How to Pronounce Foreign Beauty Brands
How to Pronounce Foreign Beauty Brands

With one quick read of this handy guide, you won’t have to feel shy at the makeup counter ever again

How to Pronounce Foreign Beauty Brands

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Do you ever feel silly when you ask to try a certain beauty product only to have the salesperson correct your pronunciation of the brand in question? To make sure that doesn’t happen again, check out this guide that phonetically spells out how to say the names of 10 popular brands.

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The Lipstick League — week of 5.9.11

I hope your weekend has been good to you so far! No weekend would be complete without some love from your Lipstick League, now would it? You’ll notice that each week we ask a question, and each member answers it on their own blog. I would love it if you answered the same question I do each week in the comments section here so I can get to know you better!

Question of the Week: What was the first beauty product that you ever tried?

Answer: Okay, so I notice this says “tried” and not “purchased” because those are two totally different stories. I always remember trying on various perfumes that were on my Mom’s vanity, and playing with her makeup. But when it comes to the first product I tried that I actually remember by name—that came from my aunt. It was probably around 1989-90, and she told me my lips and cheeks needed color. She popped out her Max Factor lipstick in Beaujolais (I’ll never forget), and dabbed some on my cheeks like blush and blended it in. Well! I was just HOT TO TROT after that, and I went on down to the drugstore and bought my own tube ASAP. I do believe it was the first lipstick I bought on my own and I started wearing it all the time. I know the color was all wrong (looking back), but that was also the time when wine and brown lipsticks were the thing…well, guess I was part of that “thing”!

Here are this week’s links, hope you love ’em!

Pink Sith – Joeybunny has 3 new TAUPE eyeshadows to show you with her Introduction To Silk Naturals post!

Phyrra – raves about Sonia Kashuk Makeup Remover and tells you why it’s her favorite.

Vampy Varnish – loves the new Kat Von D Angeles Eyeshadow Palette[Read more…]

What’s New: Beauty Junkies Unite Facebook Page Re-Launch

Hi Lovelies!

We were missing the BJU Facebook page for the longest time, there were some complications with the old one—and the new one is finally here! You’ll find the Beauty Junkies Facebook page here, I really hope you’ll come on over and “like” it! It really is a sad little place without you.

Don’t do Facebook? Well how about Twitter? You can catch us on Twitter as @beautyjunkies

I recently launched a Beauty Junkies Unite YouTube account too…and I’m working on adding more videos and reviews. Fun times!

Let’s say you don’t really do too much social media stuff—there’s always the good old RSS feed where you can sign up to read us in the reader of your choice, or just choose to receive a Daily Digest via email from the prior day.

How ya like them choices? This blog would be nothing without you, so thank you for reading for almost 3 years! I hope this helps us connect with you more.


The Lipstick League — week of 5.2.11

Good morning…or afternoon, wherever you are my dears! I woke up a little too early for a Saturday morning here on the west coast but I’m going to try to take advantage of my longer day and complete a lot of things I’ve had going on around here. Spring cleaning, anyone? Have you done any of yours yet? My dream right now would be to have Merry Maids come and do all of the major stuff like the baseboards…UGH! But on a more pleasant note, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY weekend to all of you Moms out there. You rock and make the world go ’round. xo

Time for this week’s question, and as always…PLEASE answer it along with me. Leave yours in the comments!

Question: What’s your favorite fragrance? If you don’t have a favorite, what are you currently loving?

Ha! This one is easy-peasy for me. I LOVE anything that makes me smell like I just came out of a dryer, washing machine, or shower. Soapy scents are my absolute favorite. I will forever own a bottle of CLEAN Warm Cotton, and I mean that. I want to be buried with one. But because I like to switch things up, the newest from Calvin Klein, BEAUTY has been what I’m wearing most these days. It’s perfect for everyday, and for special occasions—and seems to fit where I am in my life right now!

Time for this week’s Lipstick League links, go check ’em out!

Nouveau Cheap – Did the new John Frieda Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray work wonders on her pesky roots, or did it just give her scary high school flashbacks to days of orange hair and braces?

Pink Sith – Joeybunny transports you to Cap Ferrat in Southeast France with the new NARS Cap Ferrat eye shadow trio!

Phyrra – takes you on a journey to another dimension with the Supernaturals, a collection by Meow Cosmetics.  [Read more…]

COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lip Transformation Challenge: Day 6


Can you believe it? We’re almost to the finish line, tomorrow’s the day! Let me cut to the chase: when it comes to the condition of my lips at this point after days of no lip balm and NOTHING but COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lipstick, we are in mighty fine shape in my opinion. Will I be glad to return to my lip balm obsession? You bet! But the fact of the matter here is that at Day 6—I am already completely confident in sharing that there actually is an affordable, highly pigmented lipstick on the mass-market that doesn’t dry out your lips in the process. I chose Spellbound so I could continue to take advantage of the outrageous shades in the 44 color range! If I can wear them, you can too.

About the challenge:  [Read more…]

COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lip Transformation Challenge: Day 4


Okay, so I feel like we have to chat about this “before” photo to be completely fair. Prior to taking it, I went to the dentist for what I thought would be just my routine exam and cleaning, and instead I wound up with two sets of hands in my mouth for over two hours, thus impeding my lip moisture-progress. My lips looked pretty darn sad after leaving there. At least that’s just the way I feel, and I’m going to give COVERGIRL the benefit of the doubt on that account. But I digress—on the other hand, we’ll get to see for the remaining few days…can LipPerfection’s Silk Moisturizing Complex really pull this off, considering that now my lips are super dry? (And I forgot to mention the part where my husband is now insistent upon sleeping with a fan blowing in my face all night because the weather here is so hot.) Try not putting lip balm on after a night of that! Regardless—I LOVE reds, and I’m rocking Tempt without any shame for Day 4. It definitely wasn’t the two hours at the dentist that made my teeth look so bright since there was no whitening involved during that visit…but Tempt sure does help make my teeth look whiter.

About the challenge:  [Read more…]

COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lip Transformation Challenge: Day 3

Day 3

It’s really been tough for me, especially since I have three lip balms on my desk and my nightstand at any given time—not to reach for them. (Let’s not even get into how many are in my purse!) I’ve actually had to put them out of my sight! I can’t say that LipPerfection is taking the place of my lip balms, but I will say that on day 3—the surface texture of my lips is a little smoother and they feel pretty satisfied. I chose Heavenly for a casual, but put-together look and paired it with my favorite watermelon colored blush.

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Review: My Results From the VI Peel I had in April

Last year at an event, I overheard Nadine Jolie telling someone about this fantastic facial peel she had done—and I welcomed myself into the conversation, inquiring about it. It’s called the VI Peel, and it’s only performed by licensed professionals. The benefits of this medical grade chemical peel are many—it helps reverse sun damage, minimizes fine lines, evens out skin tone, reduces acne scarring, and more. Imagine having one virtually painless procedure done, and seven days later…it has accomplished what all of the current over-the-counter skincare products in your cabinet couldn’t do on their own, EVER. So you know I was game for this challenge.

My biggest concerns are with sun damage and enlarged pores, but mainly it’s the uneven skin tone I have that drives me nuts. So in a perfect world, if a VI Peel could help me in any of those areas, it would be amazing.

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COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lip Transformation Challenge: Day 2

Day 2

Fairytale is my favorite color out of the range for Spring and Summer, it’s so on trend with all of the brights but still very wearable. (But I’ve never been one to shy away from a vibrant lip color!) I haven’t had any major lip moisture breakthroughs just yet, but I will say that the color stays on my lips for just over four hours without any problem, and when it finally does give out, it turns into a nice stain! Most of all, my lips just feel comfortable while I’m wearing LipPerfection at this point.


About the challenge: [Read more…]