It’s Back! Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick & Nail Color in ‘Gash’ — But Hurry!

Urban Decay Gash lipstick nail polish

This oldie but goodie is back again, for a super limited time — and with a matching nail polish! This is Gash, the iconic, old-school lipstick shade that Urban Decay retired long ago — but when we UD junkies get restless — they sometimes give into our cravings and re-release it again for a hot second or two. We’re also graced with a hot nail color too, in Gash! Let’s take a closer look…

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Gash

The Gash Revolution Lipstick formula is far from the days of 90’s version Gash (in texture and packaging), but not color. It’s so much more hydrating, long-wearing, and purely pigmented in my opinion. Revolution Lipstick is one of my favorite lipstick formulas of all time, and ever since they released the new formulation a few years ago — I’ve collected my fair share of shades. I highly recommend!  [Read more…]

Nail Butter Review, Photos

nail butter

I’ve always been pretty fanatical about taking care of my hands and nails. My husband always makes fun of me — because some kind of cuticle oil, balm, or hand cream is never far out of reach for me — anywhere in our house. Exposing my nails and cuticles to acetone as much as I do with swatching polishes (and just the stuff you have to do around the house in general), causes them to look wrecked and dehydrated pretty fast. As much as I take care of the skin on my face, I want to take good care of my cuticles too. They definitely have a purpose!

Your cuticles aren’t a pointless part of your finger structure. They help shield new keratin cells from harm as they age and add length to your fingernails. The manner in which cuticles overlap your nail plate also helps seal the gap between your skin and nails. Without this seal, your fingers would be more susceptible to intrusion and subsequent infection by bacteria and viruses. — howstuffworks

And with that, I’ve been using Nail Butter pretty religiously for a little over two weeks. Let’s check it out!

nail butter 1

Nail Butter is a 100% natural formulation that’s over 30 years old, which was a family secret for decades. The benefits of their proprietary formula were first discovered by the CEO’s (Christina Cole) grandmother. She was a dental hygienist, her nails and cuticles were weak, split, and dry from having to wash her hands so much. After a lot of trial and error, Christina’s father was able to create a product for her that worked to stimulate circulation to the nail matrix, hydrate her cuticles, and restore moisture to the nail bed. Nail Butter was born, and now we get to partake in the benefits.  [Read more…]

The Perfect Nail Polish for February Babies (And Amethyst Lovers Alike)

pixi amethyst amore swatch

My birthday is around the corner, and I guess you could say I’m every bit as true of a Pisces as I can be. I’m sensitive, creative, loyal, quite the daydreamer, and very intuitive. Purple is, and always has been my favorite color, and I’ve amassed a nice amethyst collection in my lifetime (since it’s the birthstone for February). But the one thing I haven’t had—is an amethyst nail polish! Finally, here it is…  [Read more…]

KBShimmer Men are from Mars-ala Nail Polish Review, Photos, Swatches

KB Shimmer Mena are from MarsalaLast month, we found out that Marsala was Pantone’s pick for Color of the Year for 2015. I was able to pick out a few shades of lipstick that match the Marsala theme, but I haven’t picked out any nail polishes yet. Well, KBShimmer is saving me the trouble—because they just released a very special shiny holographic polish, that takes on all of those rosy brown characteristics that Marsala fans are loving right now!

Meet: Men are from Mars-ala…kbshimmer marsala nail polish


How perfect is this?!? This is my very first item from KBShimmer (I know, right?), and I’m already hooked. I know so many nail polish fanatics have told me in the past that KBShimmer is where it’s at for originality, performance, pretty holos, and shimmers, so I’m happy that I’m finally onboard.  [Read more…]

Nails Inc. for Victoria Beckham Collection / Judo Red and Bamboo White Review, Photos, Swatches


New for spring from Nails Inc., they’ve collaborated with Victoria Beckham for two limited edition shades of polish with Japanese elements, inspired by the SS/15 Victoria, Victoria Beckham Collection. Two shades is all it takes when they’re this perfect! Let me show you what I mean…

nails inc for vvb victoria beckham nail polish collection

There’s Bamboo White (STUNNING!), and Judo Red (GORGEOUS!). Both polishes are enclosed in generously thick and weighty Venetian glass bottles. On the side of each bottle, you can see the corresponding shade through a glass window. I love the matte finish of the bottles, it gives the exterior a hint of the sophistication of what’s to come. Bamboo White (bone white cream with a hint of pink) is housed in the matte black bottle, while Judo Red (vibrant tomato red) is housed in the matte white bottle.  [Read more…]

Fun & Healthy Holiday Nails with L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail Color

loreal colour riche nail color glow renewal

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and festive nails!

I have a secret to confess. I’m absolutely terrible at nail art! I try, and I try—and I can’t seem to mimic all of those cool designs I spy on Pinterest and Instagram. You guys keep me inspired and on my toes! In a rare event for me though, I just tried something that I liked.

One of the reasons I don’t have my nail tech give me holiday nail art, is because I don’t want them to be the typical red/green/gold combos I see so much of around here. Sadly, I don’t want Santa or Rudolph on my nails either. Lest you think I’m being all bah humbug about it—I’ve relegated our fave characters to our silly ugly Christmas sweaters and wrapping paper! (Our ugly sweaters this year deserve an entire post devoted solely to them, but I’m afraid we’ll wind up on Awkward Family Photos. That’s another story!)

But…what about blue & white snowflakes with a neutral base shade? So I gave it a shot.

loreal nail color

Left to right: Midnight Fireworks, After Hours, Hit the Slopes, Julianne’s Nude

With one of the best mass-brand nail polish shades I can find affordably and easily, L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail Color has given me a few options to work with for this idea. Even if it didn’t turn out 100% perfect, there’s still time for me to practice and get it right! And it also gives you time to riff off of the idea and come up with your own variation.  [Read more…]

Celebrate Pixi Beauty’s 15th Birthday with Crystal Champagne (Nails, That Is! )

pixi beauty almond glow crystal champagne

Looking for a gorgeous way to add twinkle to your nails that’s still office appropriate, yet can take you from day to night? Look no further’s than Pixi Beauty’s brand new rose-gold champagne glitter shade—Crystal Champagne. We’re popping bottles over it, especially considering that this limited edition shade is an ode to Pixi by Petra’s 15th birthday. I don’t need a holiday to celebrate with glitter, but hey! If there’s a birthday around (especially Pixi’s), I’m all for it. Glitter it up, I say!

pixi beauty crystal champagne

Crystal Champagne — small to medium gold and rose gold glitter flecks

pixi beauty crystal champagne swatch

In the Crystal Champagne swatch above, that is a single coat over my natural nails, folks  You know how some glitter shades make you struggle and dab them on? I had not a single issue with this little baby, which made me so very happy. You know what else makes me happy? Another neutral shade that is still glam—like Almond Glow. Whether you pair Almond Glow with Crystal Champagne, or wear it alone, the choice is totally yours—but you can’t go wrong either way. Also, what a great holiday color this will make without looking too Christmas-y. [Read more…]

Get the Perfect Pedicure for Summer-Ready Feet!

bellacures coffee scrub

I’m sure that by now you’ve pulled your flip-flops and sandals out of the back of your closet. Here in L.A., they don’t really get the chance to migrate back there, because I wear them almost year-round. For about two years, I’ve been visiting Bellacures regularly to keep my toes in tip-top shape. I frequent the Studio City location because it’s in my area, and have my fave mani and pedi gals there—but they currently have seven locations in Southern California, with a new location in Dallas, TX.

Bellacures Pedi Cool pedicure

Before a recent trip, I stopped by to experience their signature Pedi-Cool Therapeutic Pedicure. What a treat! An upgrade from their basic pedicure, the Pedi-Cool service adds a hot epsom salt soak, peppermint and eucalyptus cooling gel, and a coffee-salt/sugar scrub to an already wonderful Bellacures pedicure service. Between the cooling tingle of the peppermint gel, and the scrumptious scent of the smoothing coffee scrub, my legs and feet felt energized and rejuvenated. Even more so after the grapeseed oil and butter cream moisturizing foot massage! My feet were all set for cute, summery shoes. [Read more…]

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection Nail Lacquers Review, Photos, Swatches — Neptune, Shimmerfish

MAC Alluring Aquatics nail polish neptune shimmerfish

Right away, you already know I’m in love here. First we have two metallic colors that I’m immediately drawn to, and second–we have my favorite element as a Pisces—water! The MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection is home to several gorgeous sea-inspired hues, housed in the most awesome packaging. The components are mirrored aqua, and look like real water droplets on them! Of course, they’re not real water but you will feel some clear bumps molded over the surfaces to give the water effect. Pretty clever there, MAC! Water-sign approved. MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection Nail Polish Neptune Shimmerfish

Neptune, Shimmerfish

There are three shades in the collection, and sadly, I’m missing the third. (Must track down!) Neptune — tarnished gold frost with hints of green, Shimmerfish — sparkling aluminum pearl, and Submerged — dark teal chrome. Excuse me for a moment while I mourn the fact that Submerged hasn’t made its way home yet. Isn’t she glorious?

MAC Submerged Nail Lacquer

I haven’t had the time to finish going the through all the pieces of the collection that I received, but I’m making my way through them this week. I have to say, I found these two shades (Neptune and Shimmerfish) pretty impressive. The formula had a nice flow, and gave full coverage in two coats.  [Read more…]