COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lip Transformation Challenge: Day 1

A few weeks ago, COVERGIRL came to me with a fun idea, and that was to wear NOTHING but the new COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lipstick for 7 days. Now for me, I took this as a serious challenge because I’m a lip balm-aholic. Over the next 7 days, I will wear nothing on my lips except for one of LipPerfection’s amazing 44 shades, and chronicle the health of my lips in the process through my lip diary photos. At the end of the week, I’m hoping to see just how well COVERGIRL LipPerfection’s Silk Moisturizing Complex really works. I hope you’ll join me on this journey, and enjoy the little “Lip Tips” I’ve thrown in too!

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The Lipstick League – week of 4.25.11

How was your week, buttercup? Mine was pretty darn decent! It’s that time again (already), where I bring you the latest links from The Lipstick League for the week. Are you enjoying reading them and getting a flavor for what else is out there in the blogosphere? But of course, where would I be without this week’s question…

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?

My answer: Well, let’s start with the positives first. I enjoy the process first of all, I have a passion for the products and I love photographing them and sharing my thoughts with you. I also love the interaction I have with all of my readers and I adore reading your comments and emails. The fact that I have helped some of you really makes me smile! My least favorite thing however, is that one bad apple that pops up every once in a while to send me something hateful and mean-spirited without any purpose. The good thing is, I’ve learned to quickly move on from those rare instances and won’t let them ruin my day anymore!

And here are this week’s links…

Orange to LA – has been sick for a few days but that didn’t stop her from testing out Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes To Kill’ #10 Airy Jade. See swatches, and find out if this color was a hit or miss.

Pink Sith – Joeybunny shows you one of the NARS Spring eyeshadow duos and why you NEED to own this DOGON duo!

Phyrra – debuts the Tokidoki Devil Girl Cromatico Palette & shows you swatches and looks. It’s hot for summer!

Vampy Varnish – Channel your inner child with Crayola Scented Nail Polish! [Read more…]

13 Beauty Blunders Your Interviewer Will Notice
13 Beauty Blunders Your Interviewer Will Notice

Don’t commit these beauty no-nos at your next interview

13 Beauty Blunders Your Interviewer Will Notice

This is a beauty tips article

In order to figure out what prevents employers from hiring fully qualified applicants, we talked to hiring managers, human resource specialists and recruiters. Their reasons are kinda surprising. Find out what they are …

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Good Reading & Giveaway: Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm?

I’ve long respected the brains over at The Beauty, they’re all pretty smart cookies. So once I started reading their new book, Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? Top Cosmetic Scientists Answer Your Questions about the Lotions, Potions and Other Beauty Products You Use Every Day, I found it pretty hard to put down! This book will help you cut through the clutter and provide practical answers to some of the top questions in the beauty world, like:

  • Do curling shampoos really work?
  • Are hair extensions killing your hair?
  • Do pore strips really work?
  • Is it safe to use lipstick on your cheeks?
  • How does tubing mascara work?
  • and…Can you get hooked on lip balm?

There’s more where there came from, but that’s just a taste! This book is whip-smart, a little comical, and a whole lotta practical. The Beauty Brains have accomplished the art of explaining how today’s cosmetic chemistry affects you, in a language you can understand!

Price & Availability: $16.95;, Walmart, Barnes & Noble

Want your own copy of Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm? Three (3) Beauty Junkies Unite readers will win a copy!  [Read more…]

The Lipstick League – week of 3.28.11

Question of the week:

What new spring product are you loving the most or are most excited to try?

My Answer:

I am absolutely nuts about all of the bright blushes out there right now—creams, stains, and traditional powders. You’ll catch me wearing Benefit’s Bella Bamba, Too Faced’s Full Bloom Ultra Flush Blush in Who’s Your Poppy?, and BECCA Beach Tint in Watermelon.

Clumps of Mascara – finally got Shellac’d! The question is…will it really last 2 weeks without chipping? Only time will tell…

EauMG – Is EauMG seeing green fairies? Maybe. Review of aroma M Geisha Green perfume.

Nouveau Cheap – There’s a product at the drugstore that can truly fix a smudged nail and Nouveau Cheap’s got the pics to prove it!  [Read more…]

12 Things Your Nail Salon Doesn’t Want You to Know
What Your Manicurist Won’t Tell You

See what dirty little secrets are hidden away at your nail salon

What Your Manicurist Won't Tell You

This is a nails article

What’s supposed to be a luxurious treat, could turn into your worst nightmare — think skin eating diseases and infections. Which is why we went straight to the pros including nail technicians and a podiatrist to uncover the secrets nail salons don’t want you to know.

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Fashion & Beauty Expert Rebekah George Helps Solve Your Winter Beauty Dilemmas!

I have a special treat—just for YOU, my dear Beauty Junkies Unite readers!  I was able to ask national fashion and beauty expert, Rebekah George for her thoughts on solving some of the most frequent winter beauty dilemmas we all suffer from.  Not only did she answer some of the most frequently asked questions I personally receive here on BJU, but she quickly delivered her answers with a dedicated video, meant just for us!  I know I love it when I have a chance to peek inside the brain of another beauty expert, they’re a wealth of knowledge and like a breath of fresh air to me.  This was a great opportunity to hear Rebekah’s thoughts, and I know you will all appreciate another trusted opinion chiming in too, so thank you Rebekah!

Here are some of the questions I asked her:

  1. As the weather gets colder, it seems like our lips are more dry and cracked than during the warmer months.  What’s the best way to help prevent painful lip cracking during winter?
  2. Winter dryness creates so much static electricity in my hair, how can I make it stop?
  3. When we’re trapped indoors with artificial heat during winter months, sometimes I feel like no amount of moisturizer can do the trick for flaky skin on my arms and legs.  What can we do to help lotions absorb better?  I’ve heard that applying a body lotion when your skin is still moist after a shower will help.  Is that true?
  4. If you had to pick just one makeup essential to get you through the winter, what would be your most coveted product, and why?  (Of course you know that I personally had to ask that one!)

What are some of your own personal winter beauty dilemmas?  Is it hair, skincare, or makeup issues that drive you the most bonkers?

Beauty Bloggers For Good

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope this day finds you with an abundance of love and delicious food shared with your family and friends.  Last week, Shannon from A Girl’s Gotta Spa! reached out to several fellow bloggers and myself regarding something that we could all do together in our own neighborhoods to give to other women who are really in need.  We were inspired to band together to make donations of all of our unused beauty products and samples to our own local domestic violence shelters this week.  The thought that anyone would have to endure an abusive relationship absolutely breaks my heart into a million pieces.  Add children into that equation—and my heart breaks even more than I ever thought was humanly possible.  The holidays mark a festive and beautiful time of year for most of us, but while we’re giving thanks and counting our blessings—partner violence is occurring, sending the victims and their children fleeing to transitional housing facilities and shelters without even the most basic of necessities.  I honestly couldn’t even imagine what that would be like.

I found the domestic violence shelter closest to my Los Angeles area home, Haven Hills and arranged to make a donation.  The very least I could do was deliver a box of products like shampoo, mouthwash, shower gel, and other things we use daily but really take for granted—and they were extremely grateful to receive it.  I’ll definitely be contributing to their facility again in the near future, and I look forward to it.  I know that times are tough, but you would be surprised by the joy you could bring to someone in need with just the smallest things—even things you may already own but don’t use anymore.  A little something to you may go a long way to another, and we never know if we might be that one person in need some day.

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, and thank you in advance for reaching out in your communities to make a difference.

Please check out the fabulous beauty bloggers who set out to do some good along with me this week:

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Must Reads From Around The Blogosphere: 10/24

Product Girl finds that some of her favorite summer products are actually suited for fall.

Can’t get Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair out of your head?  Neither can Hair on the BrainCheck out how Willow’s hairstylist created the hairstyles in the catchy little music video that has over six million views on You Tube.

Bella Sugar tells us that Denise Richards is about to launch a haircare line, are you buying it?

Just in time for your Halloween costume, Makeup and Beauty Blog shows us how awesomely fun NYX Special Effects Lashes can be.

Nadine Jolie continues her coverage of the Brazilian Blowout controversy with No More Dirty Looks author, Alexandra Spunt.