Sneak Peek: MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 Lipstick Lipglass

I know there are Miley Cyrus fans out there, and for some of you — she’s not your cup of tea. That’s totally okay! But what I’m hoping is that you’ll appreciate and support her second Viva Glam effort — Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 Lipstick and Lipglass. (You can check out the first Viva Glam Miley shade here!)

I write a very similar post with every Viva Glam release, so if you’re already aware of the good a single Viva Glam Lipstick can do, spread the word! If not, I hope this inspires you to get involved since 100% of every Viva Glam purchase goes directly to the MAC AIDS Fund.

Just one Viva Glam Lipstick can equal…

  • 1 rapid oral HIV test
  • 8 nutritious, home-cooked meals
  • 1 school stationery starter pack for a child orphaned by AIDS
  • 1 vegetable garden starter pack for a community garden
  • 2 safer sex kits
  • 1 month of personal transportation to and from doctors visits
  • 2 hours of childcare for a woman during a medical appointment
  • 14 blood glucose monitoring strips
  • 1 pair of shoes for a child orphaned by AIDS
  • …and more!

With that, I want to share a sneak peek of the newest hue. This time, Viva Glam has gone orange! I recall lots of pinks, neutrals, and reds in the shades of Viva Glam past, but not an orange like this. I opened the tube and thought to myself it would never work for me, but I received so many compliments while I was testing it last week!  [Read more…]

Sneak Peek: LATHER Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Cleansing Oil

lather chia seed passion fruit cleansing oil

Earlier this month, I went out to Pasadena to visit LATHER — and wow, you guys. If you haven’t been to a LATHER — you’ve got to go. (See store locations here.) It is like a heaven where everything smells so incredibly comforting and authentic. The creams and scrubs are all top-notch quality, and their ancillary products are killer too. And the blending bar? That’s a post you’ll see from me soon. (I made my own fragrance oil!)

But for now, I want to give you a sneak peek of a new product that’s launching next month — the Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Cleansing Oil.

lather ingredients

First, let’s get the notion out of our heads that all oils are bad. I swear they aren’t! As a matter of fact, oil cuts through oil. If you’re someone who has oily skin — please don’t be afraid of this product!  [Read more…]

The New Kérastase Paris Couture Book of Braids Will Rock Your Hair for Any Occasion!

kerastase braids couture

Yesterday, I sat in a courtyard — watching about 25 beautiful women having seemingly effortless, chic braids placed in their hair by Kérastase Paris — and the view was glorious! The art of the braid has always troubled my hair personally. I have very fine hair that slips through your fingers, and I don’t have a lot of it. Truth be told, my sad little ponytail is often pencil thin. If I stand any chance in the “making it work” department, I need products to get my hair to perform. I met two such products yesterday, and scored the deets on a pretty great book from Kérastase that shows you how to get the braids of your dreams.

Let’s go check ’em out!kerastase braidsLook at those braids! Aren’t they gorgeous? I told you!

The most important part to me is the “how”, and judging by your social media feedback yesterday, that seems to be almost everyone’s main challenge. So to make it easy, Kérastase just released an e-book that is absolutely free for download at It’s beautifully illustrated — with suggestions for braids for every occasion — shows you all the steps, tricks, and also recommends the best product(s) for that particular style. What more can you ask for?  [Read more…]

Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation Review, Photos, Swatches

Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation

I’ve been testing so many foundations lately — so I wanted to make sure to show you this one since I thought it was a little different than the ordinary. This is the Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation with Color Correcting Pigments. (More on that cool compact with pretty products you see there in a few.) The foundation launched a few months ago, and I’ve worn it several times.

laura geller Baked Liquid Foundation

It comes in a 1 oz. bottle, which has a pump that I think dispenses the perfect amount of product in one-to-two pumps. What makes it most unique however, is the process in which the foundation is made! The scoop is that the pigments are baked on terracotta tiles for 12 hours. After baking, the pigments are jet-milled into a super fine spheres of color correction particles. This process yields pigments that are supposed to stay true all day.

After that, water is infused with vitamins and botanical extracts to help benefit the skin. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Aloe vera moisturizes and soothes
  • White Tea extracts (found in all Laura Geller Baked products) provide antioxidant protection
  • Black Currant Seed Extract & Hibiscus hydrate, condition, nourish, and soothe
  • Vitamin E hydrates and protects
  • Optical light diffusers add a glow to the skin, and blur imperfections

Next, it’s all combined with the enriched water base to create a weightless foundation texture for your skin. Wah-lah!  [Read more…]

The Perfect Summer Moisturizer: Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer


In the past 10 days or so, we’ve had the most strange, almost tropical-like weather system here in Southern California. We may be used to high temperatures — but what we’re not used to, is high humidity with warm rain. All of my friends and family are commenting that it “feels like Florida” outside. As much as I love Florida (and California needs the rain), sometimes it can feel pretty uncomfortable and sticky. Applying a thick body moisturizer this summer is almost unfathomable, it takes forever to absorb, and there has to be a better way!

Vaseline Asloe Soothe spray moisturizer

There is. I found the most perfect summer moisturizer — Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer is the solution to all of my summer body hydration woes! It contains micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly, which makes wearing tank tops and shorts more comfortable for me, knowing that I don’t have to use a thick, sticky moisturizer to make my skin look healthy and and smooth.  [Read more…]

MAC Cosmetics Giambattista Valli Lipstick Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Giambattista Valli Lip Collection

MAC Giambattista Valli Collection

From MAC:

Couture fashion designer Giambattista Valli brings his effortless elegance and celebration of the female form to a collection of timeless lipsticks. In the coral of Tats, pale pink of Bianca B, pure peach of Margherita, regal red of Charlotte and dark cherry of Eugenie, lips take on an air of sophistication. M·A·C Crystal Glaze Gloss adds a chic touch by transforming any lipstick colour with a unique pearlescent finish.

I have really been looking forward to this release! Not only am I inspired by an unparalleled love for color, I love the philosophy behind Valli’s work. I thought these pieces from his interview with MAC were telling:

I was watching David Letterman’s show with Anna Wintour promoting the very first year of Fashion’s Night Out. Letterman asked, “How can you change the wardrobe of a woman with just $20?” Anna replied, “You go out and pick a brand new lipstick.” I thought that was so brilliant. So my idea was to put together the Valli colours — reds, pinks and fuchsia — hues that fit any kind of personality.

I love the idea that you’re walking through a garden and these flowers get stuck on your dress. They’re not static flowers. Instead of putting a dress on her, it’s a way to dress her. It is more about the emotion than iconic beauty. It’s a gesture about sentiment, about feminine posture.

Oh yes. Always. I cannot live without nature. It’s much more powerful than human beings. The colour of nature is the most inspiring.

It was a joke! It started when I was in LA, when I had all my friends come in for the beginning of a very special show. I joked about the “Valli Girls” and the “Valley Girls.” We grew up together; Eugenie, Tatiana, Margherita, Bianca, Charlotte, and I…and now they are my Valli Girls.

Now, let’s get to it!


MAC Giambattista Valli Bianca B

Bianca B — pale white-pink matte

I have to say, I was most saddened by Bianca B. She made my lips look super dry, even though I exfoliated first. I consider myself pretty apt in the exfoliation and hydration department, but Bianca B. was determined to make my lips say otherwise. This is a fun, editorial color — but it won’t translate in real life for me. Boo.  [Read more…]

T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing, Auto-Rotating 1.25” Curling Iron Review, Photos

t3 micro Twirl 360 curling iron

I’m one of those gals that has several curling irons and sets of hot rollers. Why? Because I swear I have some of the most difficult hair in the world to hold a style, let alone a head full of Victoria’s Secret model-like curls. I keep buying irons and hot roller sets  — because each new one I see has the branding and packaging to make me think, OH! THIS will finally be the one!

Womp womp womp.

That’s why my bathroom cabinet is full of tangled cords in a curling iron graveyard. I only have one that works to my liking to be honest, and it snags the heck out of my hair. So when I was offered the opportunity to try the new T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing Auto-Rotating Iron — I figured that nothing bad could happen — and it may be the answer to my problems. I had nothing to lose!

power button

This is a new, one-of-a-kind curling iron, because it has gyroscopic-technology. To explain it a little better — do you know how your smartphone automatically changes the screen layout from portrait to landscape when you hold your phone at different angles? This is kind of the same idea behind the technology of the T3 Twirl 360.

[Read more…]

ColourPop In Bloom Collection by Jamie Greenberg Review, Photos, Swatches

colour pop in bloom collection jamie Greenberg

In the past few months, I’ve seen the popularity of ColourPop explode. If you’ve heard of the line before, the chances are you already own several pieces and are loving them dearly. If this is your first experience — I wouldn’t be surprised if you wind up with several of their goodies in your makeup collection ASAP.

Currently, you’ll find the brand online only, and at this time they specialize in lip colors, cheek colors, and eyeshadows. The prices are insanely low — just $5-$8 for each item! The colors and pigmentation are incredible, and I’ve yet to hear a single complaint about their products. I finally had my first experience with a few items from the line, as they’re doing some awesome collaborations with some of the best movers and shakers in the beauty world.

colour pop in bloom jamie greenberg collection

This is the new In Bloom Collection, created with one of my favorite makeup artists, Jamie Greenberg. Not only is she behind some of the hottest red carpet looks of many of today’s most photographed starlets — but she is ridiculously funny, incredibly sweet, and super talented. I just love everything about her! (Her YouTube channel is a riot.) Let’s check out her collection that will get you through spring and summer (and likely get you hooked on Colour Pop).  [Read more…]