First look: Dior “Cristal Boreale” Holiday Look 2009

Dior Holiday Look

Dior went back to the 18th century this year, inspired by Louis XVI style for the very magnificent-looking “Cristal Boréale” holiday look.  Like most Dior holiday collections, a limited edition special treat piece is included– this time it’s the Cristal Boréale Gloss Pendant, adorned with 52 Swarovski crystals of which 4 are Aurore Boréale.  Gorgeous!  The pendant encloses a crystal-effect gloss in “Pink Crystal” that gives off iridescence.  Sounds soooo pretty!  Honestly, I would select this more as a collector’s piece as it retails for $80.  Whenever Dior includes something like this in their collections, they usually sell out fast.  If you’re a Dior Diva and you want this for the holidays I would start dropping hints pronto!

Also included in Cristal Boréale holiday look:

• Cristal Boréale Silver Eyeshadow & Face Powder — Embossed with a “crystal pattern” effect.  Cristal Boréale Face Powder in Pink Jewel (pictured), Cristal Boreale Eyeshadow in Silver Gem (pictured)
5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow in Smoky Crystal #089
Style Liner in Sparkling Purple #174
Dior Vernis in Silver Purple #782
• Dior Vernis in Black Sequins #905 (Sephora Only)

Mark my words, it will be a very purple holiday this year!  This Dior holiday look is available beginning this month at Dior counters.

Coming full-circle: Lauren Hutton Naturals Face Disc

Lauren HuttonThings really do come full-circle, and trying out Lauren Hutton’s makeup line reminded me of that!  When my baby teeth finally gave way to my “big girl” teeth, and the last quarter had been left under my pillow by the tooth fairy, I had kind of awkward teeth for a little girl– or at least all of my friends told me they were.  I can’t tell you how many times I was teased for the space in between my front teeth, and I cried and cried many times!  Once, I remember my Mom telling me to stop crying about it and that one day people wouldn’t make fun of my gap, but that I would actually get complimented on it.  (I didn’t quite believe that part)  She told me I was as beautiful as Lauren Hutton to be exact– and after that I was convinced I might be the only person in my peer group who even knew who Lauren Hutton was in my elementary school besides the faculty.  I didn’t know who she was before my Mom had given me my little pep talk, but believe me I made it my business to know after that.  Eventually, Madonna came along and made a gap in your teeth look sexy, and I didn’t receive as much ridicule as I did in my younger years.

My Mom was right– eventually the same thing that use to make me cry buckets of tears is the very thing that made my husband’s heart melt when he met me.  And every time I see a photo of Lauren Hutton or hear about her in the media, a sense of comfort comes over me.  In her 60’s now, Lauren Hutton is an accomplished model and actress, having been the first “big” supermodel face signed to a cosmetics company in the seventies.  In recent years, she’s turned her many years of experience from being beautiful in the spotlight into making sure that makeup evolves as she does.

Cosmetic companies do not create makeup for women who have laughed as much as we’ve laughed, cried as much as we’ve cried or seen as much as we’ve seen. The more we experience life the more our face shows our life’s experiences but cosmetic companies do not address our evolution.  Most makeup available today is formulated for younger women. The textures are heavy, the colors saturated and they’re filled with shiny particles that act like airport runway lights in every line, wrinkle or pore, saying “Look over here!”  — Lauren Hutton

With Lauren’s makeup line geared toward a woman with more of life’s experiences to offer up during a conversation than my own, I really wanted to try her “less is more” approach.  In the Lauren Hutton Naturals Face Disc, I found 11 color-coded shades to enhance specific areas on the face and neck for contouring and sculpting.

Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc

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Fab in floral! Paul & Joe Beaute Autumn/Winter Collection 2009

Paul & Joe

How gorgeous are these?  Paul & Joe’s new collection for Autumn/Winter 2009 is simply STUNNING.  The limited edition and fashionable floral collection is something to behold and covet in your beauty stash!  This trio of patterns include designer eyeshadow duos (Color Powder CS) and lipstick (Limited Edition Lipstick C) shades, seeming almost too pretty to use– but please do!  Play it safe with the soft pink-beige lipstick in “RPM” or explore your sultry side with “The Wild One“, a blue/green & navy eyeshadow combo (pictured above).  I LOVE the cat packaging!  These Paul & Joe Beauté lipsticks are enriched with conditioning extracts like jojoba, olive, and apricot seed oils to ensure happy chilly-weather lips.  You’ll also find moisturizing benefits in the eyeshadow duos from ingredients like hyaluronic acid and orange flower water.

Pictured below:

Paisley packaging
•Reckless: racy red lipstick
•Verite: off-white/gold eyeshadow duo

Bright pink floral packaging
•Cruising: pink/plum lipstick
•Breathless: pink beige/bordeaux eyeshadow duo

Paul & Joe

Will you be hunting any of these down?  Which packaging is your fave?

Currently Loving: Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow

Urban Decay HeatMy love for all things Urban Decay started many moons ago when I first got my hands on a pan of Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow.  I was thinking I had been missing out on some secret club or something– and I must have gone through 2 of those little token-looking compacts before I decided to give it a rest!  It was just about then that Urban Decay released the first shades of Deluxe Eyeshadow, and I immediately purchased Fishnet (an iridescent purple), and Peace (a shimmering turquoise).  The pigments and colors were so vibrant that I couldn’t wear them daily but I sure had fun with them and experimented with how I could incorporate them into work-friendly looks.  I was much younger then, and these days I’m a little bit more on the conservative side when it comes to eyeshadow.  But that didn’t stop me from experimenting with some of the new Deluxe Eyeshadow shades!

Here we’ve got Ruthless (pale sandy taupe shimmer), Frigid (deep purple w/ blue sheen), and Freakshow (deep purple w/ red sheen).

Who says the younger gals have all the eyeshadow fun?

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow

I patted Frigid (the purple-blue) on my entire lid, and applied Ruthless (taupe shimmer) on top of Frigid on the inner 2/3rds of my lid.  Then, I blended Freakshow (deep purple) in the outer crease and also smudged it as liner (dry) on top & bottom lash lines.  I went back and put a little Ruthless over the crease and on my brow bone.  And wah-lah!  Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow FUN!

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Get the look using bareMinerals Face Fashion: Natural Muse

Natural MuseOne of my fave ways to try new colors is in small, seasonal sets like this one from Bare Escentuals– bareMinerals Face Fashion: Natural Muse.  For $34, you’ll receive 5 trendy shades to complete an entire look, and also gain 5 new pieces of makeup (GLORIOUS MAKEUP!) to mix in with your existing stash to make it that much more complete!  You’re not locked in an expensive life-long commitment (only to end up in a bitter divorce) with anything in these smaller sets, but on the other end of that spectrum is how long bareMinerals products last– even in these smaller sizes!  I never feel like I’m getting jipped and I always have plenty to keep me satisfied.  All of my bareMinerals eyeshadows and liner colors are kinda like the Energizer Bunny… they keep going, and going… and going!

Natural Muse swatches

What’s included:

bareMinerals “Nude Chiffon” Eyecolor
bareMinerals “Smoked Clay” Eyecolor
bareMinerals “Marina” Liner Shadow
bareMinerals “Poppy” Blush
bareMinerals “Praline” Natural Lipgloss

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The new take on the metallic eye: Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow

Antique GoldTake your eyeshadow to the next level with Bobbi Brown’s newest cream eyeshadow formula, the Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadows.  These offer high shine and subtle drama in a lightweight glitter cream for coverage without the creasing worry!

These seem to cause a little bit of mixed-emotions among Bobbi Brown fans, and I don’t think they are for everyone.  They offer a little bit of drama for nighttime looks, or can amp up a little daytime eye if used fairly sheer under shadows as a base, or just very lightly alone.  I tried out “Mercury” and found that the color saturation wasn’t too extreme despite how it looked in the pot and LOVED how the glitter color almost shifts to a light silver/purple/pink combo like a rare stone.


I thought “Antique Gold” was another winner, and that “Chrome Patina” was an answer for anyone who wanted to get those sassy chrome eye-looks that were common on the runways at New York’s Fashion Week earlier this month.

Will you be rocking a little bit of the chrome or glitter looks?

Just Swell: 3 easy ways to plumper, fuller lips

full lipsThink fast!  What immediately comes to mind if I were to mention Angelina Jolie?  I know some of us might let out a sigh and say “that hottie Brad Pitt”, but more often than not I think the answer is– her lips.  Considered by many to be perfectly swollen, and the epitome of sexy lips all while making popular tabloid news, whether we want to admit it or not!

Over the years, the formulas for lip plumpers have been improving perpetually with no signs of slowing.  First-generation lip plumping glosses focused solely on immediate gratification, using capillary dilating ingredients like niacin and cinnamon oil which temporarily cause a lip swelling/tingling/burning sensation.  The downside, they’ve proven they aren’t for everyone.  I enjoy a little lip burn myself now and then– but it’s also considered an intolerable effect by many consumers who have sworn they’d never subject their poor pouts to the torture again!  With entire websites devoted to showcasing bad plastic surgery and celebrities constantly being scrutinized for going under the knife, or straight up becoming the butt of all jokes for their “trout pouts”— what’s the best way to achieve a plump pout without going too far?

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Drew Barrymore’s classic look from The 61st Annual Primetime Emmys

61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre, L.A

I have a confession to make, and I promise I’m not trying to be mean.  Lately, I’ve thought that Drew Barrymore looks like a mess– which isn’t very becoming of a CoverGirl.  I’ve loved Drew for as long as I can remember and think she’s utterly adorable, so imagine my surprise when she was sporting this funky two-toned hairdo not too long ago!  I sincerely hope that was for a role, Drew.  Thankfully, I think she’s earned back her CoverGirl status with her classic feminine look from The 61st Annual Primetime Emmys, whew!  That was a close one.

Makeup artist Debra  Ferullo explained the look was inspired by a modern Grace Kelly that let her perfect skin and lips take center stage for the night.

To create this look at home, start of slow and build from there.  Keep the skin fresh. If you tend to need heavier coverage, use a foundation with more pigment to cover any spots but make sure it’s not too oily because it will crease along the skin. Define the cheek and blend, blend, blend to create a soft, classic look.”

Offsetting her bold matte pink lips achieved with CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain in Berry Smooch, her eyes were simple with a soft shimmer and long lashes.  Using Chanel’s Silky Eyeshadow in Gold with warm brown and maroon in the crease gave depth to her eyes without being too dramatic.  CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Eye Brightening Liner in Vivid Ruby, along with a few coats of LashBlast Length Mascara topped off the elegant look.

Review: L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion MascaraOne of the newest mascara wand innovations out there is a ball, literally!  I reviewed Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes Mascara last year, and while I liked it– it wasn’t without it’s faults.  L’Oreal’s new Telescopic Explosion Mascara has an extremely similar brush, so I imagine their intention was to create an affordable drugstore dupe of the prestige brand’s creation, which happens in the beauty world all the time!  My verdict is in on Telescopic Explosion, did it meet my expectations?  Well… yes and no.

First, let’s go over the pros of this baby.  The little funky Medieval Times-looking ball at the end makes it possible to get every last lash that a cumbersome mascara wand would miss.  That’s a huge plus to me since I have such a hard time reaching the corners of my lashes like you probably do, it’s a pretty common complaint we share!  I also really liked how the formula stays a little wet and allows you to work with it a bit before it dries.  So many times a mascara will dry before you can even get past a first or second coat to perfect it.  You know I like to experiment so I have to share this discovery– I tried this over another mascara and it looked incredible!  It’s not an ideal use and I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it for that benefit alone, I just thought it might be good to know.  *wink*

Like Phenomen’Eyes, Telescopic Explosion isn’t without it’s faults either.  Eek!  Right away, I noticed that it will definitely deposit a few clumps if you don’t wipe the ends of the brush on the lip of the tube when you take it out.  If you are mindful of this, it shouldn’t be an issue with application– but the fact that it’s even a probability is no bueno!  Additionally, the black isn’t very dark… it actually looks more like a dark graphite-grey in my opinion.  I LOVE a shiny blue-black on my lashes and this one isn’t the answer for me.  Another issue that may be of importance to you is the fact that we’re all so used to swiping a mascara horizontally across our lashes pretty quickly, you probably won’t really be able to do that with this one right off-the-bat.  I found this applied best when holding the wand vertically and that can seem a little intimidating.  Be prepared to take some time!

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