because I could look at these ALL day! [Read more...]

Review & Swatches: NARS Cosmetics Summer 2011 Collection

From NARS:

The Summer 2011 Collection is a range of warm, sophisticated, shimmering shades, punctuated with shots of vivid, nature-defying color. Eyes are washed in icy sea foam, silver-green and frozen turquoise. Lips are infused with mandarin orange gloss and hot pink matte color. The look is finished with nails in bold sunflower yellow or matte opaque white for a modern, edgy effect that’s strictly NARS.

Wowza, I couldn’t have said it any better myself! For a few weeks I’ve been dreaming of seeing this entire collection with my own eyes and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. While I may not have all of the products from the collection to share with you, I feel I probably have the best and most versatile pieces from the collection that almost anyone would enjoy wearing. Let’s get started…shall we?

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COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lip Transformation Challenge: Day 7


We did it! We made it through a week of testing the effectiveness of the Silk Moisturizing Complex in COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lipcolor together. I want to give each and every one of you a high-five and a sincere thank you for hanging in there with me for an entire week of lipstick posts from a single brand. I appreciate your support!

So, I have to tell you—just in case you’ve never had the chance to read the original review that I wrote about LipPerfection back in November of 2010, I had my reservations about these moisturizing claims. It’s one of the reasons I took this challenge so seriously, even 6 months later! Here are my own words from that post:

When it comes to the 7 day claim that Lip Perfection will transform the smoothness of your lips, here are my thoughts: I believe that if you change your lip color/lip balm habit for 7 days with any brand—you’re going to see either a welcome or an unwelcome result … So while I’m not discrediting Lip Perfection’s 7-day claim—I’m saying it’s all in how you look at it; is the glass half empty, or half full?

Wow! Looking back on that—I now feel some mixed emotions about what I said, given that I have actually experienced LipPerfection for 7 days straight (back then I hadn’t), without the help of any other lip product. It’s still true that you’re going to see a result one way or another, but this challenge has changed my mind about LipPerfection FOR SURE. Had I tried this experiment with another lipstick, there’s no doubt in my mind that the condition of my lips would have worsened over several days of use without anything else to condition my lips. And that’s what this was all about! COVERGIRL LipPerfection passed! For the final day, I chose Dazzle—a nice light pink with shimmer.

As a treat after the jump, please don’t miss the swatches of all 44 shades in the LipPerfection range below, I did them for you with the hopes they will help you find your own shade to conduct a challenge with for yourself! I hope you enjoyed following me along on this challenge as much as I enjoyed participating in it.


Swatches of the entire LipPerfection range of shades:

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What’s New: Review & Swatches LORAC TANtalEYES Palette Summer 2011

If you liked the looks of the LORAC Hot Off The Red Carpet Collection, or just love getting awesome sets at affordable prices, please take note of what you’re about to see—the LORAC TANtalEYES Palette for summer 2011. Good things really do come in small packages!

What is this baby? Well I’m glad you asked…

A $36 set that has you sizzling for the entire summer, with a decent sized quad of fabulous baked eyeshadows, and one travel size TANtalizer Luminizing Body Bronzer. See the swatches and more below!

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COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lip Transformation Challenge: Day 6


Can you believe it? We’re almost to the finish line, tomorrow’s the day! Let me cut to the chase: when it comes to the condition of my lips at this point after days of no lip balm and NOTHING but COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lipstick, we are in mighty fine shape in my opinion. Will I be glad to return to my lip balm obsession? You bet! But the fact of the matter here is that at Day 6—I am already completely confident in sharing that there actually is an affordable, highly pigmented lipstick on the mass-market that doesn’t dry out your lips in the process. I chose Spellbound so I could continue to take advantage of the outrageous shades in the 44 color range! If I can wear them, you can too.

About the challenge:  [Read more...]

Review & Swatches: Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner

With summer swiftly approaching, it’s that time to start investigating your waterproof eye makeup options—and what better product to consider than the official waterproof eyeliner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM in Miami, right? I spent a few years living in Florida, and let me tell you—if an eyeliner can make it there without smudging, running, or fading…it can make it anywhere! Make Up For Ever is known for their bold colors that perform well under pressure (their entire line is just phenomenal), and the Aqua Liner is the newest addition to their award-winning Aqua range.

I tried out three colors of the 15 vibrant shades, let’s take a look!  [Read more...]

COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lip Transformation Challenge: Day 4


Okay, so I feel like we have to chat about this “before” photo to be completely fair. Prior to taking it, I went to the dentist for what I thought would be just my routine exam and cleaning, and instead I wound up with two sets of hands in my mouth for over two hours, thus impeding my lip moisture-progress. My lips looked pretty darn sad after leaving there. At least that’s just the way I feel, and I’m going to give COVERGIRL the benefit of the doubt on that account. But I digress—on the other hand, we’ll get to see for the remaining few days…can LipPerfection’s Silk Moisturizing Complex really pull this off, considering that now my lips are super dry? (And I forgot to mention the part where my husband is now insistent upon sleeping with a fan blowing in my face all night because the weather here is so hot.) Try not putting lip balm on after a night of that! Regardless—I LOVE reds, and I’m rocking Tempt without any shame for Day 4. It definitely wasn’t the two hours at the dentist that made my teeth look so bright since there was no whitening involved during that visit…but Tempt sure does help make my teeth look whiter.

About the challenge:  [Read more...]