Daylight Savings Time Eye Savers

Spring forward, fall back. More like–spring forward and I fall right back in to bed!  If it’s just an hour, why do we feel so tired after losing just a little bit of sleep?  The clock shifts really do affect everything, especially sleep which affects just about…well, everything.  If you’re like me at all, your eyes are the first thing that show you didn’t have a restful night (or daylight savings time weekend for that matter).  As you can see, I was very busy putting eye remedies to the test!

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Lend Us a Hand: 3 Hand Creams For Ultimate Moisture

I have to say that two of the beauty-related nuisances I fear most are chapped lips and dry hands, both make me pretty miserable!  Once they reach a certain point, they seem impossible to repair (or at least I’m just too impatient to wait), and as a result–you’ll find me slathering my lips and hands in more balms and creams than I care to admit.  Here are three hand creams that I’ve been using lately to curb the tight, dry, and chapped feeling hands often endure:

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Team USA’s Beauties Use The Same Products We Do!

I know the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics ended a few days ago, and not that I’m bragging…but Team USA cleaned up pretty darn good with 37 medals!  Team USA consists of some of the best athletes in the world, and the female Olympians have a few beauty faves to get them through their crazy schedules and winter weather conditions.  And I have to get this in there–don’t let their athletic apparel fool you…they’re all quite gorgeous underneath those ski masks and helmets!

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Can Cheapie Drugstore Products Give You Million-Dollar Skin? Yes!
Can Cheapie Drugstore Products Give You Million-Dollar Skin? Yes!

These budget-friendly skincare and makeup routines will have you looking flawless 24-7

Money can’t buy love … or a flawless face. However, these affordable buys can set you on a path to gorgeous! We’ve got the best ways to save money on every part of your routine, from cleansing to powdering.

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Check It Out: Real Simple March 2010 Issue

Hey Girlies, I’ve missed you the last few days, I’ve been MIA!  I was hunkered down enjoying a long “happy birthday to me weekend” with some really good reads (and my new iPod Touch).  I’m reading the new Kelly Cutrone book, and I devoured the March issue of Real Simple!  You might want to pick this one up, it’s loaded with easy and affordable real-world beauty recommendations.

With articles like “Beauty Break-throughs” and “Road Test Mascara”, I was having a hard time putting it down!  I’m definitely going to try a few of the products featured–like Le Métier de Beauté’s Magic Lusture Cream, and Macadamia Hair’s Macadamia Natural Oil Infused Comb.  You’ll likely discover a few products you haven’t yet heard of yourself, I’m always open to being enlightened about anything that revolves around products…like the rest of us product junkies!  We want it all!  Well, some of “us” aren’t as extreme!  But  both sides of the fence know their roles, and they do it very well!  Then, we meet in the middle and share our joys all the same, learning a thing or two from eachother along the way!

So if you’re lacking the inspiration to find a new hair look, wonder why the masses find a specific mascara so worthy, or just want some simple and easy tips to make your beauty routine easier–the March issue of Real Simple is worthy of checking out!

Fab Find: Patricia Wexler M.D. MMPi Skin Regenerating Serum

MMPi Skin Regenerating SerumIf you take a second to lightly press on your cheek, you’ll notice a cushion that results in a little bit of a bounce when you take your fingers off of it.  You can partially thank your skin’s collagen for that suppleness, it provides the youthful fullness in our skin that we are fighting to protect every day to prevent the dreaded “sag”.  As we age, our skin loses it’s ability to produce collagen.  Major drag, huh?

While I don’t ever think any single skincare product is the cure to turn back the hands of time, I have found several that I think have helped me in my own personal battle of the sag!  I agree with Dr. Patricia Wexler– Every skin is aging skin.” And then there’s the tried and true, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Yep!  With those facts in mind, I tried out Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology’s MMPi Skin Regenerating Serum and I think it’s Fab Find worthy!

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New Fragrance Releases On The Way From Bath & Body Works

It’s new release update time from Bath & Body Works, so does that mean good stuff for us?  Hmm…

P.S. I Love You Spring Fling

First up–the February 1st release of P.S. I Love You Spring Fling, a fresh and playful take on the original P.S. I Love You fragrance that was released last year.  With the original being predominantly rose-based, Spring Fling sounds crisp and clean with key notes of wild honeysuckle, sparkling water, and fresh air.  This is up on their website now with a Buy 2 Get 1 deal, anyone tried it yet?

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Review: Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Active Triple Treatment Eye Cream

RareMinerals Active Triple Treatment Eye CreamInspired by all of the bareMinerals goodness on QVC this weekend with Leslie’s on-air visit, I think it’s time to tell you about the new RareMinerals Active Triple Treatment Eye Cream I’ve been testing for just over 4 weeks now.  Just in case you’re not familiar with the other products in the RareMinerals skincare line, it’s an assortment of products that contain a unique and proprietary ActiveSoil™ Complex which in part, functions as mineral electrolytes to the skin.

Long story as short as possible–I think of this like giving Pedialyte to someone who is extremely dehydrated to replenish their body (which then reminds me of that time I had mono the entire summer before I started high school and drank TONS of the stuff while being ordered to bed rest, UGH).  So when your skin is dehydrated, it’s much like your body and doesn’t function as efficiently as it should because the skin is it’s own organ.  And ta-dah!  The aging process is sped up and often exaggerated as a result.  No thanks, think I’ll pass and slather myself in every product I can!

According to Bare Escentuals, based on a 6-week independent clinical study, this RareMinerals eye cream performed as follows:

• 100% noticed their skin was softer and smoother
• 97% noticed it provided just the right amount of moisture to the eye area
• 94% noticed the area around the eyes looked brighter and more awake
• 91% noticed their skin was firmer and more youthful
• 86% noticed a reduction in puffiness around the eye area

And I say…

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Review: Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

Mederma Stretch Marks TherapySeveral years ago, a few female co-workers and I were having a conversation about stretch marks, and I’m more than sure we were supposed to be doing something else at the time.  We were griping about where we had them, what we’ve tried to get rid of them, and taking turns comparing ours to objects–I’d like to think of mine as “road maps to nowhere”.  One brave soul had the nerve to say, “I’ve never had any stretch marks in my life!

And the world stopped.  You could have heard a pin drop, and she was cut in to shreds by the daggers coming out of our eyes.  I thought, “Well aren’t you just special?”  With that came an eye roll so long that they could have gotten stuck in the back of my head.  I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, it’s possible, but highly unlikely.  She had recently given birth, and she was also one of those people who always has to “one up” whatever you say in a conversation.  Yeah, one of those people.  I’m getting ready to make my point, but I just couldn’t pass getting that in there for Little Miss Last Word McGraw!

Why do we feel the need to hide them or lie about having them?  They’re a fact of life, nothing to be ashamed of.   Although, you won’t see me working at any bikini car washes on Ventura Boulevard soon ever!  Get irritated with them?  Definitely.  And that’s okay and understandable.  I don’t obsess over my road maps, I know they’re there, my husband knows they’re there, but the person I truly feel bad for is the gal who airbrush tans me while I’m wearing nothing but a thong.  Thankfully, she’s quick!  In the past, I’ve tried a lot of things to minimize their appearance–stimulation, exfoliation, intensive moisture creams, and I gave up.  This is me, and it is what it is.  Until a new product came along, that is–Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy.  I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.  I would either see a minimal improvement, or nothing at all and revert back to my “it is what it is” mentality!

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