Charlie Hunnam is the Face of Calvin Klein’s New Men’s Fragrance, and I’d Like to Buy a Case

Charlie Hunnam Calvin Klein Reveal Men

It’s Wednesday, and I’m feeling lighthearted around here—so I had to share my absolutely ridiculous, married-lady crush with you—Charlie Hunnam. I wasn’t into Sons of Anarchy at all until the final season, and I had absolutely no idea who he was before SOA. But let’s just say, I made myself very familiar during season 7, because hi—just look at him. And then I heard him speak with his native English accent, the deal was sealed.

For all of my fellow fans out there, Charlie is the face of the new men’s fragrance, REVEAL Men Calvin Klein. Spotted at the Calvin Klein Menswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016 show in Milan, he’s every bit as delicious looking as REVEAL Men sounds like it smells:  [Read more…]

Men’s Minute: 3 Great Anthony Logistics For Men Products for Guys on the Go

anthony logisitics for men

Don’t tell him I told you this—but there was a point in time where Mr. Beauty Junkies and I would do our skincare regimen in the mirror, side by side. (I may or may not have had him on glycolic peels too.) These days, he’s very on-the-go, and I have a hard time getting him to take the time to put sunscreen on sometimes, even though he knows it’s not really an option. I’ve found that by keeping it simple, he’s much more likely to stick to a skincare routine, so I try to make it as easy as possible for him.

Anthony Logisitics For Men has great multi-tasking products for guys who don’t have time to mess around, and appreciate a simple, no-frills approach to grooming. Anthony products are simple and effective, but fabulous enough for those with the most discerning of taste. [Read more…]

Exclusive Q&A with NBA Superstar, Chris Paul for His New Fragrance—Untouchable

cp3 chris jrIt goes without saying, that if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter—you’ve seen my tweets and photos from almost every Los Angeles Clippers home game. We’re season ticket holders, and we absolutely love basketball. So it’s no surprise when I tell you, that my favorite NBA player ever, is the one and only, Chris Paul—aka, CP3. He’s our amazing point guard, and watching CP3 play is an experience. He displays tremendous good sportsmanship, and his plays are works of art!

Even if you’re not a basketball person, it’s hard not to love Chris Paul. He’s involved in much philanthropy through his CP3 Foundation, and he also just launched a new fragrance in partnership with Avon, Untouchable. I’m so lucky to have scored an exclusive interview with him to discuss his latest venture. Check out our chat below!

Amber: Can you tell me a little bit about what inspired you to partner with Avon for the launch of this fragrance?

CP3: Scent is so important, second to physical attraction. Fragrance is important to me, because it’s what defines you when you meet someone for the first time and that’s what the person is going to remember you by—so when Avon asked me to be the face of their new fragrance Untouchable, I was pumped. The campaign shoot was amazing because I got to share the experience with my son. It meant a lot and I hope he remembers that day too. I’m also excited it’s out for Father’s Day because it’s such a meaningful day for me and my family. This year we’re going to North Carolina. I’ll spend the day golfing with my dad, my brother and also bring little Chris, and then we’ll have a big cookout. There’s nothing like family home cooking.

untouchable fragranceAmber: Tell me about the Untouchable scent.

CP3: Untouchable is inspired by the competitive spirit and the drive to succeed. The fragrance starts off fresh with notes like water and grapefruit but has a spicy kick to it with energizing black pepper. I love the scent because I need to be energized in my day to day—whether I’m getting ready for practice or a game, or taking my kids to school.

Amber: I notice that off the court, you’re quite a sharp dresser! Does your fashion sense cross over into having favorite grooming products? Do you try the hottest new products, or are there favorites that you have and you stick with them?  [Read more…]

Holiday Gift Inspiration 2012: For Men

Looking for great gifts for your gent? Consider these that are sure to please!

Braun Series 7 Men’s Shaver System

This is the Rolls Royce of all men’s shavers! The Braun Series 7 Men’s Shaver offers super premium features; an intelligent charging base that knows what level of cleaning the shaver needs and automatically cleans, lubricates, and dries it at the touch of button. With 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, and a special pivoting head that can reach facial contours for a smooth and comfortable shave. About $270, [Read more…]

Men’s Minute: Double-Duty Grooming at its Best with Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Sky Flyin’ Foaming Multi-Gel

Lately, I cannot get my husband to park his bicycle long enough to sit down to dinner, let alone shave and wash the sunscreen off of his face from his cycling adventures. But hey, at least he’s wearing sunscreen, right? I know I’m a fan of double-duty beauty products, so it only makes sense that the shaving experts at Kiehl’s would innovate this speedy, multi-benefit formula for men like my husband—the guy who has very little time to commit to grooming.

Facial Fuel Sky Flyin’ Foaming Multi Gel is a shave gel/face cleanser combo for men, that they’ll actually enjoy using. I say ‘enjoy’, because the Mr. Cycling America that lives in my house is a fan of the high-lather formula, and the lightweight hydration it leaves behind. It’s like he’s getting a dose of skincare without even knowing it—which makes me happy knowing he’s putting protective antioxidants on his skin. All the while, he’s cleansing AND he’s shaving his skin. You could knock me over with a feather over here.  [Read more…]

Quick Pick Under $5: St. Ives Triple Butters Creamy Coconut Intensely Hydrating Body Wash

My husband is a man of very basic grooming essentials. As a matter of fact, we’re constantly on the verge of a nuclear meltdown over his lack of any willingness to go and get a real haircut. Most couples fight over infidelity or money issues, but not in this house. We have words over haircuts people, and the lack thereof. And what kills me is that I KNOW people who can do this for him…and still…no go. (Believe me, I realize how lucky I am to be his wife, but still—can you play your violin in the background for me for just a few seconds?) But I swear to God, if he lets it get any longer than it is right now—I’m going to start calling him Steff, and tell him that James Spader called and wants his hair back.

Don’t get me wrong, the hubs is NOT a slob. But he suffers from mind wanderlust (as do many of the male persuasion), and there are so many other things he’d rather be doing on the weekend—than sitting in a salon chair for an entire 14 minutes having his hair cut into a reasonable style that’s not hanging in his eyes. You have no idea how NUTS this drives me—I’m a former hairstylist for crying out loud. But no, he tortures me instead (yet I love him for it).

Which brings me to his short list of essentials:   [Read more…]

12 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day
12 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Are you (and him) getting sick of the ol’ tie gift? Time to switch things up this year with these fun — and useful — gifts

12 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

This is a men’s body products article

Sure, beauty products may not get him as flushed and excited as we do, but these “manly” (read: practical) body products can help the recipient and the giver if you catch our drift. See the grooming items disguised by a “cool” man factor that you both can enjoy.

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Men’s Minute: New York Streets Village Collection Haircare

Most men’s hairstyles call for just one really good product to accomplish the task, versus our need for about six.  Come to think of it, I used four products in my hair today…see what I mean?  So ladies, you’ll want to put one of these formulas from the New York Streets Village Collection in your gentlemen friends’ hands.  And fellas, if you’re reading—welcome!  I won’t tell anyone you’re here, because I’m good like that.

New York Streets Paste — Great for definition and detail in all hair types, gives hair an almost semi-matte finish without looking or feeling too stiff.  Awesome for adding texture and volume in baby fine hair too!
New York Streets Tar — Twist and spike with medium hold, then add an intense shiny finish thanks to some mighty fine mica particles.  Works best on medium-to-coarse hair that’s sometimes hard to handle.
New York Streets Wax — Flexible and light control that adds clear shine to all hair textures.  Slick it back, comb it over, or spike it up!

All three of these styling aids are great for creating versatile looks on short hair for both men and women—but these fit the bill for men perfectly, since one jar will do the trick depending on their desired result.  These are light on fragrance and don’t require an instruction manual to use!

Availability: for online purchases and to find them in a salon near you; $14-$16

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